Reviews for The Strange Change of Veruca Salt
Guest chapter 9 . 11/23
I really love how in character you've gotten Veruca. She's irritating and bossy and screechy, and you can just imagine her at Tesco with a ridiculous scowl on her face, shouting at Aunt Katherine, who I really like, by the way.
Just a point, though... for Chap 9 in the first paragraph, don't use 'blouse' for boys. A blouse is a girl's shirt, often with frills.
Babyvlfjikmodd chapter 4 . 11/20
Forcing a child to transfer to another school is really child abuse because that person could be a fish out of water. Kids who are forced into schools that they strictly do not like are reactively depressed and selfishly do not do well. The only times that transferring a child to another school are: Being liked by many people, moving day, anti-narcissistic, and no one abusing that person.
fhru8h chapter 3 . 11/20
Mr. Salt is such a bully!
8fvi09dsj9f chapter 1 . 11/20
9reig0op0jqoivve chapter 18 . 11/14
The only exception has something to do with knowing when to day no.
f8idvji9djqufrn chapter 16 . 11/14
This ought to be the day that the dad would have to make her perfectly nice. For the only exception, see chapter eighteen.
9fiw0rofj chapter 14 . 11/14
Angina sounds like she wants to agree with her husband while it reminds me of another girl not in the story. Her mother wouldn't go to any party, not even a family member's or weddings. Or even funerals, so that she would text the daughter's boyfriend that he 'Was a horrible BEEP-tard' and a 'BEEP-hole.' The dad would not be as strict as the mom, and is scared of disagreeing as he would be a henpecked coward.
0v9fov0k chapter 12 . 11/14
I see that Veruca's hair grew a bit!
fre987hfy98er chapter 10 . 11/14
Dannie is such a cow and an ugly beast!
feurfhn9r8 chapter 9 . 11/14
I will not love to go to that school.
25305th guest chapter 8 . 11/14
I hate it when the aunt says that her niece is going to be sick, but she gets it anyway. She makes the being positive is a bad thing!
i0fdvjf9dijv chapter 5 . 11/14
My heart is like an open highway with no street, and Veruca is toast!
fj0ijv0isjcvnovn chapter 4 . 11/14
Veruca's misery is going to be her lifeless way!
9ofvd0kf0dorwfgb chapter 1 . 11/14
Will Mrs. Trimble of Lubbock, TX please shut it up!
Nora Atkinson chapter 29 . 10/30
If Veruca was already changed, then you have nothing to say anything naughty. No Wonder!
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