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xXxConimaxXx chapter 11 . 2/14
Beautiful. I love this. Ripples was amazing and this was awesome as well. XD
RoseyDevlin chapter 11 . 1/31
I love this story 3 The ending was funny, someone can't keep their hands off of each other xD How Sakura suffered made me sad as hell but its nice to see a happy ending :)
RoseyDevlin chapter 8 . 1/31
Im very curious how Sakura is going to survive :(
RoseyDevlin chapter 7 . 1/31
Its so heartbreaking to see Sakura in that kind of state...She keeps suffering because of the illness, im hoping they will find the cure soon cause this story is breaking my heart :,(
Alice Potter 94 chapter 1 . 11/13/2014
Hello Yellow Mask
I'm Alice, I'm a Vietnamese, I've read your fanfic Biohazard and I like it a lot, your story is so amazing, I want to ask you that can I translate it into Vietnamese to share it to Narfans in my country? I'll very happy if you agree.
Hope you agree!
els1324 chapter 11 . 10/23/2014
OH MY GOD. That was amazing! Man, you really had me worried there for a little while. (spoilers to anyone going through these before finishing the story!) I had a feeling Sakura was the first one infected but I wasn't 100% sure. It was enough that I was proud of myself when the truth came about though. ;)
Glistening Snow chapter 4 . 10/8/2014
Sakura is probably the original carrier. She came back with the disease, met with Sasuke, Naruto, and Hinata. She also has ties with Akina and Shizune. Hinata gives it to Kiba and Hyuugas, Sakura gives it to Ino who gives it to Shika and Chouji. I'm loving the story so far! :)
SasuSakuKawaii chapter 11 . 10/7/2014
This was an amazing story with so many ups and downs. It was terrible and sad to see Sakura in the state she was in and how her close people were worried sick for her. I am glad everyone was cured and a few couples finally formed. hehe So sweet!
dark-wolf-howl chapter 11 . 5/29/2014
Thumbs up! Really good story :D
Afienasm chapter 11 . 5/7/2014
Wow, awesome story!
SilverDreamsCA chapter 11 . 5/4/2014
I loved every second of this story!
silveroaks chapter 11 . 2/18/2014
Lovely fic! Great job :)
Haibara chapter 11 . 1/24/2014
I read this story in its entirety in one sitting, and really, really enjoyed the characterization, the storytelling...the sheer sweetness and seriousness of it.

Thank you so much for your hard work, and to justcallmefaye for beta-ing each chapter. I love how the chapters weren't as long and drawn out as some, but packed in good writing with story progression. Thank you again. You're on my favorites now!

Take care!
Guest chapter 7 . 1/6/2014
I can't believe I was actually crying a bit as I read this. You are one amazing author. Seriously, there's so many raw feelings and sentences that really hit home and

Dang you are REALLY great at writing. Wow.
AlexisKeller chapter 11 . 12/30/2013
This story was so amazing! Please, I beg you, write more like these!
It was honestly one of the best. :)
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