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Nyos chapter 2 . 4/14/2008
Like some other reviewers, I'd like to know why you often write Kakashi in a bad light...?
foxyswordsman chapter 5 . 4/14/2008
Damn you. Adding another awesome story. You make me feel so inferior as a story writer. But, you are a really good author with good story ideas and fresh ways of showing them. I just wish you would update all your stories. I like this one, so is Naruto a reincarnation of Kisuke Urahara or something? I very confused on this. Only a few grammar problems but mostly awesome story. I would love a renicarnated Yoruichi apperance, but just my opinion. Update somthing soon. Foxyswordsman
Crimsonlink310 chapter 5 . 4/14/2008
nice i wonder if kyuubi is benihime? or that naruto is kisike urahara please update and if possible a relationship between benhime and tenten
Nyos chapter 1 . 4/14/2008
YUSH! I LOVE fanfics wiith Naruto as Kisuke, though this is the first time I've seen it here. :) Thanks so much for the story.
WhatDoYouMeanI'mDrunk chapter 5 . 4/14/2008
wow dude, I don't know where to start...

I definately haven't enjoyed reading a fic like this for a very long time

I actually read slowly, that's effing amazing for me right there

that means you wrote quality stuff here

the pacing of the story and Naruto's relationship with people and certain charaters is awesome

Benihime exspecially

beautiful, flirty, a sword?

Yeah Keep forgetting she's a sword somethings and no one but Naruto can see her?

we might have to change that someday won't we? (wink, wink)

I really enjoyed reading chapter 2, the whole Tenten fight was awesome and I like how you made Naruto out afterwards- like he's been carrying a sword forever

when is Tenten or Jiraiya gonna appear? If they appear.

that scene with Yuugao was fun, we gotta get those two to interact more if that scene was hinting of more conversations like that to come :D

well that's all I can think of for now, good luck with the story

hope you can update soon, I can't wait

actionliker chapter 2 . 4/14/2008 girls are digging Naruto now...but Benihime's the hottest!
ceyx0991 chapter 5 . 4/14/2008
Goddamn, another one? As cool as this is, I would like some explanation as to how Benihime exists in this world. There were a couple of mistakes in this chapter and the previous ones, so ask your betas to watch out for spelling and such. I enjoy your stories but I would prefer if you would finish one before starting another one. That aside, this is an exceptionally well written fic and you should feel proud of it. In all of your recent stories, I have noticed that you make Kakashi out into a bad guy, and frankly, I would like to know why. In an earlier chapter you said that Naruto had seen Haku hit by a Chidori. At that point in the manga, we don't know it's a chidori, we thought it was a Raikiri. You might want to correct that. I'm still interested in being a beta, so please contact me.
Darksnider05 chapter 3 . 4/14/2008
You just have to make Temari all awesome cool then have Naruto paired with Tenten which is awesome as well but Temari is a beast..
Delusional Fishies chapter 1 . 4/14/2008
I was wondering what the hell happened to this, when I read that other guy's story which was like a copy of yours.
colin chapter 4 . 4/14/2008
That was interesting. I really hope Kakashi tries something and loses a hand or his balls or maybe his Sharingan that would be nice. No more stealing jutsu from people.
Youko Rayah chapter 5 . 4/14/2008

you finally posed it here for everyone to enjoy! any chance of posting more of your wonderful writings here? My sister isn't part of the Fan Fiction Forum you normally post to, and I know she would greatly enjoy reading more of your work!

Huggles and please keep up the fabulous work!
Juoppo chapter 1 . 4/14/2008
Yay, a new story from case13, always a pleasure reading your work. A Bleach crossover with NaruTenten to top it off, always liked well done crossovers and the pairing, can only expect good things from this one. And you even gave five chapters to read from the bat, very nice of you, thank you!

A very good starting chapter, confusing at the start due to norm, but figuring out wtf is going on just fuels the curiosity.

Nice subtle changes to the canon with Kabuto and the genjutsu users.

By the way, if you're into Bleach crossovers I strongly suggest for you to read "Duty, Honor, and Truth" by Tyrchon. It is the best Bleach crossover I have read so far the guy has some wicked skills in writing.

And now for the spelling errors that I gathered from this chapter:

"At first he _taught_ it was _ome_ _werid_ genjutsu but..."

"It was warm. _Invting_."

"...crimson carpets were rich and alive with _extrardinarly_ detailed patterns which..."

"Naruto's eyes _flollowed_ the hand, captivated and _entraced_."

"...woman he had ever seen _andnd_ would ever see..."

"...she stretched _sinously_, her grace and underlying sensuality that _premanated_ the very air..."

"Warm breath and _sensous_ touch burned inside him."

"He halted as she touched his lips with a _fingers_."

"She whispered huskily, drawing _hims_ close..."

"It had sweet and _slaty_ tinge..."

"Naruto opened his eyes to see her smile widen even as he _burried_ his palms in..."

"The blue eyes swept the sorroundings _ponly_ to..."

"One _momment_ she was hitting the ground and..."

"...but there is a certain _camraderie_ to be had when..."

"And despite the guy being _troubesomly_ energetic..."

"But he was a _geniunly_ good person..."

"...with a calm and unhurried _precission_ and cold..."

"The blond was _almsot_ toying with the genin he was fighting."

"...and for a briefest of _momment_ he could swear he felt..."

"He thought _incredously_ 'How can they...'"

"'Sasuke... YOU...!' Naruto thought _incredously_."

"Weapon masters among Konoha nins were _excedingly_ rare..."

"Also, the large _ammount_ of bloodline limits in the village, coupled with preference and _avaliabilty_ of jutsu meant..."

"...that Uzumaki _Narruto_ was _definetely_ someone worth knowing better."

"He _definetly_ wouldn't mind getting to know a girl like that."

"...and I'm not sure he would _suceed_ either."

"...though there was a clear _wory_ in her eyes..."

"The _hinchuuriki_ yelped,..."

"He started _dnacing_ around the _prjectiles_ like demented rabbit on speed..."

" feeling of something _twsting_..."

Those were the ones I noticed, should be most of them. And now on to chapter 2...

Keep up the good work!
Amil Gaoul chapter 1 . 4/14/2008
Glad you finally post this here, Fosfor-Taicho, and can't wait for chapter 6.

Hope you post some of your other gems like Nine Lives or Reload.

Anyway update soon
colin chapter 3 . 4/14/2008
That bit with Neji was awesome "cry blood" awesome. And the Temari beating the shit out of Sakura cause that wasnt a fight, was really good especially that little rant at the very end and her final comment. I hope Neji's fight will end in his maiming.
colin chapter 2 . 4/14/2008
That was an awesome chapter. I really liked it I hope you contiune to update often and Soon
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