Reviews for Awaken Sleeper
ddentler21 chapter 27 . 9/30
Awesome story, hope very much that you come back to it soon
Toll chapter 25 . 9/4
Coming back to this story years later and I notice the massive hard on you got for the fae. It's just not interesting if nothing and no one can threaten the fae. Not to mention that having Aurora by Harrys side is basically a get out of jail free card cuz she just solves his problems when he gets into trouble. No dramatic tension.

Also slowly emasculating Harry as the story progresses is the farthest thing from appealing.
Guest chapter 27 . 8/21
This story is amazing. I love it. Sadly, this is abandoned.
EmeraldGuardian7 chapter 27 . 8/20
I have to say, despite loving both of these series, I have been avoiding this fic for years. The whole Harry's life being a lie with him waking up in a mental hospital just didn't appeal to me. Finally, having nothing to read and really wanting another good Dresden and Potter crossover I decided to give this chance. It has been recommended to me so many times so I finally thought, why not?

Now i can't help but wonder why I waited so long. This is definitely my favorite story for this crossover and I'm so saddened that it's abandoned. Everything about this was done well. Everything! And things were just starting to turn out well with Aurora and get intriguing with the overarching plot. I know it's been many years, but if you ever decide to come back to this I'll be here to read more in an instant. This is a work of art and I'm sorry that I ever doubted it. Great job!
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 26 . 8/20
This is great. Harry and Aurora's development and growth together is nice and not rushed.

So sad this is dead though.
Alu Ink chapter 27 . 8/19
This story is a delightful read! Though your style could be more succinct and the plot seemingly went off on a tangent at times, you still had me at the edge of my seat throughout the story. So do update soon, or else the suspense might very well kill me! After all, it would be a terrible shame to see such an outstanding story go to waste. :(
cxjenious chapter 27 . 8/3
I've read this again for the first time in years. It's even better than I remember, and much better absorbed all at once than piecemeal in the WBA at DLP. Top notch stuff. I'm a bit sad that I'll never get more of it.
777MAR777 chapter 15 . 7/5
This is for chapter 14 btw.

So no only is Harry obnoxiously cocky and arrogant, but he doesn't even have the skill to back up his arrogance.

Dumbledore and Voldemort would have destroyed those vampires before they could even move. And why is he using single spells against super fast opponents?

He goes around saying he's the greatest when in reality he's quite pathetic. And so much for being an auror...
777MAR777 chapter 14 . 7/5
God, he keeps acting like such a child. It's honestly fucking annoying.
ennepikmc chapter 1 . 7/4
Why the fuck do people keep calling Harry 'Harrisson' or 'Hadrian'? It's weird as fuck, and it pisses me off every god damn time!

Anyway, good story, I like the plot.
harryjamespotterblackphoenix chapter 17 . 5/29
Their not Werewolves their Shapeshifter wolves. The writer really needs to research supernatural beings. Werewolves can only shift during a full wolves can change anytime day or night.
harryjamespotterblackphoenix chapter 9 . 5/27
Elaine is not a is a witch.
echo42 chapter 13 . 5/3
Oh Harry, rules one through three of magic are don't make deals with the fae.
Thundramon chapter 13 . 4/25
I just realised something, Harry is Surtr.

Dresden Files has a lot of parallels to Norse Mythology

Summer Muspelheim Fire Giants
Winter Jotunheim Frost Giants
RatherFabulous chapter 13 . 4/18
Not surprised that the Harrys clashed. Neither (in your story) can resist running their mouths.
Poor Harry P. Can't get a break.
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