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Meet-heika chapter 1 . 9/6
Hello, Brian. I pray all is well with you. it's been over 9 years since the last update, and I have horrible fears for your health. As a fanfic writer myself who struggles alone with severe and life altering health issues, I know how much they can sap all interest in hobbies and enjoyments such as writing. This story is incredible not because of grammar or plot or other literary points-though it is those-bit because you care enough about your craft that you willingly take critique and support from those who positively offer it. No writer is perfect, nor can you ever please everyone, especially those whose only joy in life is to tear others down. Whether you decide to resume writing or not, I wish you well.
Quaziemoto chapter 85 . 8/9

I will keep checking for an update ?

Love the story 5 out of 5
Quaziemoto chapter 73 . 8/8
Who cares if someone didn't sleep in the dorm with someone else, it's your story, I like it any way you wan't to write it. It is really a great story line. Even thoe there are always crites just do it you war. I've read this story a few times since I came across it in 2020 (?) and this 78 YO still enjoys it.
5 stars out of 5 in my data base.
beenhere chapter 85 . 7/31
I just found this and love it. the way you've built this world, with H/Hr, the twins and the Grangers and...well, everything!

I've read all the chapters over the past two days and just had to leave this message. You are a superb writer and thank you for sharing as much as you have.

I know muses go on holiday and that's fine. you, I hope, are well and thank you for sharing as much as you have. you kick ass.

ps: TriWiz surprise? *kisses fingers* Mwah! Perfect!
wiebenor chapter 22 . 7/14
This is my second time reading through this story, as I found it again accidentally the last time I was looking for interesting Harry Potter stories to download as epubs for my Calibre ebook library, and I must say, I'm finding it as good as the last time I read it... I like the bit at the end of this chapter where after Dumbledore offerers to take the muggle teacher back to school, the grangers offer to take her in their car... I mean seriously, it's very easy to tell that they think that if the teacher went with Dumbledore, she'd come down with obliviation flu, or I-can't-remember-itis, or some other obviously catching malady...

Again, good story, as it was last time... Don't remember if it was finished or not, but still, good story...
Darkfang333 chapter 55 . 7/9
Salvazsahar here, just wanted to let you know Fobos is misspelling it is actually spelled Phobos as in phobia
Tbolt chapter 21 . 6/21
Well this story went to hell and it was pretty good but I will never finish it.
DeathEater chapter 27 . 5/18
LoL Hermione – Slytherin and Harry – Hufflepuff; moreover they are soulmates. Ohhh... Such a waste of time. You have to put this info somewhere at the beginning because I have strong cringe right now and can't force to continue reading it.))))
DeathEater chapter 16 . 5/18
the beginning is soooo long. It feels like I'm reading chapter 5 in canon, but here it is 16 at last when Harry becomes more or less happy. That becomes a little bit boring. In original story Harry is like that by chapter 5. My advise, you should write a lot of things in one chapter. I see that you decide to show more details of training and friendship developing. Okay... I get it. But still 16 chapters is too slow for me. JKR finished her first book by 17 chapters...

I wanna them in school already! By the way, I liked how you show H&H interacting with twins. Waiting for more.

5/10 for now.
ImmortalsDoItForever chapter 85 . 2/11
I just found this story. I really like it, but I do wish you had been able to cover the tournament. GOF is my favorite book of the series. I hope you come back to this someday.
wiebenor chapter 85 . 1/31
Sooo... I finished reading the story... To find it seemingly unfinished. :(

Believe it or not, it was and still is a good story, despite the few things in an author's note or two that don't have anything to do with this story, which I honestly would rather do without, as I prefer to not get involved in debating whether JKR is a fraudulent writer or whatever. But that said, that little bit of ranting about JKR, isn't enough to stop me from reading this story, and politics aside, while I know it's probably been abandoned by now, I would definitely read the rest of the story if it was finished and uploaded, as long as as much "thought" was put into the rest of the story, as it was for what has already been uploaded...

To be perfectly clear, despite the emotional and mental health challenges that the author of this story faces, with depression and whatnot, I have to say that even going by the author's notes that describe what's been updated or fixed in every chapter, this story, as it's written so far, is a well written good quality story, that makes you not want to put the story down (in my case at least), and I sincerely thank the author who created this story, despite any philosophical differences we might have. Also, I would like to encourage you to keep writing stories, as I think it can really help some people with issues like depression, although, I'd not pay much attention to reviews that are too negative. IDK for sure if I have any mental health issues in my life, but I for one, can't deal with being kicked while I'm down, so to speak, and probably get depressed pretty easily, although I'm not sure what "normal" is anymore, so perhaps I'm just continually depressed and don't realize it? And not needing to do much to get me mad or sad, well, yeah... I just live life on a day to day basis and hope for the best. There's times that I feel like all I'm receiving is the worst, but I still hope, even in a crappy mood swing state.
wiebenor chapter 26 . 1/31
While I like the story, the author gets a little "bible thumping" on the subject of copyright stuff relating to fiction books about magic and creatures. The author isn't wrong overall, in that it does "copy" other works, but only ideas, for instance, just because someone writes a book about a wizard or a troll, doesn't mean others cannot do the same. It just has to be in your own words, and not a word for word copy of a certain percentage of another work.

Yes, before anyone feels the need to gripe at me, I know that copyright law isn't that easy or cut and dried, I'm just saying that whether or not it's true that someone used her copyrighted material illegally, nor the same for her using other's work illegally, it doesn't really matter to the plot and if I ever download this, my first act will, unfortunately, have to be opening this up in Calibre ebook library management suite and edit these remarks out, because honestly, I don't much care for what I term "politics" to ruin a great story like this. To be perfectly clear, I don't have a problem with the author, and I love the story so far, but all that drivel in the author's note I just read should be left out of the book in my opinion, no matter what anyone believes, because it has NOTHING to do with the story, not a single thing, aside from bashing a paid author of the books it's (loosely) based upon.

Sorry if I sound rude, as it's not my intention, and if I did, then I apologize, but I like this book a lot, and that one small thing, gets me going, no matter what book I find such content in, because it makes it feel like the author has some kind of "attacking people thing". I don't know if JK Rowling has done anything the author has pointed to, and even if I did, my name isn't JK Rowling, therefore I can't say why she might have did whatever people think she did. Y'know innocent until proven guilty and motives and all that...
Baz62 chapter 4 . 12/15/2022
Sorry but I disagree about him being at the dursleys. It has been shown in other stories that could have protected by the Fidelius charm, even placing him in a Potter house of which there would have to be many. Dumbledore must carry the blame for most of Harry's issues, both physical and particularly mental.
meemanchor9 chapter 85 . 12/7/2022
Hi Brian. You don't know me, and i don't really know you, but i like to think you're living a happier life now. This story was amazing. I loved the dynamic between Harry and Hermione and I'm willing to look over any mistakes because of how much I loved this story. I know you haven't posted here in a long long time, but i really hope you get to read this. Ignore all the idiots who badmouth your work, as you clearly put a lot of love and effort into it. I hope you find it in you to finish this story, but if not, that's okay :)

Much love
Frog chapter 38 . 8/8/2022
Fuck you. Hope your life sucks, you lose those you care about, and are ignored and neglected by everyone else. You deserve it.
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