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Guest chapter 10 . 11/5
this chapter always makes me cry, no matter how many times i read it :') one of my favorite pieces of writing anywhere.
ASWF chapter 2 . 1/26/2014
With the level of insight and honesty in your writing, pretty much any one of the 'drabbles' here could be rendered into an epic multi-chapter :)
This is long-overdue, but this one in particular really struck me. What an exquisite set-up, playing on the literal and metaphorical meanings of 'disappearing into shadow'. How can something profoundly personal and painful be so perfectly mirrored in the physical world? And yet - here it is.
A beautiful look into Leo; and over the years of trawling , i still have to say that i like *your* Leo best. Your Leo is breathtaking. All your characters are, to be honest. But your Leo is especially beautiful :)
Vela513 chapter 13 . 5/3/2013
Go Don! And I love the imagery of the shark-like grin, sharks are so cool, just like turtles! :)
NataljaMenethil chapter 7 . 3/4/2013
Wow, that's a spectacular metaphor! I'm deeply impressed.
I, too, have always been wondering if Splinters methods & decisions were ever second-guessed, by his sons first of all, and if some of them do more harm than good. Somehow I haven't come across a lot of reflections on this. And the absolutely rightful move was to show it from Donatello's perspective - it's quite a natural & acknowledged fact that those who think most of all usually end up as rebels (in a wide sense of the word).
I like your characters' portrayals, too. You show yourself as a fine-feeling and perspicacious person ;-)
Karlina101 chapter 10 . 10/22/2012
I wish more people would write stuff like that
teenagejustice chapter 19 . 9/4/2012
I like it! Very cool ideas for the drabbles, awesome job so far!
Karlina101 chapter 8 . 8/3/2012
.you. you did NOT just kill Mikey. That is a crime worthy of the fires of Hell.
Karlina101 chapter 5 . 8/3/2012
What happend?! Did they find Leo, die or WHAT?!
Sabrinasidd chapter 19 . 4/24/2011
Wow! This was an INTENSE chapter! I really loved your depiction of Saki, and what a stone-cold, merciless, killer bastard he is. I loved, LOVED how your portrayed how friggen SCARY he is. Even when defeated, imprisoned… cut off from all resources… he’s still so damned FRIGHTENING! It’s extraordinary, and makes me feel such gratitude that I never came across someone like this in real life.

AND it makes me feel yet more awe and amazement at how the turtles have faced him time and time again, without running away from the fight. Seriously, it’s amazing! Their fortitude, determination and courage was just awe-inspiring in the light of this hateful, frightening enemy that they were facing.

Finally, I loved how it was shown, even in death, Saki was STILL so frightening. The idea that he died with a sneering expression of hate and loathing on his face… even at the very end of his life, he STILL couldn’t let go of the desire to kill, maim and destroy.

Thank you so much for the awesome fic. One that places such intensity on Saki’s death, even when it’s a death out in the quiet cold… Saki does NOT go out with a whimper. This was extraordinary characterization and writing. Please write more!
Kallasilya chapter 19 . 4/22/2011
This is really awesome. I've always been interested to explore more about the Utrom as a race (hence 'Becoming the Enemy', I suppose), and the Council in particular. I always wondered why they bothered to dump him on that asteroid if he was just going to freeze to death there anyway. You sort of get the impression that they didn't want to get their tentacles dirty, or at least not directly. :P
Sabrinasidd chapter 18 . 4/17/2011
Heee! I’ve seriously missed these short ficlets. They’ve always provided such lovely, amazing, memorable insights into the *little* things about the turtles’ personalities, lifestyles and characteristics. This ficlet was no exception to the rule. It provided us with a little look into the turtles’ personalities, as well as APRIL’S personality too. I loved it!

It actually never occurred to me that April might, much, MUCH later, feel *bad* about screaming in the turtles’ faces upon first sight of them. But it makes sense that she WOULD feel awful about being yet another contributor to their collective, ubiquitous pain of being constant outsiders. In fact, not only outsiders, but UGLY, monstrous outsiders no less.

It gave me such pleasure to see April realizing this, and then having the guts to apologise for it. I even loved her for the way that she apologised. She didn’t offer any excuses, rationalizations or explanation. Just a simple, “I’m sorry I acted like such an over-reactive, closed-minded hysteric’.

And then I was so proud, amazed with and awed by Mikey’s immediate acceptance of the apology. He obviously didn’t hold ANY grudges at all. That line about how the Hamato clan are such wonderful, open, generous, giving people who have so much LOVE to give everyone, and just waiting for the chance for the love to be accepted. It was an amazing insight, and it’s humbling to imagine how this ostracized clan still held onto their dignity, nobility and sense of love and friendship, despite all the intolerance, cruelty and hatred that’s ever been shown to them. Amazing!

Thanks so much for the amazing ficlet. I loved it. I’m currently still working on the review for the latest chapter of TMTC (which was amazing!), but I took a few minutes off for this quick review ;)
Lina-chan chapter 11 . 11/27/2010
Love this chapter! You're a great writer, deep and emotional plots, all your fanfictions are this way, please go on on writing, best wishes! _
Sabrinasidd chapter 16 . 9/26/2010
wow! This was an amazing ficlet! It was amazing seeing Leo completely felled by a fever. I know that it’s very difficult for someone like Leo to give up control over anything… so losing control over his own body’s reactions would be just awful for him.

But I loved seeing how Leo’s weakness and sickness came with some upsides too. Leo might have been felled by the virus, but it was beautiful seeing how his entire family rallied around him to help him fight the fever. I especially loved the idea that his entire family couldn’t help but ‘gravitate’ towards him; drawn to Leo irresistibly. It’s wonderful to see how Leo’s family can’t HELP but want to help him during his weak and vulnerable moments.

I was delighted to see that even Raph got into the ‘taking care of Leo’ regiment. LOL! But Raph can’t help but needle Leo, just a little bit, even as he’s taking care of his eldest brother. LOL! It was hilarious seeing Raph mischievous and smirking, show Leo the beer car, as if daring him to day a word about it.

The ending was heartbreaking. I had just gotten used to the idea of a ficlet that was exploring close family bonds… only it turns out that it was only a horrible, taunting dream that Leo was experiencing. Perhaps it helps Leo to dream of his family, just to retain strong memories of them… or perhaps it hurts more than ever before to ‘see and touch them’, only to have it turn out that he can’t *actually* see them or touch them. Poor Leo…. heartbreaking!
Rhoda J chapter 16 . 9/25/2010
This chapter is probably my new favorite. Yes, it is leaning to the short side, but you have all that you need.

It is a perfect combination of warm fuzzies with that bittersweet tang. And yet again, you have brought a idea and a chapter that keeps the reader thinking about it long after they are reading it.

Very beautifully written. Thank you!

Kallasilya chapter 16 . 9/25/2010
Oh, this is a sweet chapter. I usually like anything that portrays Leo as normal and vulnerable. Gah, I felt so sad for him when he woke up. :( It made me feel homesick... and I'm sitting here reading it in my bedroom in my house, so go figure.

(I also read and loved the most recent chapter of TMTC, but I'm still trying to find the time to leave it the proper review that it deserves!)
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