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deitarionSSokolow chapter 7 . 5/2/2008
I liked it. Sorry I'm too tired to say more.
ArrowMk84 chapter 7 . 5/2/2008
“Then by all means,” the avatar said. “Please press the button.”

JovianJeff chapter 6 . 4/27/2008
I'm loving this. I haven't seen any write the Hybrids so understably and yet so much keeping to canon as to make it perfectly clear how baffling they should be. That was quite a display of Culture power and thought process, thank you for yet another reason to read the series. And thank you for writing this one!
JovianJeff chapter 5 . 4/27/2008
This is marvelous! If the books are like this I shall have to try them out. Great interactions and deviations from the series. Thank you for sharing this!
JovianJeff chapter 4 . 4/27/2008
I love the email format discussions! Sad those are going away. Loved the meeting with the Cylons, the interruption of by the Culture operative was a delight to read (nice touch with patty-cake) and I really enjoy the names. Thank you for writing this, apparently complete so this will get a full reading instead of being dropped. I'm loving this!
JovianJeff chapter 3 . 4/27/2008
Oh! Again another magnificient chapter! Loved how Gaius threw off Six and then it was a perfect segue into what Gaius may really be. This was an incredible read, quite mind blowing and the impression I have quite normal for the Culture. Thank you for writing and sharing this!
JovianJeff chapter 2 . 4/27/2008
I LOVE your characters! The discussions are priceless! A great chapter that began with an incident no-body of the fics I've been reading seem to cover about Six's murder of that infant. I'm glad you both covered it and prevented it. It always disturbed me from the series and it made it nigh impossible for any sympathy for Six, even when one was in Cain's 'care'. Though you did make a good arguement of a motivation that could make one sympathetic to Six. Also nice touch with Cavil. It explains how the Cylons did have subjects to experiment on, and it is amusing to read how he's tagged. Thank you for writing and sharing this!
JovianJeff chapter 1 . 4/27/2008
Magnificient! I haven't read the Culture series, but heard a lot of good things about it. This story does entice me to want to read. Nice back and forth between the GSV and GCU, and nice touch with the names with Nelson, Healey and of course Jeannie (and what a scare you gave making Tony the one to go to the Armistice station). Looking forward to a great story!
VoidHawk of The Phoenix Souls chapter 6 . 4/26/2008

In the end Kicking Down The Door actually had fun with the Cylons. Eh, it was also fun to read its musing about why using a R.O.U. to deal with the Cylons. Indeed even a modified Superlifter from the begining of the Idiran War would be more than enough to deal with a civilization within Cylon capabilities, and surely to call a real military vessel is overkill, but then again KDTD also saw SCs nervousness with the possibity of medling in the turf of a Sublimed.

Eheh, imagine if a whole GCU were to appear...then the Cylons would have literally peed on their pants.

About anyone disagreeing with the ease the R.O.U. made its actions, read the Culture novels...there would not have been a chance for the Cylons to stand against a R.O.U. or any other major Involved (Galactic Involved Cicivilization) ship. Too much technological difference.

The story progresses fine. I just wonder if you are going to make any other major Involved enter the fray. By the aeons old Pan-Galactic agreements refering to less developed civilizations there were rules against direct intervention, and this time SC is making a really big open intervention, and others like the Homomda or the Morthanveld could be against the Culture on this. But then again you could argue within this plot that the whole Colonial civilization has ben already greatly meddled by an external force, thus the Culture actions would be a less intrusive action if compared to the previous ones made to the Colonials, and a benefic one at that, as they were poised for destruction, probably showing that whoever made the first intervention/experience with that civilization is already out of the scenario, or does not care anymore.

Oh but here I diggress...

Anyway great job once more, and keep those coming...this trip up to now is being really nice, and in real peace with the Culture novels feel. Nice job.

And I subscribed to what another reviewer wrote here...just ignore the flamers.

Actually if they lose their time to flame your story, it shows they are reading it, making it clear they actually see the value of it and thus envy your high grade job.

Hope to read more soon!
deitarionSSokolow chapter 6 . 4/25/2008
Heh heh heh. Love how you chose to end it. :)
mistakenot chapter 6 . 4/25/2008
Great to see a wonderful, regularly-updated fic!

I'd ask you to think about updating "Lost Kin', 'cept I don't want to distract you from finishing this. ;)

You're still using the Cylon numbers posted in Ch1, and not the new official numbers, I presume?

Oh, and please ignore the flamers.
Zoroz chapter 6 . 4/25/2008
hehe good chapter. and the hybrids should provide some good entertainment for the minds :P
Baughn chapter 6 . 4/25/2008
That has to be the most extravagant show of force in literary history. Bravo.

I'd like to write something helpful, but.. there just isn't much to comment on. The story is living up to my expectations, and more.. if anything, I'd like longer, more in-depth chapters. ;)
archiev chapter 6 . 4/25/2008
Thanks for the update.
jpdt19 chapter 6 . 4/25/2008
Brilliant, wonderful, superb!
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