Reviews for Cabin Fever
Trice chapter 18 . 4/11/2002
SEQUEL! Please !
Tanya chapter 18 . 3/29/2002
Christy chapter 18 . 3/16/2002
IT was great! You should definately write a sequal!
FURY chapter 18 . 3/16/2002
hey that was great i laughed the whole time...well not the WHOLE when zack was all himself but it was REALLLLLY funny keep it up!
PlasmicFemale chapter 18 . 3/10/2002
You kept track of us all? Glad to see I was in the list!

~~~~~~~~~~~THAT WAS GREAT!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was great. I demand a sequel!
Natters chapter 18 . 3/10/2002
Wonderful story. I loved the... well all of it quite frankly. And I'm looking forward to the sequel.
Psycho Goddess chapter 18 . 3/8/2002
YOu better write the sequel ASAP!I love this story
jrjulio chapter 18 . 3/8/2002
I'm so sad this fic is over.

I love it, you're a great writer.

I hope you make a sequel very soon.
a person chapter 18 . 3/8/2002
AWESOME! ...yes! sequel sounds delightful!
Karina chapter 18 . 3/6/2002
hey i lover yourer story its so good please do a seguel please please please w/ surger on top (jk) well thanx for the story and hope you do a nouther one

~* Karina *~
preciousbarger chapter 18 . 3/5/2002
This is a good story please please please write a sequel.
Stephanie18 chapter 18 . 3/5/2002
The last chapter definitely did not suck! It was the best ending...Mexico, lol! The story was great, I mean, I don't think I can say much else, it was just GREAT!
Dancinstar chapter 18 . 3/5/2002
I really loved the ending! It fit the story perfectly. I enjoyed reading Cabin Fever and I hope you do a sequel. Sounds like you already have one in mind!
Aleana chapter 18 . 3/5/2002

I really did. I can't believe it's over... Well if the sequel is as good as this one count me on your faithful readers list.

BTW You are very welcome! You deserved those reviews _
AvidRawr chapter 18 . 3/5/2002
Great story, I loved it! It was so funny. Great job.

Shonda Shockley
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