Reviews for Red Bicycle
Guest chapter 6 . 5/31/2017
I love this and your other Doctor Who story, "Full Circle."
spacecavy chapter 6 . 8/11/2015
This was beautiful! I thought you did the drama well, without letting it get too emo or touchy-feely.
SassyFrassKerr chapter 6 . 3/13/2015
Very enjoyable story.
David Fishwick chapter 6 . 2/23/2015
Great and thanks for writing.
tenthdoctor10 chapter 3 . 2/2/2015
Awww, that's so adorably sweet and sad!
Guest chapter 6 . 2/25/2014
I enjoyed this a lot. I have mixed feelings about the episode with John Hurt as the War Doctor (I don't want to spoil anything to just in case you haven't seen it). So I like how you had the Doctor destroying the everything because they couldn't trick the Daleks to leave. Your story keeps with the "Destroyer of Worlds" title.
Guest chapter 2 . 2/24/2014
I really liked this chapter. The events in the Time War are interesting and I like the strategy of taking Cruciform. The Doctor's emotions are expressed well. I enjoy reading his explanation of what happened in the Time War and about his position ("Not a very Doctor-like thing to do" but his innovative thoughts/plans were needed.) I like that explanation a lot.
Zetta chapter 6 . 2/9/2014
*sniff* I love a happy ending! :D Lovely job. Great idea to incorporate fixing Gallifrey (sort of) and that being the launching point for him finding Rose again. Nice job!
GallifreyanVampireSlayer chapter 6 . 3/12/2012
This was a perfect reunion fic! I love it!
Charlotte Wilks chapter 6 . 2/9/2012
This is amazing! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! Please? And I also loved Full Circle, have you posted a sequel for that? Anywho, fantastic work. Thanks for sharing it.
seekerchasing chapter 6 . 8/7/2011
wonderful story
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 6 . 2/23/2011
Wonderful ending, everything all wrapped up, but still open enough for more. Great job!
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 5 . 2/23/2011
So much fluff, so little time... I love it!
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 4 . 2/23/2011
So sweet, I love a good reunion fic.
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 3 . 2/23/2011
I was hoping that this was where everything was going. _ Glad to see I was right.
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