Reviews for The Calm After
Midnight Memories chapter 1 . 4/20/2008

Well, wasn't that an amazing fic? I really enjoyed it, I'm glad I stopped to click on the title.

Somehow, if I had to think as L as a child, this would've been him. Lost, alone, a mind way too big in a body that's too small, and an unnatural craving for sweets. You managed all this without making it look strained.

Also, the fact that L didn't have a name makes the serie of Death Note so much more interesting. Maybe L referred to himself as Ryuzaki because he truely didn't know his real name.

“I hadn’t predicted there would be so much blood.” I have to give you props for that line. It just makes you want to reach out for the poor boy and give him a big hug. So mature, yet so childish at the same time...

Next, I liked the idea of Watari going through the earthquake debris and finding L. He was the perfect grandfather figure, somehow. As for your concerns at the bottom of the story; no, he didn't sound like a pedophile. You made it perfect!

I'd really like a sequel to this. If you ever make one, I'd really enjoy it if you could shoot a quick PM my way. Come on, an author who can manage great grammar/spelling, keeping characters IC, and managing amazing plots! What's not to love!

Keep up the good work! This was amazing!

Take care!
Riku-Rocks chapter 1 . 4/10/2008
This was an excellent idea and it was rather well written. I like the unplanned and completely unexpected meeting as well as the way Watari immediately realises that there is something special about L as opposed to just finding him odd or assuming he is ill.