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shywr1ter chapter 8 . 1/22/2011
Oh, poor Logan! Now I have another reason to feel so bad for his sad childhood, wanting a white angora bunny and getting a black guinea pig! You know he would dutifully care for it and probably even grow to love it but it wasn’t ever the same... (and yes, I got wholly hung up on feeling so sad for this moment in his young life – not obsessed at all, no...) At least his unfulfilled dreams about another sort of bunny were less sad! ;}

I see what you mean about bunny-fic taking over this year! What in the world would have caused it? (If after Thanksgiving maybe blame it on eating too much of some certain food I common, but since the bunnies appeared a month earlier, that’s not it!) I love the drowsy, fuzzily confused Logan (adorable of course, and in this scene who can blame him for being confused?) and of course the irritated-instead-of-embarrassed Max. Would love to hear the conversation the next time they see each other again! :} (At least in your story it really happened so they can have that discussion, instead of Logan’s self-conscious, embarrassed squirming the next dozen times he sees her with Max’s increasingly irritated “what’s going on with you, Logan?”)

Fun, unwitting “birthday gift” from Max – wonder if she remembered what day it was? Hope we get more about Sketchy’s latest scam and Max’s latest bunny-burglar adventure!
shywr1ter chapter 7 . 1/22/2011
(Tragically late as usual, but as you know have been under monkey attack lately...)

I really love this: the whole story is a set up for the final, “payoff” line, and although it would have given away everything, it could have been the opening line, too. It’s so perfect for him and shows that poor ol’ Lydecker just can’t get a break – he joins the army to escape kids (and even surrogate fatherhood?) and it ends up becoming his life’s work. To completely geek out over it, it raises so many images of his career – how he went from rough childhood of his own, to young drifter, before heading into the part we know from Logan’s research (actually doing well in the army and being married.) It raises questions about what his relationship would have been with his wife (did they have children? Did they even discuss it?), how easily he fell into drinking again, and how a project with kids was his salvation and his pet project. It also goes far to illustrate why it was easy for him to maintain that distance when the X-5s (and earlier children?) needed to be “eliminated.”

And you’re so right, Deck also would have invented a purposeful and admirable reason for his enlistment – I can’t imagine him admitting to either chance or being out of control of his destiny (other than his admitted round with booze.) Even more fitting (and funny!) is the observation that Don isn’t one to idly chitchat. :})

Sorry to make the rambling observations longer than the story, but it’s so fun to have another piece of canon to add to this character – and your story is another wonderful example of how this show had so much more to explore, even if had followed only the first year characters. A decent treatment of the second year characters could actually have been just as rich (although I vote to jettison the snake cult, or at least move them to a separate show :P) This could have been a great, add-in scene for an episode exploring more of the “hows & whys” of Manticore, going beyond the initial plan & set up to how the actual, day to day management and development of the children occurred. Sounds like someone needs to write that fic! :D
Victoriam Speramus chapter 8 . 1/21/2011
Oh, very nice and funny!

"Needless to say that he'd never woken up to one of those neither."

Nice contrast with the fact he does in this story

Love it!
BlueAngel137 chapter 7 . 12/30/2010
Great little fic, and somehow easy to believe. Donald Junior - ha, ha. The ending was perfect! Thank you. Und Guten Rutsch!
Victoriam Speramus chapter 7 . 12/29/2010
That was great! I can picture this young Lydecker... Very original take on his past.
blackrose9 chapter 7 . 12/29/2010
loved this very funny and witty.
Shy chapter 7 . 12/29/2010

Grinning now; reviewing properly later...
Shy chapter 6 . 4/28/2010
As usual, woefully behind on things (and typing is even harder than usual when not only pressing thumbs and crossing fingers, but clutching lavender! :})

...but I need to at least send a mega-thanks and mini-review to say how good it is to have this addition to 'Art Attack' - it addresses that irritating little question about what Logan was thinking of, ignoring Max all evening! I like the thought of this, that Daphne saw Logan as Logan, no matter what, and was happy to see him for himself. You know I have found my own soft spot for Daphne, and think she's one of the good guys in Logan's world, so am happy she is here, too!

And the end is so right - way to go, Max! Love that she found just what to say to Logan... :}

More when the world slows down a little... but thanks for this sweet and satisfying filling-in of the show! ;]
Griever11 chapter 6 . 4/24/2010

Brooding Logan needs to be comforted very nice.

Thanks for such a nice distraction from uni stuff this morning.
BlueAngel137 chapter 5 . 12/28/2009
Ah, that's so great and funny! Just the right little peace of fic to make my (rainy) day. It's so easy to imagine Logan like this, and you have many wonderful details in there.

My favorite lines:

-... And so, under Tricia’s expectant eyes, Logan resigned to his fate and shoved the glasses onto his nose, feeling as if they swallowed half of his face. ...

(poor Logie! :-))

-...Especially the streets now, four years after the Pulse, cracked with potholes and lined by lanterns that had long been slaughtered for their wires and light bulbs ...

(such an interesting detail)


(Hoffe Du hattest ein grossartiges Weihnachtsfest mit schönen Geschenken. Und natuerlich: GUTEN RUTSCH! :-))
Griever11 chapter 5 . 12/26/2009

What made this worse (or delightfully hilarious to read) was that my sister had a pair of sunglasses just like that, pink, huge and so horrendous and all I could do while reading this was picture that and him and laugh out loud to myself.
shywr1ter chapter 5 . 12/26/2009
Perfection! :D

And yes, he's still mega-sexy, but sparkly now, too :} (and this appeared before I had a chance to even pop on and respond to your mention of a fic idea...)

I'm still grinning - very clear images in this one, with the best sentence of all: "But after some fifteen minutes of noisy rummaging, she’d returned from the attic in triumph, waving with something that Logan recognized too late as pink, oversized monster glasses." (love the noisy rummaging, the triumphant return, and the too-late recognition ... just this sentence says so much!)

I like when it's set - it seems just right - and how Logan was left glasses-less. Both are seemingly innocuous details that give the story extra character.

Such a lovely little grin-producing fic! Thanks for once again being so clever!

(and now it makes me wonder what's happened to Tricia these days ... ;})
annie200 chapter 4 . 6/6/2009
You always have such a thoughtful take on Logan's motivations. I love his dilemma at knowing that the job with Nathan Herrera is important, but still being disappointed that he can't live up to his father's expectations.
Aurora2424 chapter 4 . 6/5/2009
A much more complex picture of Logan's father than is usually seen in fic. You seem to suggest he understood his son more than the "manly man" comments of "Shorties in Love" - I think that paints a more interesting relationship than one of pure antagonism. I also see Logan's guilt as being a very in-character response. As always, very good.
BlueAngel137 chapter 4 . 6/2/2009
Wonderful little snippet, showing what makes Logan tick. It once again makes me see what a great man he is, even in his young years, and especially compared to Jonas.


You all "Pulse Poster" definitely ROCK! :-)
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