Reviews for bleeding love
Mademoiselle Anime Amour chapter 1 . 1/8/2010
If this is allegedly poor writing, it's pretty good. XD You captured the feelings that suicidal people would feel, in this case being Namine. And how Riku leaving affected both her and him for the worse. This was a good angst fic as well as a romance one. But then, what I like the most about this is that glimmer of hope at the end. That even though their love is crushed and has been considerably damaged since Riku's departure, it could be rebuilt now that he has returned to Namine. I thought it was awesome. Sometimes, fics that are randomly written like that are the best.
jiv3y chapter 1 . 4/13/2008
Beautiful imagery.

Lovely work :)
Katherine-The-Crowned chapter 1 . 4/11/2008
it was really good. I could feel the emotions the whole time. Good job!
silver moon droplet chapter 1 . 4/10/2008

i got so fucking confused for a moment.

like i'm slow so you'll have to forgive me,

but i don't know what the hell joor talking

about girlie.

i loved it.

it was SHORT (EGAD) for one thing, and it was

utterly lovely. and it most DEFF different for

the jessface style i remember. but then again its

been so long lol. the detail in the beginning, and how

it all flowed was amazing. i enjoyed it - it was yummy.

and the whole riku-ansem thing. after i got it,

i adored it. he came back for her SQUEE. i'm going

to read it a few more times. and the over all namiku-ness.


this earns a little heart.

but i don't remind how to make one

without copying and pasting.

so a fav! will have to do.


love joo,

xoRaining Diamondsox chapter 1 . 4/10/2008

AH, I was getting worried about you! You hadn't updated /any/thing, though you're usually on the ball with things. But I guess school swept you under its covers... I know. It sucks.

But like, WOW... I do hope that school is going all right for you! And have I mentioned how AMAZING it is to see that you're ALIVE?


ANYways... to the story... it was lovely. The despair you captured between Namine and Riku's transformation... that they seem like eons apart with the new change, but really, they're still there. He came back after all. Riku is still there.

All the detail was captured nicely. Really. I could feel the frigidty (sp?) of the night... the borken crayons, the broken mirror, the broken heart. Though I was expecting Namine to cut herself, but jumping out of a window works too (in a morbid kind of a way. I'm not encouraging it, I'm really not. lol)

OH my god... it was fantabulous. Just simply AMAZING. And I can't believe you wrote it on a whim! Congrats on that!

I adore you, I really do. I hope this isn't the last of your works! lol no pressure though. ;)

Nicely done!