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Faraway-R chapter 27 . 25m
It's been a while. Also, surprise surprise, family reunions are prone to opening closets and catching the skeletons within.

In fact, there are families that do NOT keep skeletons in closets. They keep clothes in ossuaries instead.
red demon161 chapter 27 . 26m
Alright an update and a good one to. Harry has it bad for Aurora and she probably knows. I loved the interactions with all the characters. It all felt right.
tenchifew chapter 27 . 1h
It's back!
Great chapter, looking very much forward to the next one!
And Harry and Aurora... adorable.
Thank you for writing.
goddragonking chapter 27 . 1h
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more)
the God Hand chapter 27 . 3h
how surprising, didn't think this story would ever update
jmsdragn chapter 27 . 6h
Nice to finally get an update
aceron chapter 27 . 6h

Thanks for updating. I really love the complexity that you are adding to the various characters in the original universe, what i most enjoy is the roles in which you place H.P and H.D. H.P protect against the outsiders, while H.D i destroys them.

I hope this chapter means are seriously considering continuing this story as it is in my opinion the best HP/Dresden crossover i have read in a long time

Thanks for all your hard work
jonh73 chapter 27 . 6h
Holy shit! An update! Wow. I had almost given up on this. Seriously though, it's great that you're still writing this because it's one of my favourite stories. Great chapter as always, I always wanted to learn a bit more about Margaret. Looking forward to a reunion with the Blackstaff. Keep the updates coming.
Guest chapter 15 . 7h
You tell now that Harry has problems apparating in the nevernever but he didn't have any trouble when he visited the first time and fought against Talos. At that point he used apparition freely without any pre-knowledge of the lay of the land. You would have been better off saying Harry refrains from using apparition becuse except for small distances it is more than likely to go awry...
Slay3r89 chapter 27 . 7h
Hi! Very good chapter like always, if a little later than expected. Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 14 . 7h
Harry is simply looking like a self righteous fool these last two chapters. He performed a spell he wasn't sure of to help him track his world in nevernever- it failed. What did he expect when he went there. He knew fae couldn't be trusted...Aurora managed to trick him and share power. He could have refused but he was delirious and vulnerable in a place that he knew would take advantage of it. Aurora acted according to her nature. What did he do next..he ran. Then he went to meet aurora got in over his head again in his arrogance and then again asked for her help..really can anyone see a pattern. After angering the Jade court did he even bother to look into their abilities or just because Elaine said that his magic was unique he thought himself invincible.
Sure I can understand his distaste of magics of the soul- what with horcruxes and the like but still running away is not a solution especially when the problem was of his own making. For all the times he has said that he was and Auror and all that rot his actions don't seem to bear that out.
He has been studying the magic of this world but we don't see the result of it at all...
Mojtaba13 chapter 14 . 9h
Hahahaha and the pathetic train keeps on going. But seriously, why the fuck would your harry even have this type of personality if the only people he can truly outplay are muggles and animals. It's pathetic how you're clinging to all the cliches of a powerful harry.
Guest chapter 27 . 10h
It is great to see this updating again
Mojtaba13 chapter 8 . 10h
Hahahaahahahah wow...what a great fucking consistency mate in characterization. Holy shit. Where the fuck did your harry dissapear too and why is harry suddenly his pansy ass 15 year old self. Fucking hell. It was definitely a twist but if you're relying on cheap tricks instead of the magic known as story telling. Oh well
Mojtaba13 chapter 7 . 10h
It doesn't even make sense. It doesn't matter if he's not used to parental attention. Just pretend you're a guest in someone's home and have to abide by their rules. What type of attitude is this. Simply disrespectful.
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