Reviews for You and I
skywalker05 chapter 1 . 4/7/2008
Fascinating point of view, very animalistic with the physical description and the flat judgements, but also sometimes poitendly sentient ("Back off, I say. You can’t understand me. You can’t.") Very unique. There is some suspension of disbelief needed to 'hear' the nexu's voice.

"I can see the heat in the metal holder, caged in until they want to use it." is great...and a description impossible to get without the ultraviolent-sensitive narrator.

The use of "mouse" as a constant adjective is nicely creepy. Very interesting work. If more hints about location and the sentient characters were possible to work into here I'd like them, but the nexu certainly doesn't care about that. Very visceral work, leaving me wondering a bit what the moral was, but I think it was that there is never one needed in the mind of an animal...