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cordelia-lear chapter 45 . 2/24/2009
*is speechless*


*mind implodes*

I... this... and you... how... pretty.

You know why ff went down, don't you? It heard about this chapter, and had a similar reaction to mine.

God, I teared up. there is literally moisture building in my tear ducts as I type this.

It occurs to me that I may be too emotionally invested in these characters. I don't care.

icarustooclose chapter 45 . 2/24/2009
Oh god, yes! That was fantastic. And hot.
Guhhhh chapter 45 . 2/24/2009
Where do I start *brain seriously overheated* BEAUTIFUL!

Vallora chapter 45 . 2/24/2009
[wimper] Guh... Um... yeah... That was... guh... So HOT! *melt's into a puddle of goo*

Yeah, ok. [fans self] um yeah.

Wonderful chapter. And I'll forgive the late Tuesday instead of early Tuesday. (last time I'll mention a song title with a time limit *wink*)

Now the only question at the moment would be, what does the Doctor think about all this? Now I understand you can't answer that until it's written but I can still wonder. 8-)

And then, of course, there's Rose's job to deal with, dealing with the Brig in person after the hospital debacle, whether or not Joshua keeps Rose in bed for his month now or later... guess that just proves this story isn't over yet (or at least there's enough sequel material to make a few more stories in this AU (LOTS more I hope). Did I mention I'm a book junkie in what ever genra I'm current in? Guess which genra *wink*.

Loved the chapter (obviously). REALLY can't wait to see what's next, more fluff/smut or plot or even plot/smut/fluf. I'm game for anything well written. Though, plot wise, I really want to know what you two have up your sleeve.
Cat Yuy chapter 45 . 2/24/2009


*falls over in a faint*

I'm sorry the reviewer you are trying to reach has passed out from GUH overload. Please try for a review later
E.Tphonehome chapter 45 . 2/24/2009

Whoot, go doctor man, lol

Now i cant wait to find out what the reaction of non-hypnotised doctor will be to this, lol _
AFantasticRose chapter 44 . 2/24/2009
The parting of the team and Joshua was bittersweet. He and Rose better go to one of Zed’s concerts. I think I’ll miss him most.

I’ve been waiting till he got back to his flat and saw the changes Rose made. I loved his reactions. Joshua sending her flowers to let her know he was home was perfect. Now that he’s a bit better for her, he can send her flowers just because, instead of an apology. The card was lovely.

And I love that line Stephanie had, it makes you feel good, cause we all know some Stephanies.

I love that Rose couldn’t wait and just had to see him. I didn’t think she would wait.

The conversation with Jackie is interesting, but what did Jackie mean when she said “I want to tell you that I know what you are and that I know you'll break her heart." What does she think he is?

And reading the end of this chapter I really can’t wait until the next one!
Shadowed Gold chapter 44 . 2/22/2009


You know, I always kind of suspected that the Doctor would be good at romantic gestures, even if he didn't particularly feel like making them. He's very good with symbols, just like those flowers. But if he had gone with his first instinct and just dragged her off to bed, I'm fairly sure there wouldn't be a peep of protest!

I wouldn't.

You guys are my crack, please keep dealing! ::prepares a liquid nitrogen bath in hopes for the next chapter::
Shadowed Gold chapter 43 . 2/22/2009
Unit fanboying! Adorable! And now the Doctor's the Brig! ::incoherent squeeing::

Apparently, Joshua is slightly more relationship-savvy than the Doctor. Even if he is just as explosion-happy.
Shadowed Gold chapter 42 . 2/22/2009
Even as Joshua, he does need that entourage around him! :D And the greatest thing? The Doctor defeating aliens with water guns. ALL SORTS OF CANON, BABY!

I think everyone has wanted to go Rose's path with someone in their lives. And Mickey is so brilliant. "We’ll have this down there in a jiffy." Heehee!
ALy chapter 44 . 2/20/2009
You - are - brilliant! Absolutely and fantastically wonderful! I'm amazed I haven't discovered you earlier. May I just say that I love your stories to death? And that they're one of the things that keep me going week after week? I hope you keep this up, if only for your own amusement. Just know that there are lots of people out here that are eager for what you're giving. Or is it just me? ; )
Isis the Sphinx chapter 44 . 2/20/2009
Damnit man, just get it over with!

*cackles* Aw...very sweet. Now, what are you gonna do about the problem with Joshua actually being the Doctor. We know he likes her just as much as Joshua does, so there's no problem there, but still...

Keep writing!
no one chapter 44 . 2/18/2009
Doro.neko chapter 44 . 2/18/2009
"Nothing," Joshua blurted out, then, even faster, "nothing special. "


Also aww.

It's absolutely perfect!

With the flowers, and the adorableness, and the cooking, and the kisses!

And... Joshua still doesn't know he's the Doctor. That's all going to get worked out, right? In such a way as not to break Rose's and/or Joshua's heart(s)?
SilverWolf7 chapter 44 . 2/18/2009
One thing I didn't like about this chapter: the roses he sent. I think, with her name being Rose and all, that he'd come up with something other than a bouquet of her namesake.

And now I think I actually like Bill O_o the mind boggles :P
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