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Lily272 chapter 62 . 7/30
I have to admit I had temporarily stopped reading this in favour of a book that came out and almost had not started again. I have eventually in the hope that the problem with Harry's "friends" Jonny and Franky pushing Harry to more or less whore himself out in their club would be addressed but I find it outrageous that until the very end two guy that push him more and more to work increasingly inappropriate work in this BDSM place they own. I'm not saying it out of problems with this fetish or any other fetish. Everyone has a right to livw and experience their own sexual needs or interests they way they wish! but there is a reason that minors are not even allowed to enter any sexual inappropriate place during opening hours! never mind working there in such a way. I would say they are great guys if they have him help clean the place or something but they do nothing to help him apart from pushing him as a Sex worker!
Not a single attempt toget him to talk to police or social services.
No attempt to get him to finish his education or any education.
No attempt to find him a proper home!But despite Harry voicing he's uncomfortable with working in the back he is pushed to help out there! and don't say he wanted it, he wasn't pushed.
Harry was abused and in terrible condition he latched on to the first that showed kindness and they slowly drew him in. first at the door outside. than inside, just because it was too cold in a for his age highly inappropriate outfit. not a word about warmer clothing No, he's moved in to get used to the atmosphere! they a colleague has health troubles and no what to do let's tell Harry all about our trouble and maybe he'll work where he legally is not even allowed to be? And you call them good? I was betti g the entire time that the back room was full with teens or barely older kids that had started at teens and were picked up and slowly "trained" the same way! with no way put because of unfinished education and no home or help to support them until they fixed that.
You might have wanted to let them be "nice" to improve the image of those with such a fetish and maybe you had succeeded if they had at least tried to talk Harry into getting help and an education. to let them only help him find other work like in that Shop or tog help clean outside of working ours but this way, to let a minor work in the back and get him to "only help out occasionally" after he said he's uncomfortable there is an absolut no go! This way Harry might gave been the first and they did let him go when he insisted bit they were training him as a sex worker. at that while he was a minor! Those are acts of pedophiles who try to make money from selling children! And you claim that good? That is not acceptable and not just my opinion. You are saying that something illegal towards minors is good! that is what bothers me! and big time! I don't care if grown man do whatever in their free time. I don't mind sich places as theirs because everyone needs a safe place to live out such fantasies and I support the existence of them and it should be accepted by everyone. As long as minors are kept out and no one is talked into doing something they are NOT comfortable with just because they are short on staff and he owns them a favour for helping or at least thar us how Harry feels and they know it and use that fact! CHANGE IT even if just letting Severus and Lucius talk about how they wished they could bring them down but don't dare to because Harry won't understand the way they brain washed him! Their behaviour could seriously mess up a teenager's psych! It is NOT GOOD! it's the opposite of good!
DinaPpeenA08 chapter 10 . 6/14
I know that this book has been completed long ago. This is my first time reading this and so far it’s really good. The only thing is you keep calling Mac “really black” or “very black”. That is not okay. And as a black woman its making me want to abandon this book. Which is sad because it’s been amazing so far. But this is not okay. You don’t call someonevery black” or “really black” if he’s dark skinned you describe him as “dark”. Very rarely are black peoples skin actually the color black. Our skin is brown. Many shades of brown wether it’s very light brown or very dark brown. You saying he’s “very black” frankly is racist. And from reading this book and how you integrate many cultures I would hope that the way you worded this is from ignorance or a lack of being able to find a better descriptive word. It’s not okay though.
lisa.francis.96780 chapter 42 . 6/9
Heather Alexander is wonderful. Sadly never got to see her perform since I didn't discover her until after she left. I really adore her heir, Alexander James Adams. It was through him that I learned of her. I've seen him quite a few times. We both performed at the same festival; him a single and me an actress. He's delightful ️
evfangirl98 chapter 62 . 6/6
I absolutely adored this story
Guest chapter 10 . 5/15
Ai Neko Yokai chapter 62 . 4/24
Severus wasn't worried about being made fun of for Prince's PP or PP Potions?

Aaaand I'm confused again. What a way to end a story... In the previous chapter, Hermione was pregnant. But in this chapter, it's only going to be their first child? (Previous chapter said 2 years later, this chapter says 5 years later, but the only children listed here were for Lucius/Severus and Harry/Draco.)

It was the part where Hermione was talking about the pigs being pregnant, and then Ron had said that just because "you're preggers" she didn't have to beat him up. There had been a party thrown for them where Ron and Hermione got gifts. If that wasn't for them being pregnant, then that whole scene was poorly worded. (But, glancing through Chapter 61 & 62 reviews, more than one person pointed out that Hermione isn't having her first child in this second epilogue, so I'm not alone in thinking that she was pregnant and this chapter is contradictory in this story's typical way.)

I'm kinda irritated at all the jerking off people reviewing did for this story. Loose ends were not tied. There were more than a "few" amount of errors. Your consistency with what YOU wrote for this story was not there. I did enjoy reading the earlier reviews where some weren't so shy about these things.

Overall, you did write a fantastic story. But if you get offended, and did get offended, when people point out, and they did point out, the fantastic flaws with this story... I'm at a loss for words. You're not going to get praised for everything. You clearly understand that concept since that's part of your story.

I regret reading this chapter since it left a sour note. Now may we both be bitter.
Ai Neko Yokai chapter 61 . 4/24
Eyyy, the dancing muggles are back this chapter!
Ai Neko Yokai chapter 59 . 4/24
"hideously short"... You know what... instead of being combative, for this story, this is pretty short. Just know I eye rolled really hard. Again, there are so many stories on FFN and AO3 with short chapters. This is, like, still pretty damn long.
Ai Neko Yokai chapter 58 . 4/24
Chapter 39: "After roll, she explained that, due to changes in the curriculum she would be teaching animagus transfiguration first, and that they were no longer required to register. The registration office seemed to have been raided by Death Eaters, then destroyed. The Ministry was too short of funds to repair the office and they were also well aware that no one would return to register so, as Ron wryly remarked, they'd given it up as a bad job."

This chapter: "While this was all going on, Headmistress McGonagall did a little cover work of her own. She filled out the animagus registration papers for all the Hogwarts students who had managed it. Then she carefully misfiled them under T. She was well aware that Dumbledore had the most miserable filling system imaginable, she was still trying to find essential paperwork."

I'm really confused here. There's a long running theme of inconsistencies with this whole story thus far, and this one takes the cake: "A relatively short chapter." This was short to you? Every time I see you say that it's a short chapter! That's more barmy than the conflicting story content. I wish the short chapters in other stories were this "short"!

I was getting ready to tell you how much I hated reading this story, on the last chapter, but the confusion got to me too much here. So, let me say that I hated reading this story, but I hated the fact that I could not stop reading even more. It's been a really interesting plot, and despite some perceived inconsistencies, I've actually found myself enjoying this story. *Perceived inconsistencies because I could have very well missed something.

OH! And while I loved Harry's muggle club owning family a lot, I appreciate that you knew when to not force them. (Some of the reviews made it seem like they just dropped off like forgotten OCs, but you clearly articulated their exit and reasonably explained their absence at key parts of the story since. So, I don't know what those readers' problem are.)
Morphixes chapter 62 . 4/17
Thanks for writing, this was really cute and compelling
Ai Neko Yokai chapter 4 . 4/14
I'm enjoying this story, but Harry was rescued by the Weasleys in the second book, before their second year started. Not their third year.
Lily272 chapter 38 . 3/23
first of, I like the story a lot. it isn't necessarily my favourite one but taste differs so that shouldn't deter you in any way. I even still intend to finish it and I certainly would not be at chapter 39 if I didn't like it so please don't be offended with the things I'd like to point out next because those I don't get.
one thing I dislike is all that swearing. I don't mind adding a bit despite the lack of swearing in the original books because it's what teens do, especially badly raised ones. But Draco should know better and at least try to rid Harry of the habbit. Swearing like that can possibly cause trouble for Harry when he does take over the family businesses. no well raised businessman will do businessman with such an illbread potty mouth! And both Draco and Lucius should at least explain that and remind him occasionally. instead of being almost as bad.
Again in general it is a matter of taste and I'd ignore it, but in this case where he gets deportment classes and all that should be addressed too. it just makes no sense to me that he is repremented about slouching or talking across a table but left to swear worse than a sailor often even for minor things. no one of Malfoy's status would allow that in our society and granted, wizarding society is different but I simply can't imagine anyone who complains about slouching to let himself get away with more than an occasional shit or fuck in really bad situations like when Draco was taken. threatening angrily sure, that he'd do but string together a list of random swear words, never! Harry sure, badly raised as he is it actually makes more sense than not so personally I don't do it for personal reasons. i just hate swearing and refuse to use it. the same way you obviously can keep it in for personally liking it if you do but I just wanted to point out how ill fitting I find it especially with Harry getting deportment lessons about walking and entering a room right. That discrepancy is the only reason I mention it.
Also why on earth does Hatry stand up against all about his robe and detentions clearly certain his papa will be behind him but not with his potions despite Draco just having pointed out again him important those are to him. it seems you randomly let Harry be a door mat again just because you want him to relapse, I presume just to have another reason to complain about how bad the school and the teachers are! Really, it made no sense to me. maybe you can explain it why he would but Lucius and Draco have on multiple occasions shown that they care about dress codes and even more about his health. now he breaks dress code (with backup because that dress code they deem as stupid despite the fact that cheep robes for all make sense to protect poorer students from ridicule. uniforms have a reason!) but he doesn't stand up for his health knowing he could relapse and knowing just how sick he was? Any sane person would at least notify a parent or anyone they trust out of fear to relapse! maybe in future you should let him in such cases stand up for himself and if you need that to fail for something that major you should remember that he has no monopole on bad things happening to him. include another abused kid that he now takes under his wing a little. of course it is still your story and again I like it and intend to finish is so don't take it too badly please. I just don't get Harry in those moments and it really bothers me that he's that inconsistent. either he isn't confident enough yet because of his past or he isn't or at least a little more confident with health things than clothing because really, I can't find another explanation than you wanting him to get sick to reach a certain conclusion not caring that before his self confidence was skyrocketing unnaturally fast. and yes abused kids can be inconsistent in self confidence to a point but I just can't see it ever happening to that extrem! The other way around yes but not like that.
but that still is just minor compared to my next real dislike.
The one thing that bothers me the most is that Harry worked in that club while he was a minor! that's illegal. if authorities had found put they would have closed it and the owners would be punished. It was a huge risk to the point of stupidity that I can't see good honorable man tale. pedophiles presuming him that pretend to be nice sure but to be fair, you always say they are nice and they do help him but they also used his need to not be a charity case to make him work there. and got in deeper and deeper over time. to be honest, I thought at one point they are pedophiles who have countless street kids working there and pick up one after the other to make them work the back rooms the way they kept pushing him further with the "Oh someone is sick or bad knee you would really help us out" and all that to guilt trip him. the only thing missing was to actually remind him on how they had helped him. I'm not saying such a life stile is bad or everyone living
Nohe Cruz chapter 1 . 1/4
Why didnt he go to gringotts?
mrab52811 chapter 59 . 10/20/2021
im completely in love with the March of Cambreadth because of this fic
mrab52811 chapter 37 . 10/19/2021
I think this is my favorite part of the whole book
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