Reviews for The First
Guest chapter 69 . 10/10
Dictionary time!
Guest chapter 66 . 10/10
I think you meant "Back to Mars, parts 1, 2 & 3"; and it was during a flashback of Modo's.
Guest chapter 60 . 10/7
And Vinnie's retaliation after he was set free?
wolftattoo chapter 61 . 10/5
Just so you know tomato juice won't get rid of the stink it just masks it to get rid of the smell use 1 qt 3% peroxoide, 1 cup baking soda & 1 tsp of dish soap or lemon juice & wash cloth.
Guest chapter 58 . 10/4
Would it kill Vinnie to knock on a door before entering the room...?
Guest chapter 57 . 10/4
Try explaining this to Charley and her Pictish blood...
Guest chapter 56 . 10/4
While, from the cartoon, I know that the Bros are tougher then the average human; I find the claim here, that they could recover from a severed spinal cord, to be rather far-fetched.

Guest chapter 53 . 10/3
Were these girls drunk?
Guest chapter 48 . 9/25
Like a Hawaiian Luau?
Guest chapter 48 . 9/25
Do they have any plans for St. V.'s Day?
Guest chapter 47 . 9/25
What did Modo do to get on his Momma's bad side?
Guest chapter 11 . 9/24
Reading this reminds me of an idea I have for a story; a BMfM/Scanners (Cop) film, where Charley-herself is a powerful Scanner.

The idea is for when there is a clash of telepathic abilities; the scene in the first episode, where Throttle uses his telepathy to show Charley his and the others' back history... only for Charley's telepathic ability reacts, causing nose-bleeds all around...

Charley: "If I'd known you were gonna try something telepathic, I would have warned you about feedback."

And then she'd have to show-&-tell the bros about how Scanners came to be...

What do you think?
Guest chapter 43 . 9/22
What 'realizations'?
Guest chapter 15 . 9/22
Music-wise; have they ever listened to "Mars, the Bringer of War", from Gustav Holst's orchestral suite, "The Planets"?
Guest chapter 41 . 9/20
Chapter 39: "The First: Phone Call"?
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