Reviews for Apology and Acceptance
The Pairing Guy chapter 1 . 6/16/2010
Woah, kind of a scary story. Isaac is way too quick to use dangerous psynergy.

That actually leads to my main problem with the story: Everyone makes a much bigger deal of Isaac accidentally injuring Sheba than him *deliberately* trying to injure Felix. If I were in the group, I wouldn't feel safe with Isaac around. "Yeah, I'm leaving. You all have fun hanging out with a guy who sends heavy rocks flying at anyone who says something he doesn't like."

The other problem is that it's really a stretch to link Isaac's carelessness at the river with his sexual attraction to Jenna. I just couldn't buy that part.

Great writing, though, and I love your portrayal of Sheba. After years of being a caged bird, getting smashed up by rocks probably doesn't seem so bad. She'd probably hate everyone fighting because of her more than anything. I think you handled the way she deals with her friends perfectly. The open ending is just what the story needed, too.

Last thing: I wish more of the gang were in the story. It's not really a problem, but it took me a while to realize the story doesn't take place after the games, since the Valeans are the only characters in it. Plus it would have been more interesting with Mia and Piers weighing in.
blooming Ednae chapter 1 . 8/21/2008
wow...that was dramatic. I really like how each character is portrayed in this one, and this is one of the best valeshipping drama stories I have ever read. The cut-off ending had me in shock for awhile because it was so sudden for me, but I really liked this story!
Spirit Seer chapter 1 . 4/25/2008
This turned out pretty good Leo! :D I liked it. I don't think quite as good as how your Sandshipping turns out, but it's a start, and I'll attribute it to your getting the feel of Valeshipping. _ I wish you the best of luck! :) Great fic again!

I liked how you started the fic in the present, and then worked your way from the past to the present again. It's a neat way to describe a story, and I did a one-shot in this manner once for 'Sasuke's Poison Tree'. Anyway, you handled the style well, and I enjoyed the read. I really pitied Isaac; it did feel like nothing was going well for him, but I'm glad it got better. :) Great fic again! :D
Raven the Ravenous chapter 1 . 4/13/2008
The beginning kinda scared me, what with thinking Sheba was going to die. Poor Isaac, everyone but Sheba was against him.

It's true Isaac is sorry for what happened to Jenna but like Felix said, he should have anticipated it anyways instead of fawning over the girl he likes ; But Felix didn't have to go that far especially to the point of making Isaac try to attack him and accidentally injure Sheba. Still, everyone was IC which is something I want to learn and understand for a GS fic I plan to write and to help with my IxJ oneshots. It was fun to read how Sheba and Felix told Jenna that Isaac had a thing for her, making her change her mind about his actions so quickly. XD

Isaac can be kinda reckless, it's just hard for me to see that through his hero characteristic of his. I'm glad to see him in a slightly deeper level of his character. You'd have to wonder if he could keep from losing his cool during the whole journey in GS and in GS:TLA, his personality in that game clearly matches as to what has happened during and after GS.

I found it interesting how he was so calm when talking with Jenna before moving to Felix and changing his tone abruptly. This happens when you choose not to go back to Contigo right away after you beat or lose to Karst and Agatio. :) Jenna hopes Isaac still trusts her, Isaac responds he still does in a solemn kind of tone but changes immediately to his confused/angry self when talking to Felix afterwards before his group goes ahead to Contigo first. And then when they meet in Contigo, Ivan pipes up and says Isaac was worrying over Jenna since she was kidnapped. He could have said 'Isaac and Garet' but for some reason, Ivan just said Isaac. I don't know I brought this up but funny how these two things would be in-between each other, should you choose not to go back to Contigo at first after the fight. And yes, if me babbling on about these things doesn't tell you enough, I'm a hardcore Valeshipper through and through. XD;

The ending was great. While not Valeshippy, I like how you left it to the readers imagination to what happened after. Actually, the ending is just right. - Loved the slight Sandshipping.

This was a really great read, Leoshi.
Lemubaby chapter 1 . 4/8/2008
Sheba: (glares at Isaac) "What was THAT for?"

Isaac: "But I didn't know you were standing behind Felix..."


Sheba wins!

Felix allways has some good or odd reason to get angry with Isaac, huh? Geez, you scared me in the very beginning of that fic! I thought Sheba was dead until halfway through!

Woot x10 for unpredictable plotline!

Now hurry up with Nature of Concern!

Oh, and what is it with Mikul and his Fellowship thingy? I still call it Lighthouseshipping...
Dark Nemesis 7 chapter 1 . 4/7/2008
Aw. It IS about time you did a Valeshipping story, and you rose to the occasion, as usual. Your ending was great, as usual. The endings to all the stories of yours that I have read were always the best parts. The only issue I had was that Jenna's small mark in the sand with her hand causing a rift; that required some suspension of disbelief on my part. Other than that, though, a good, solid idea and a cute story overall.
Mr-Mikul chapter 1 . 4/7/2008
Hey, I've already done a decent Valeshipping story mate. x] But anyway, this is a good oneshot that you came up with quicky. It's quite dramatic too.

Good work with Felix being so stubborn about Isaac seeing Jenna, and poor old Sheba being hit by Isaac's attack. Man did Isaac get hurt in a sensitive area, and he really was unlucky that day.

I approve of this story. *Fellowship of the Sand's stamp of approval*