Reviews for JxHQ: Arkham Asylum: Tainted Love
Cynicalthoughts11 chapter 24 . 4/2
Great writing I could hardly read this chapter without stopping to laugh every two seconds at how completely the joker has Harley wrapped around his finger.
Zireh chapter 34 . 3/7
The story is great to read and so... I don't know perfect? Hahaha I can't describe how I feel about it but it gave me the thrill when reading it... and as for my comment on joker x harleys relationship... I guess in my own opinion they really truly love each other greatly... I mean... in the suicide squad where joker show up on deadshots funeral he was kind of angry that he found out that harley had this one night stand with deadshot... and I think in my own theory the joker then realise that harley is no longer his property and decided to kill her or skinned off her face just like him.. I guess in his own way he wants harley to accept him... aughh god I can't explain it properly! Sorry
Also I would like to confess that I don't watch or read batman because of batman but because of the joker and harlequin... also heathledgers joker and jack nicholsons joker is my favorite live actions of the joker.

Okay I just began to rumble off... anyways nice story keep up the good work!
Zireh chapter 30 . 3/7
What song is harley singing in this chapter? Call me weird but i download songs that relates to joker and harleys relationship... its one of my addictions this past three months... and I just can't help myself... haha also lve the story thrilling exciting and I could totally picture them in my mind...
SapphireSecret chapter 34 . 2/4
You know how when you read a really good book that you just can't put down, you get sucked into its world so completely that when you have read it all and you put it down you blink in befuddlement at the real world, like, oh yeah, I was in this place once.

That just happened with this story, I loved it so much.

You captured both Joker and Harley perfectly. This was skillfully and intelligently written. I have no complaints. You are a very impressive writer.
Dragon-Bowl chapter 34 . 2/4
This story was truly magnificent.
i just read 27ish chaps in the last couple of hours. it was so good i didn't want to stop. i had to know what happened next.
Im so tired and sleepy but it was so worth it :D
its almost 5am time for sleeps c:
Dragon-Bowl chapter 5 . 2/3
Aight so someone posted a pic of Quinn as a Doctor on FB.
in the comments someone mentioned ur super fantastic story. They are also very awesome for sending me a link to ur story XD

i loves it. c:
Saiyan Shinigami chapter 34 . 1/23
This story was probably one of my top 5 favourite fanfictions! I can not wait to read your other fics. You truly gave a me a perspective on my otp!
Saiyan Shinigami chapter 29 . 1/19
This chapter was... I can't explain how I was feeling when I read this! The Joker has been my favourite Super Villain EVER since 8th grade. To read something like this just changes everything for me. Truth be told, I had to stop myself multiple times reading this and I walked around my house thinking and laughing, "OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS, heheheh." You are terrific!
Saiyan Shinigami chapter 28 . 1/19
I hope The Joker still isn't on his act of tricking her now. That would break my heart!
Saiyan Shinigami chapter 25 . 1/19
You write so beautifully, I'm surprised you found the time to post this masterpieces twice a week!
Saiyan Shinigami chapter 23 . 1/19
Loved this
Saiyan Shinigami chapter 20 . 1/18
Oh god, this chapter! LOVE LOVE LOVE
Saiyan Shinigami chapter 18 . 1/18
Absolutely adored this chapter. I felt as if Joker was talking to me as I read his dialog! So sweet!
Saiyan Shinigami chapter 15 . 1/18
Yes! My most favorite chapter so far! I might be fangirling but the fucking part made me make a noise un human ; o Thanks for writing
Saiyan Shinigami chapter 10 . 1/18
Love the way you use actual stories/characters to use in the sessions. I also love the 'human type' bit!
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