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Avecia chapter 5 . 5/1/2008! I can't get over how much you covered in this chapter and still made it such an entertaining read.

Julie's story in this is, whilst clearly still in the early stages (hmm...wonder what'll happen with M this time - FYI, M taking advantage of Seth, genius, i laughed so much at the thought...teehee!) is really intriguing. She's obviously still burned by Jimmie's departure and it's interesting to see her possibly care about Ryan other than just a part of her troope shall we say?

The best dialogue in this part has to be with Summer and Ryan, they have such good banter between the two of them (very like the show) and although Ryan talks a fair bit to her, it works because it was still in character, and with that added bit of venom (just a little anyways) I can visualise it so well.

Taylor here is really still very shy I think, well, not so much of a bitch anyways, unashamed clearly at who she is but quiet nonetheless, i'll be interested to see how this one goes and who she becomes (even though I kinda know what's going on).

The friendship with Alex is a touch unexpected, but a logical one (which considering it's Ryan is totally a good thing). I'd like to think that she can offer Ryan a more two way friendship than perhaps Seth can (you know what I mean, talking about himself all the time you know?)

But the best part of this was when Ryan touched her hand and Taylor felt the connection too, oh how I loved that so much. I couldn't help but laugh on Ryan's musings about the colour organs, MOHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Seriously so amusing! he's just so perceptive around her and I jsut hope that he realises that the tingling feeling he's getting is because he's falling for her.

Hm...can't wait for more! Don't make me wait!

Ave x x x
Katie76842 chapter 5 . 5/1/2008
Great Chapter. :)
krisz chapter 5 . 5/1/2008
Great chapter!

I am loving Taylor's effect on Ryan throughout this. She has him all out of sorts. Very nice job with that portrayal.

I enjoyed the lunch with Seth and Taylor and Ryan. Very funny on how casual she is. I love Seth reading Ryan's mind and how him and his parents are having an effect on him.

Seth protecting Marissa! That was an unexpected twist. Brilliant idea. Marissa trying to make him her boyfriend and trying to get him to sleep with her. Poor Seth. Marissa reminded him of Oliver, hee hee. Nice job with throwing that ugly reminder in.

Loved Julie and Ryan's conversation. I am liking Julie here and her concern for Seth.

Loved the Ryan and Taylor time. I enjoyed his calculating everything on the way to breakfast to try to regain his control. Very cute how they just found one another at the library.

Bring on the bunnies! (I know you are going to make us wait for the R/T interaction, please no Alex though. Friends ok, no friends w/ benefits though. It is your story though, just my opinion.)
XWaltzforVenusX chapter 5 . 4/30/2008
Oh yay!

Ok, I loved Julies backstory (and btw, I hope Kaitlin shows up at some point). But ew for the Seth/Marissa almost pairing (what a bitch though...) I really like Julie in this story, and I'm starting to like Alex, too. Although, I kinda hope she and Ryan don't do the fuck-buddy thing.

But LOVING the way he can't stop thinking about Taylor. Totally awesome!

Bookjunkie-22 chapter 5 . 4/30/2008
Loved it as always. Man I'm really liking Ryan and Summer in this, they have this verbal back and forth thing that I love and as soon as she gets to know Seth and Taylor everything else will just fall into place and 'Chino' and 'Roberts' can keep their funny little spats.

Taylor! What more is there to say? I love her so much and I hope those bunnies are stirring for the possibilities of Ryan/Taylor- but of course they aren't cause it's still early in the story and you're so evil you make us wait forever!

And also Crazy!Marissa, did not expect that- well of course I did, it is M we're talking about but I thought she'd just be normal crazy not Seth is my boyfriend!crazy. If she's coming home for the summer then I can't wait to see her reaction to the (hopefully) growing relationship between Seth and Summer.

Update soon.
Angell4NEPatriots chapter 4 . 4/30/2008
I really enjoyed the Seth/Ryan time, playing video games, talking about girls, Seth trying to get advice on how to win Summer and Ryan teasing Seth about making a play for his angel as payback for losing 5 games in a row to him. LOL All the aspects of this scene really made me smile! I liked Ryan's observation to Seth about Summer being lonely even if she is surrounded by all those people, who were not her friends. He is very insightful and his take on people always fascinates me. I also like how Ryan finds it so comfortable to talk to Seth; so much so that he lets things slip and Seth seems to pick up on those slips, making Ryan revealing more about himself. This friendship is really good for him.

I really liked Ryan's brief encounter with Kirsten. Calling her Mrs. C was quite amusing. I liked how she challenged him on his attitude towards girls and his defense that the girls he knew shared the same opinion of him. But he was so quick to reassure it would be different for her son and Summer! I absolutely loved when she inquired if there was any girl he liked. Of course he immediately thought of his nameless pier beauty, which made me so excited! I like that she continues to haunt him! It was really sweet when Kirsten remarked that Ryan was a good kid. It is nice for him to hear how other people see him, because he is amazing!

The idea of Ryan teaching Seth to fight was hysterical! Ryan was smart to realize that was a lost cause but taught Seth to defend himself instead. I was rolling when Seth informed Ryan that he already knew how to run like a little b*tch! Poor Seth! But Ryan is such a good friend to him. I am glad they found one another.

I loved Ryan's reflections and concerns when Sandy mentioned Kirsten's request for him to look into Ryan's past. The Cohen's are well intentioned when it comes to Ryan but I am glad he was able to convince Sandy not to. I admire the way Sandy respects Ryan's privacy and is willing to wait for Ryan to tell share with him the details of his life. It was really nice of Sandy to offer to help Trey adopt Ryan. Sandy is doing a good job trying to gain Ryan's trust. I am enjoying seeing how this relationship develops.

I liked how Summer rescued Ryan from the rent-a-cop. I am glad Zach's plan backfired and I can't wait for the time where Ryan is going to give him exactly what he deserves. I know that will come eventually! I can wait patiently until then. LOL. I got a kick out o how he recognized Summer's interest and told her straight up that wasn't going to happen! I seriously love him! He is just so awesome and I love how you dig so deep into his thoughts on everything going on. I also like how Ryan was critiquing Summer throughout the entire encounter, trying to measure her worthiness of Seth and his friend’s idea of her. It is so sweet how protective he is of Seth, which is a very endearing quality he has. Once again I am glad Seth and Ryan have one another, as they both need the other.

Once again I enjoyed Ryan and Sandy's scene of Sandy offering to help Ryan. Sandy isn't being pushy just letting know that if things ever get bad, Ryan isn't alone anymore. He hasn't had much of that gentle reassurance in his life and now he is finding it in all different sources. It is lovely to see.

And speaking of lovely, we have come to my favorite part of this update, Ryan's second encounter with Taylor! It was cool how he joined her but didn't interrupt her and after his initial reaction to seeing her he got lost in his own thoughts about Sandy's invitation. I like that he was somewhat tempted by Sandy's offer but decided he couldn't risk losing his friendship with Seth. Once again Ryan is putting someone's needs before his own. Another remarkable quality for a guy to possess.

I loved Taylor's introduction and how she went on a ramble about her names and who she was but how a name doesn't reveal who a person is even if that person knows who they are. That was a perfect Taylor ramble and I was very amused by this! I loved how Ryan just took it all in stride and thought her smile didn't even compare to the sunrise. *SIGH* There you go trying to make me melt already with these two. LOL but it seriously doesn't take much for me to do that over Ryan and Taylor! LOL

I loved her explaining how she knew of his association with Seth and how he was the hottest topic of gossip. I loved her sharing insights with him on the people who attend Harbor. I liked when Ryan challenged her reasons on not joining them for lunch. I truly enjoyed their conversation, very deep, indepth and honest. I liked how Taylor conveyed her regret for fear of allowing her peers to stop her from befriending Seth. Ryan was such a sweetheart when he tried to comfort her and offered her understanding as to why she acted as she did. I adored the reaction to the touch of their hands! Poor guy is taking on a new experience and doesn't know quite how to handle Taylor, considering all of his experience with woman. Oh this is going to be so much fun! I am glad he resisted the urge to kiss her, no matter how badly he wanted to. I like the idea of him taking it slow with her. I love that she seems to be just as affected by him as well! I am so happy she agreed to join them for lunch! I cannot wait to see how that goes.

I think it is great how Seth, Summer, Taylor and Ryan are all tied together by the bond of loneliness! Their friendship is going to blossom because of this and I am so excited to see how it all progresses!

Thank you so much for this awesome update! MORE SOON PLEASE!
krisz chapter 4 . 4/28/2008
I loved this chapter! I am so glad we got the introduction of Taylor and Summer.

Loved the Seth and Ryan time. I love when Ryan tells Seth he never had a girlfriend and Seth's reaction. Kirsten overhearing their conversation was a nice touch as well. I enjoyed the question of "Isn't there anyone you like?" and a certain auburn hair and hazel eyed girl comes to mind. I also like his thoughts on someone he likes to be someone he trusts. His list...perfect too.

I loved Ryan teaching Seth how to fight. I enjoyed the Sandy and Ryan conversations as well. Sandy has really keyed into Ryan. I feel so bad for Ryan here. He really is leading 2 different lives here.

I enjoyed Summer coming to Ryan's aid at lunch as well. The "eww" when he mentioned he was from Chino is just perfect!

The introduction of Taylor was well done! I love how he looses his senses around her and almost forgets to lock his bike. I like how he thinks she can outchatter Seth. I love that she was already stalking him around lunch at school and knows where he lives. I liked the electricity you have between them already from just a touch of the hand. I love that he was afraid to tocuh her again because he was still tingling from her hand touching him. I love how you are writting the two of them here. I am glad he asked her to join them and recognized they were all just lonely.

I really enjoyed the ending. I am looking forward to "tomorrow" and their lunch.
kursk chapter 4 . 4/27/2008
Great chapter, I'm loving how are you making this story seem plausible, its a difficult job but you're doing it excellent.

Can't wait for more action for him.
TheChic chapter 4 . 4/27/2008
"‘’I’m tired of being afraid, and I’m tired of being alone.’’ It hit me at that moment what I had in common with Seth (which I’d been wondering about) and now I saw that it connected me with her as well. Hell, it even had the chance to unite Summer to her not-so-secret admirer.

We were, all of us, lonely."

Oh my. This quote alone has made me love this fic more than I did before. Who'd a thought that a chapter without smut would become my fav? Not me, for sure.

I love how you've kept a loose framework of S1 canon and yet have woven a completely new backstory for the characters, taking them so much deeper than a TV show ever could. And your Taylor...I like her quiet lonliness rather than her brashness from canon. I bet you'll be showing a quite fiesty side to her though. And I am fascinated to see where you will take these 2, considering Ryan's *occupation*.

More quotes made of awesome:

"Seth didn’t say where you were working."

"Well, that would be because I didn’t say."

"I don’t suppose there’s a way to keep you out of it?"

"You look older than I do, sometimes."

"And in this house…." He smiled a little, shrugging as he pulled his car keys out of his pocket. "… our home, you can be as much of a teenager as you need to be."

the guy had this uncanny ability to read me, to get inside my head and just know what I was thinking (or at least make a real good guess).

Just wonderful, the dynamics you've created between Ryan and Sandy, which I can only guess will come back into play later on. And the way Ryan and Kirsten are warily circling each other is just priceless.

It's amazing how coherent I can be when I'm not reviewing after midnight!
XWaltzforVenusX chapter 4 . 4/27/2008
Oh honey, where do I begin?

First of all, I LOVE Seth/Ryan time! Seriously, that's what this chapter is all about. Ryan trying to teach Seth how to fight? Classic. Seriously. And the way you described how Seth's just not a fighter... it's so true! I mean, remember in s4 in the Summer Bummer when he wants to go Ryan Atwood on his ass, but then just pushes the guy into a pool?

Also, I love how Ryan is wary of the Cohens, because they want to help. He's so cute with Kirsten! And Sandy is, as always, fantastically awesome for being freaking observant.

And poor Summer! I hope she decides to lose her idiot friends and comes to sit with them at lunch. Cause Taylor will... (btw, YAY!) Totally looking forward to that! And apparently so is Ryan...


p.s. - I'm surprisingly ok with no smut... hmm... weird...
Katie76842 chapter 4 . 4/27/2008
Great chapter. :)
Anon chapter 4 . 4/27/2008
More...I need more now! Update soon. You wrote that amazing chapter, Taylor and Ryan finally talk - and then it ends? No.
pallysamp88 chapter 4 . 4/27/2008
Wow! cant wait till the next chapter..pally
Avecia chapter 4 . 4/27/2008
You know i'm completely in awe of how much you can write a fic about a teenage male prostitute and somehow have me clutching at my chest as my heart breaks for him.

I think it's already indicative of how much Ryan already feels comfortable around Seth and his family that he is opening up to them and letting them a little, even if he knows he shouldn't be. The comment from Sandy about how Ryan looks older than he does a lot of the time really got to me, and I think Ryan is beginning to feel this, that he needs to be a teenager, even jsut a little bit.

There was so much bonding in this that I can't help but love it, even if there was zero smut (seriously how much tranquiliser did you give those little bunnies?) I think that this was the right time to bring this in, as Ryan's contemplating how to move on now that he's settling in to his new town and trying to, well not fit in, but find his place.

And well, the conversation with Taylor, that really got me so upset at how much she made Ryan see that they were all alone, and that really, she wasn't the same as those other people he'd encountered since he had arrived. I mean, we all know from this fic that Ryan likes the ladies, and more importantly, having sex with the ladies, but I definitely can see him falling for Taylor, but my question is, will he realise it or will he get all confused about it and scared, i hope he doesn't push her away.

'Auburn hair and hazel eyes flashed into my head, gleaming in the rising sun'

I mean really, thinking such detailed and beautiful thoughts like that, how can he honestly not know he is falling hard for this girl.

I can't wait to see where you go with this! (even if I kinda know!)

Ave x x x
Bookjunkie-22 chapter 4 . 4/26/2008
Ok so I'm gonna tell you now that I'm reviewing as I read cause I always forget the little things I like to comment on. So I apologize in advance for the scattered thoughts and such.

"‘’Isn’t there anyone you like?’’ Auburn hair and hazel eyes flashed into my head, gleaming in the rising sun."

Aww he loves her already.

"And she said the craziest thing I’d ever heard.

‘’So are you.’’"

Seriously I just want to give him a hug. Poor Ryan doesn't think he's good enough or worth anything.

He's just such a good friend to Seth already. I love it. He's teaching him how to fight and giving him advice about Summer. Gah! I missed Seth/Ryan time- Oh Jeez! Elbow in the balls... poor Ryan.

Sandford Cohen Lawyer Man protecting the little guys, lol. No it's sweet. He doesn't even know Ryan and yet both him and Kiki want to protect him- sae him and such.

I love that he checks for signs that he's been 'working' at a coffee shop. That is so weird Ryan.

I love this sketchbook mention. Could Ryan be persuaded to draw a picture of a certain auburn haired beauty? *hint hint*

Aww Summ saving Atwood's ass already. "‘’You’re welcome.’’ She was smiling at me, her gaze was frank as she eyed me up and down, a furrow appearing between her brows as I shook my head at her." and that is so early season one Summer.

New favorite word? glorificousness

Oh my god he sees her! Oh my god! Taylor!

"This girl could probably out-chatter Seth. I had an inane thought of staging a ramble-off, just to see who would pass out from lack of oxygen first. The idea made me smile, which made her smile; and I decided that the sunrise was nothing compared to that."

He's in love already.

Man break my heart why don't you? "We were, all of us, lonely." Poor lonely Core Four.


Can not wait for tomorrow!

Ok I hope you can understand all of that, it's probably confusing as hell but that's me, lol.

Update really soon!
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