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Guest chapter 109 . 6/24
Kakashi you piece of her or not. She's engaged to ibiki AND pregnant with his child.
wajagirlliz chapter 109 . 6/23
This is the best Naruto fanfiction I have ever read by far. I just binge read your entire story in 4 days and I cannot wait to read more! Your character development with Ayumu and Ibiki is fantastic and their interactions are priceless. Plus their sexy times are smexy! Have fun writing and I can't wait to see what will happen between Ibiki and Kakashi regarding poor Ayumu.
harmony1994 chapter 109 . 5/23
Love the story hope there's going to be more
Toreh chapter 109 . 4/7
Where did you go? You've truly done phenomenal work on this. This has been the first and I'm sure best Ibiki fic I've read. It has its flaws here and there, but it has been an absolute pleasure to read. I hope you come back to it some day.
AkiJay chapter 1 . 4/6
Dear god.
It's now the fifth time I have read this and let me tell you, as a fan of OC characters with Naruto character this is by far one of the best and well thought out stories I have read... and I have read a lot of them and spent hours upon hours and years reading these things - guilty pleasure here

Thank you, for taking such and underrated character and giving him the spot light he deserves and thank you for adding more depth to not only Ibiki but Kakashi, Genma etc. that is relatable but also believable

Please come back. I miss this
Lord of the 13 hells chapter 90 . 3/25
Okay so I've let a lot of Ibikis' shit slide over the course of 90 chapters but this is utter fucking Bullshit!
He practically emotionally RAPED her, it was done without her consent, or knowledge, she trusts him, HE LITERALLY JUST PROPOSED TO HER! She shouldn't need to be worried that he'll do something like this. Not to mention that NOT ONCE while she was telling them how what they'd done made her emotionally DISTRAUGHT, did either of them think that maybe they were in the wrong or maybe, just maybe, they took things too far. No they were both thinking about how they could turn her emotional breakdown to their own advantage.


She was furious and hurt and somewhat frightened and suddenly she wasn't. Honestly her emotions are treated like they're not important, I mean sometimes they come back as insecurities, but usually only so Ibiki can 'fix' them. He doesn't give her space when she asks for he, he FORCES her to stay until she agrees with HIS side, he almost never apologises, at least not sincerely, and he almost always condescending towards her even when shes is being sincere in her emotions.
I love this story but honestly their relationship is looking more and more abusive.

He needs to know that enough is enough, she needs to tell him that she wont take it (and on that subject, he can tell her when she goes too far and PUNISH HER FOR THAT but she can't? What. The. Fuck). She shouldn't be in a relationship were she can't trust her significant other, she needs to take a break from him, to show him she wont be USED like that, yes it will be hell on them both but, he needs to know that there are lines he can't cross, and that there are consequences (or there should be but apparently she's okay with being a piece of fuck meat with no emotional or psychological control other than what he gives her). But hey, it's so fucking romantic isn't it, the poor tortured nin using, manipulating and controlling the emotionally delicate civilian girl.

Again love the story (most of the time) but dude, seriously he get away with FAR too much and the power balance in this relationship is seriously skewed (and not in a sexy BDSM funtimes kinda way either)
Guest chapter 109 . 2/20
Ok, I knew I took a chance to read this epically long unfinished story. And I won't lie..this story is one of the best that I have read. I am hoping that somehow, someway you come back to finish this story. Please let us know that you are alive and hopefully planning to continue on.
SanctuaryoftheDead chapter 109 . 12/17/2016
I sincerely hope that you continue this. I have an undying love for Ibiki and this just satisfies all my Ibiki needs. He is so under appreciated. I'm slowly dying because I want Ibiki to put Kakashi in his place but it would be better if his woman did. I've read this fic probably 3 times now haha. But I do hope you continue. You're an amazing writer.
Guest chapter 81 . 3/20/2016
Well fuck me running, she got a "tramp stamp" XD I love this fic!
rlance03 chapter 1 . 12/31/2015
Such a well thought out and sexy story. I know it's been a while since you updated but I would encourage you to give this story a proper ending. It's such a lovely story.
KoreanMusicFan chapter 87 . 12/23/2015
after that i can't help but picture a threesome between them. that mental image sends shivers down my spin.
please think about it, even if its just a one-shot that is not connected.
KoreanMusicFan chapter 57 . 12/22/2015
the hell?! is she dreaming or something?
rlance03 chapter 2 . 10/14/2015
Holy cow that was funny! I love your Ayumu character. You should update this story and bring it to a close.
Admirer chapter 95 . 10/8/2015
I can tell you that I have read this fic at least 3 times over the last couple of years. I love it. Its one of the most realistic fics I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I'm always flabbergasted when I notice the small numbers of view compared to one of the most viewed( They are good fics as well). Granted Ibiki is not thought of often. But I have always believed that this should get more recognition. I absolutely love Ibiki and how you portray him and I love Ayu. They're wonderful together and reading this always makes me happy. In 5 hours I read through the first 54 chapters because I couldn't put this fic down. No matter how many times i read it I can never get enough.
Kyprioth chapter 109 . 7/2/2014
Sweet kami Jashin-sama...
You have put Ayu in quite the pickle.
I Love odd couples! That combined with your characters, writing style, and sense of humor makes for one rollicking good story.
That and your fic fits nicely with my love of the shock factor of revealing unlikely relationships (it gets me all wound and giggly) (I really wanted Ibiki to stick it to those Anbus' commanding officer...sighs)
The tourture scenes are very nice (criminal minds fan here) . That and the Relationship between Ayu and Ibiki (shivers in delight).
Anywho I am not the biggest fan of love triangles or tragedy... So I'm really hoping that you resolve Kakashi's feelings soon (and hopefully by Ayu... Her reaction to him just makes me feel all wonky... Ibiki or no one!)
I have this finicky thing with drama where if it gets too out of hand it gets annoying...Kakashi has passed that line (all the rest of your drama was fantastic though... It's just Ayu reacting to Kakashi like that... Makes me a little unsure that you won't make her too like her late master)
Once you get Kakashi to shove off, and Ibiki to have finished with his marauding , a Long stretch of fluff would be oh-so-very nice (... Preferably with LOTS of the shock value goodness that is revealing their relationship...please.)
May the muses favor you,
-blame any lack of cohearance to my lack of sleep the past few days... Your fic has been captivating
(You only have a few grammatical, spelling, misuse mistakes... And the only one I can think of right now is that when Ayu was threatening someone you used neutered instead of spayed. Neutered- feminine Spayed- masculine... Then again you could leave's funny and I'm really surprised I remembered anyway)
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