Reviews for Timely Errors
ariamattiekun chapter 13 . 2/2
This was amazing, thank you
Azure Shine chapter 8 . 1/18
oh it appear
Azure Shine chapter 8 . 1/18
should harry last name appear in map?
SeriousFicc chapter 5 . 1/4
As good as the book is, I can never really get past halfway before becoming frustrated that Harry isn't more...intelligent.
DaCatOfAdventure chapter 4 . 12/31/2019
"A half hour later Harry was showered and dressed for the day." Then how come it takes me an hour just to shower?
MarilynT chapter 13 . 12/30/2019
a different time travel. loved it.
DropTheBasil chapter 13 . 12/23/2019
This was probably one of my favorite time travel fic! The way you wrote Harry and introducing the Longbottoms, Peter, and Barty. It actually hurt to think about their future cause you wrote them so real and human. Also I loved the plot twist with Professor Barten! I did not see that coming! Great fic! I’m so glad I read it!
irusita chapter 13 . 12/14/2019
wow! trully amazing story!
i think harry might've been a little bit too cool and not completely in character for 6th year, though considering what happened with the fall of wards it might be appropriate. nevertheless i enjoyed this fic immensely!
thank you!
Nobody knows pj better than me chapter 13 . 12/9/2019
Luv it! Another one pl...
Shandablonde chapter 13 . 11/7/2019
Holy freaking crap your awesome. Thank you!
Guest chapter 13 . 11/4/2019
crooked859 chapter 13 . 10/19/2019
Absolutely loved this story. Very satisfying read.
Synky chapter 12 . 10/4/2019
Loved it, thank you for the story
Guest chapter 13 . 9/23/2019
It was fantastic loved every inch if this teaaf
Guest chapter 11 . 9/22/2019
Wow this is a wonderful book that Wow is the only word to describe it
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