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sukondis chapter 25 . 3/19
namikawa can be my sugar daddy anyday ;3
sukondis chapter 33 . 3/19
noooooooooooo namikawa come baaaacckkk
sukondis chapter 25 . 3/19
namikawa can be my sugar daddy anyday ;3
sukondis chapter 33 . 3/19
noooooooooooo namikawa come baaaacckkk
Guest chapter 2 . 2/3
I know this is Japan so they may have different laws, but She is being meg elected and abused. Shouldn't lights dad be able to do something? he's a cop, he should but in because of his sense of justice
Toreh chapter 46 . 1/15
If you're not going to finish, can we get like a quick summary of what the ending would've been? You've done such a phenomenal job writing this and I know life gets in the way. I hope you return to this someday.
Kakashi-is-my-daddy chapter 46 . 1/5
I really do hope you finish this and all your other stories cause despite that its 2017 this fic is sooooooooo amazing and I'm glad I read it despite it not being updated since 2013!
Guest chapter 46 . 12/17/2016
OKAY. SO. 2013. UMM...

Did you abandon this story? I need to know. For my sanity.

Reading this fic has been interesting. There have been things that I liked, some I did not.
I feel that your writing has improved IMMENSELY over the span you wrote this story, and I am extremely pleased I stuck it out. While I felt Light was OOC for most of the beginning, you captured him VERY well as you progressed further into the story. I also love how she didn't fall in love with L at the beginning, but ultimately ends up with him. Very good plot progression. NOW LET ME GET CRITIC-Y FOR A MOMENT:
WHERE THE HELL IS THE FLUFF. Ok. Not so much critic - y and more selfish-y. But seriously. I was craving some fluff between Noriko and L leading up to their marriage. It was like "I'm not marrying you BOOM! Baby." If you ever decide to pick this up again, please write a side fic of L and Noriko progressing into a serious relationship. Please and thank you.

Now about the plot: It's REALLY good. Love the ideas. Noriko seems not all that close to anyone though, not even L (which is why I mentioned the side fluff fic). If you decide to continue, could you consider working on Norikos relationship with the boys? I kind of love them and I think it fits well with this character to attempt to develop SOME kind of family - like relationship with them.

Also, what I would find interesting to see you implement, is the Death Eraser. Look it up if you have time. Its an interesting concept to toy with.

I like this story. A lot. And I think this is an AMAZING example of a writer progressing in developing their voice and writing maturity. Please. PLEASE continue. If you have any questions, my account is TheAmazingJoker on , AO3, Wattpad, and Tumblr. I WILL RESPOND. I've helped writers out of droughts before, and would love to help you if I can. :)
Hinami chapter 33 . 10/30/2016
This story has become appalling. 2/10. The characterisation of Noriko is so Mary-sueish that it makes me barf. Do us all a favour and please stop writing this fanfiction. Your beautiful writing is spoilt by the very badly written plot. Reiji loves her, Light's a very poorly portrayed y, L has no sense of direction and Noriko is suddenly some 'angel', told to her by her dead dad, sent to protect whatever. Her power is so stupid, it's actually sad.

At least your grammar is okay.
Guest chapter 32 . 10/30/2016
Is... Reiji dead or no?
Guest chapter 2 . 10/30/2016
Noriko seems like a bitch. She rolled her eyes a total of 8 times in only these two chapters.
TotallyObsessedWithDP chapter 26 . 9/24/2016
No offense, but Noriko had become extremely annoying now that she's trying to get with Reiji and how he's so unbelievably generous to her when she doesn't even deserve it in my opinion. I don't get what makes her so likable... And with every guy being like head over heels in love with her she's becoming more way too Mary Sue for my liking.
TotallyObsessedWithDP chapter 23 . 9/7/2016
Shit... This is the best cliffhanger ever and I'm absolutely loving all of it. Excuse my profanity by the way... But that was intense. Lights in trouble now... I was really expecting her to talk in at the exact moment of the kiss but close enough...
Guest chapter 46 . 8/20/2016
Amazing ! ;)
Guest chapter 46 . 8/7/2016
I would love it if you please finish this story. It's really interesting and It's so close to ending. I really, really, really, want to know what happens next. So please pretty please make at least make one more chapter for me to know what happened.

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