Reviews for Multiple marriages can be educational
elflordsmistress chapter 8 . 4/11/2008
seriously a perfect ending

perfect perfect perfect

did i mention that it was perfect?

elflordsmistress chapter 7 . 4/11/2008
too too funny


i think i need a bathroom run before the last chapter
elflordsmistress chapter 6 . 4/11/2008
Gibbs to the rescue ... lol
elflordsmistress chapter 5 . 4/11/2008
you have to love ducky and his explanations

priceless priceless priceless

this story is going into my Favourites!
elflordsmistress chapter 4 . 4/11/2008
the only place without women in it

*cracks up again*
elflordsmistress chapter 3 . 4/11/2008
the kiss was ...dangerous

oh this is too funny
elflordsmistress chapter 2 . 4/11/2008
goth barbie ... priceless!
aserene chapter 8 . 4/11/2008
okay so Elflordsmistress sent me this, I am here to offically welcome you into our fold.

I loved it. That was just what I needed, I can safely say I think this might one of my favorite NCIS stories ever. Excellent, excellent work!

You know Gibbs can be a pretty smart man every now and then...
elflordsmistress chapter 1 . 4/11/2008
*starts giggling*
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