Reviews for The Harmony Bond
Frog chapter 38 . 8/8
Fuck you. Hope your life sucks, you lose those you care about, and are ignored and neglected by everyone else. You deserve it.
Frog chapter 36 . 8/8
I think your characters are even more stupid than Rowling’s. And that’s really saying something. Idiotic in the extreme.
Guest chapter 26 . 8/8
I’m quickly losing interest.
First, the story is taking way too damn long to progress.
Second, siblings? Ugh. So you are either lying about this being a harmony fic, or you are into incest. Disgusting!
Third, I hate how you just ignore some pretty important plot points in the story. Like Sirius Black. Having Remus on their lives for an entire year and he’s not been even mentioned? Not likely at all.

Since I’m finding this story not at all enjoyable anymore and you are taking it in a direction I find objectionable and stupid, I’ll bow out here.

I was looking for a strong relationship between hermione and Harry, not a sibling bond. I was looking for love, not more than half the story with them younger than ten.
Either the rest of the story will be incredibly rushed or it isn’t complete. Either way, it’s turned to garbage in my eyes.
Runecutter chapter 63 . 7/20
I think i found a slight oversight.
When they leave the train station Charles recommends they take his wand(s) and Sirius complies, presumably handing them to Hermione as he was needed to support the sleepy Harry.

Then they sit down for their chat about who Charles is and he pulls his paper out. Then Charles pulls a wand and taps the paper to "update" the front page. What wand was that? His own wand(s) should still be held by Hermione, they did not yet give them back to him, i specifically reread the intervening lines to see if i had overlooked anything.

As i'm already commenting (I don't like to do that one the phone, the interface is abysmally user unfriendly there) I'll say that i love the dynamic between Harry and Hermione for the most part (a bit much moodyness and getting upset at times for such a close pair of children, but well a story needs drama), i'm not quite so sure if all the misfortune thrown their way was really a good decision, it feels a bit much at times, especially the fate of the Grangers even though Mrs Granger seems to be on the path to recovering now, it was a pretty big slap to the face when that happened so unexpectedly and completely unnecessarily just to have the other Quirrell fate in this... *grumble*. The group around them is one of the best parts of the story though and i was blown away by the fight against the Basilisk. Clever use of canon to make everything just different enough to be amazing all in its own.
Beyond that Luna is also used to perfection. Not quite so sure about Ronald, but well, can't have everything.

oh and as a slight slight at the end... the Witchita pun is stupid. Siriusly stupid. Don't push an english language pun on a word that is already a badly mangled term from a native language (although the web seems not to be sure if it was a creek word meaning red river or a choctaw term for "big arbor") that is just... inacceptable.
Tracy Dudlik chapter 53 . 6/9
Really enjoying the story, but still kind of wish the authors notes were not longer than the chapters.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/24
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N. A. Wennerholm chapter 51 . 5/23
Quite true there are very few honest Lawyers/barristers/solicitors and politicians most are chronic liars and can't be trusted. Since they don't seem to know how to do a single honest thing in their lives.

I hate liars and thieves and bullies and murderers and promise and oath Breakers.
N. A. Wennerholm chapter 51 . 5/23
When it comes to the Magical World they are incompetent bigots.

Plus i would give a full house spanking if both Slytherin and Ravenclaw because if the attitudes and treatment towards other students. us I would also give Snape a spanking right in front of the whole school
N. A. Wennerholm chapter 21 . 5/22
I don't give a shit about about many of the Wizarding laws to many of them are wrong and immoral and are going to get them in trouble with YAHWEH GOD and quite frankly With what I know of the Queen from what I was told by family who have met with her while in England she wouldn't put up with or tolerate them messing with peoples memories. And with the way Servalance cameras are getting and the way they were back them in key location and done business and homes having CCTV the wizards would be caught and their is no way they would be able to make excuses for many of the things they do. And many Witches and Wizards would be considered pagans or atheists or some even being agnostic So to put things in simple terms The Magicals in the world are out of touch with the world and they are in so much Trouble it isn't funny but a good hard look needs to be taken with regards to looking their Charter of formation of governance. And as a British Citizen I suggest for yourself you write Elizabeth with a series of Questions when it comes to the books and The if the known laws revealed in the books and what her thought are on it and from what little U have seen from so e written reviews and some videos when it comes to Harry Potter and the Wizarding World and let's just say she wouldn't be to happy and she wouldn't tolerate what is going on. And their are a few fanfic Authors who asked these questions and then looked up the laws of your nation and at the same time took 8nti account her past reactions to things to get an idea of what she most likely would do. For one in one story she made the obliviate spell illegal except for extreme psychological distress disorders such as trauma where people just can't function normally in everyday life because the PTSD is just to bad. So to put things in simple terms just because something is the law it doesn't mean it is right.
N. A. Wennerholm chapter 7 . 5/22
Oh no you don't you fucking shits what you people do for your stupid secrecy is wrong. And you will no longer be allowed to do what you want anymore. and your Fucking Ministry it is now and forever disbanded. And as a reader fanfiction and a writer Zi say bullshit Canon or no stop making excuses wrong is wrong and I refuse to acknowledge or accept the Ministry it is full of incompetent idiots and corruption and the separation has caused nothing but trouble. And with all the damned inbreeding has caused problems. And as for Albus's positions me Jack shit to me he refuses to listen to others who know things he doesn't. And yes he may have said he has made mistakes but he doesn't acknowledge all if his mistakes and he doesn't do jack shit to correct his mistakes. And yes he left a letter with the Dursleys but he didn't spell out what will and will not be allowed or tolerated. Harry didn't deserve any of the shit he went threw with the Dursleys and Having Misses Figg watching wasn't enough especially when he refuses to listen or do anything for which is reported to him. Fir one based on what we know from Canon Harry was wearing his cousins clothes that were to big for him an FF to some point even rags. The Dursleys lied to him and lied about him. They spoiled Dudley and they never corrected his bad behavior. They never said no to him Vernon and Dudley and both overweight and obese. Both are walking Heart attaches And that old piece of shit doesn't even bother to try and work with the government and The Queen. You say you are a British Subject and even you don't even bother to think of this. Yes I am an American But yet I am very aware of my British Cousins which includes they Royal Family we are distant Cousins and Elizabeth keeps track of her foreign cousins. And the minute she finds out any of said relative are in country she demand their presents learned this from my grandparents and cousins and great aunts and uncles when they went to the U.K. on vacation. I have never been there but I suspect if the situation changes where I can afford to go I would get the same call to present myself. And from what news footage I have seen ai have seen to much that reminds me of my grandmothers and Great grandmother's personality wise. And how Elizabeth resembles some other relatives I have seen pictures of and or met in person.

Plus their is to much Albus allows to go on at The school. Magic is taught at the school but no morals or ethics is taught. He doesn't stop or counter all of the Pureblood bullshit. He doesn't deal with all of the bullying going on at the school. I went to during the late 70s threw the 80s and the first couple of years of the 90s before going into community college and let me tell you none of the schools I went to would allow to go on what Albus allowed over time s zero tolerance policy developed. This non of what happened At Hogwarts or at Harry's Primary school would have been allowed.

So something to think about.
RNHPS chapter 38 . 4/12
Wouldn't the blood wards have been destroyed harry hasn't gone to the dursleys in 3 or so years at this point so going back to the dursleys should be useless at this point
SaggyBalls chapter 7 . 3/30
Yeah, I'm dropping this. The disappointment is too prevalent for me to enjoy reading it all or even skipping most of a chapter to get to the parts that are essential to be read to keep the main plot of the story. Not only is it not that interesting, despite the premise, you're not handling it well at all or explaining things. So, out with the bathwater you go.
SaggyBalls chapter 6 . 3/30
You goofed big time by giving them a floo. There's no need for Harry to stay at his old school with the ignorant teachers (that actively ignore the bullying). Harry can just pop over to Hermione's in the mornings, go to her school with her, then come back in the afternoons or evenings. There is literally no need for Harry to suffer at all.
SaggyBalls chapter 4 . 3/30
Don't make Ron their friend! Please! He's a selfish git that stopped Harry from having any other friends for 6 whole years! I'm already on the fence about reading more of the story, considering the ways you've been handling things, so don't make even more mistakes that will force me to drop this in frustration.
SaggyBalls chapter 1 . 3/30
It's not the start, it's the Deux Ex Machina of them touching to ensure that they get Harry. I don't mind some fandangling to get the story going. This, though... why didn't she touch him before now? If it had happened just before he was taken in the ambulance, it would make a lot more sense and also get the ball rolling on the adoption part much quicker (without all the 'we can't do it, Hermione' part).
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