Reviews for Malfunctional
Kaguya 2.0 chapter 4 . 7/18/2015
I am laughing so hard at the end of this chapter. Just a while back there was some really dark stuff about "child abuse" and the end of the world, but now here's Roll/Forte, movie marathons with Kalinka, the cartoonish fight betwen Rock and Forte (with the giant crater in Dr. Light's lawn-and oh dear, will they ever get those roses cleaned up?)

And Blues knows the exact number of minutes he'll need to do everything he needs to do.

Everyone treats Forte with so much patience, like he's a toddler throwing a tantrum. Cute. What was "Deathless Duel RE: birth/venge" all about? I have no idea what I just read. So random, but I enjoyed it anyway.
Kaguya 2.0 chapter 2 . 7/18/2015
I know this story is pretty old at this point but I wanted to comment on it anyway. I've found it difficult to follow at times, and have gotten a little confused over who is saying or thinking what, but the ideas you presented in this story are so well-formed and interesting that I feel it's well worth putting in an effort to understand them.

I appreciate your take on the dysfunctional Dr. Light/Blues relationship. It is so weird, dark, and disturbing that it hurts, seriously. I connect this story back to "Mornings Should Be Outlawed" and remember Blues's eager precocious mind in the beginning... then to read here about how Dr. Light kept trying to tinker with it, to cripple Blues's abilities because he couldn't stand the thought of Blues being more intelligent than him. Terrible! Then there's the part about Blues having only two emotional displays and using his music as the only outlet allowed for his feelings...

Anyway, I can't believe this hasn't gotten more reviews because this is really intersting and thought-provoking stuff. Thanks for writing this.
Rialla chapter 5 . 11/29/2011
While I absolutely love all of your Mega Man fanfics, and I love the ones that you co-wrote with Haruna Rei as well... I have to say that I LOVE your Blues and Forte-they are just amazing, every scene and line that they have is fantastic and seems spot on perfect

I've still got some fics to read though, but I keep hoping to see more Forte fics, as he's often ignored in fanfiction (Poor boy). A part of me wishes that I could see what you and Hanruna Rei would do with the Third, fourth, fifth and seventh games... You got me interested in Hitoshi Ariga's MegaMix and Gigamix Manga but I was so sad to find out the volume one does Fist game, second game... one page summery of third... Original Story (granted I do like Metal Heart) I'm waiting for the other volumes to arrive and hoping that the fourth and fifth games won't be glossed over like the third, although some of what you've written makes me think that it won't be (YAY!)

In any case:

I really enjoy your fics, they're well written, well thought out and as an anatomy major and world builder I ADORE the time energy and thought you've put into the world and characters, especially Blues and 'Robot Masters'.

I check back on your page regularly and I have a feeling that once I've read all your fics I'll be sitting about waiting and hoping for a new fic constantly (especially ones about Blues or Forte ...although you've actually made me start to like the X era as well, so massive Kudos for that, given that I hated it prior to your fics! )