Reviews for Runaway Wizard
Guest chapter 1 . 5/11
Bruh wtf is this trash. Why tf would Harry even consider sucking cock wtf. He's a bloody wizard️ He can be gay but he's not a fucking loser
Steve-Arkarian chapter 16 . 3/12
*sigh* What Harry did WAS pretty stupid, but, he keeps getting punished for things that he wasn't told not to do...
Perceus-Prior chapter 21 . 1/20
i really like the story, but the change to narcissas character is a bit sad. she loved her son enough to look voldomort in the eyes and lie to him.

other than that I love the story. the johnny and freddie ark was very wholesome (ironically enough)
HetaPhiPuffPrincess chapter 14 . 1/5
Im never getting over Juice of Oranges that is A1 quality hilarity
HetaPhiPuffPrincess chapter 9 . 1/4
Oh my soul! Aziz! My name is Aziza, i am living!
HetaPhiPuffPrincess chapter 1 . 1/3
So im almost postive this is a good story but , for future refrence. Its better if we know how old Harry is, we get its AU so the story line has deviated but this could be anywhere between 4-6 th year and maybe even seventh cuz he can apperate but if it was deventh he wouldnt still be underage. So its weird and hard to understand for context next time state his age or the year in the first couple of pragraphs so its not so disjointed to read.
BadWolfKris chapter 62 . 10/6/2023
I really enjoyed this story :)
Millie072 chapter 33 . 9/12/2023
Lucius complemented Harry on his improved handwriting. In the chapter where Harry is writing put a grocery list with Frankie & Johnnie Harry wrote with a copperplate hand. What happened? Copperplate or spencerian both are beautiful penmanship. Early training that stays with you for a lifetime.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 62 . 12/17/2022
Great story! Once again, thank you for writing it.

I'm a little surprised that Dean didn't pop up again and make a nuisance of himself. I'm also VERY surprised that Lucius named any of his children Abraxis considering how much he hated his father.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 55 . 12/15/2022
If it was just before midnight then they weren't out past curfew yet, since earlier in the story you said the curfew for 7th years was midnight.

Why did they have a different schedule after the winter holidays? Was it just Dumbledore meddling, or is that just how it is in your story? (Genuinely curious).

I'm still greatly enjoying this story and am a bit sad that it's near it's end.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 54 . 12/15/2022
Something went wrong with the formatting for this chapter and a good chunk, possibly at least a third of the chapter, is all bold-faced.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 52 . 12/15/2022
Why didn't Harry or Draco just send a message with a house self to Lucius? I know Harry doesn't want to ruin the vacation thing or whatever go up but still.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 51 . 12/15/2022
If Michael is 12 wouldn't he be in school with Harry and Draco? Unless he goes to a different school of course. Did you mean to make him younger? Like 7 or 9 or something, I don't know.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 49 . 12/14/2022
I meant to ask earlier and I don't think I did: if Draco can only have/own what Harry says he can, then can't Harry just give permission for Draco to have/own everything that he would have if the bonding hadn't occurred?
Steve-Arkarian chapter 48 . 12/14/2022
I thought Dobby was on outs with Winky? Why we he be spending time with her?
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