Reviews for To Build A Robot
Lynnda chapter 1 . 12/21/2008
WOW (again yes, I know.) I am so releaved that I am not the only person still hung up on Mighty Orbots 20 years later. (I blame Tonka too).

*Very* well written. I am really impressed by how much character development you got in so few words. You also paint a grim vision of pre-MO (Mighty Orbots) life in the galacy. Which makes perfect sense now that I think about it (I hadn't, too busy trying to figure out how to get Rob and Dia together.) that if Mighty Orbots is a great hero, then the galaxy must have been saved from something. Awesome points all around.

Please continue. I would love to see your interpretation of how Rob joins the Galactic Patrol, invents the Orbots, meets Dia, finally gets together with Dia, etc, etc.

Wonder what Dia would think of his family? Lovely story, I enjoyed very much.
Draka Dracula chapter 1 . 4/21/2008
Looks like I'm the first reviewer for this story. And I LOVE it! :D It's great to see more Mighty Orbots fics on . I was beginning to think I was the only one.

I like hearing about Rob as a child. I think you are the only one, besides myself, who has given him a family. I've started to give him a family, both his own, and parents, siblings, etc. My version of his mother, Lenore, appears in the "Shadow Mirror Saga" (both here on , and the MOMB), and the others will follow, including brothers, Gordon and Barry.

Your account on MightyOrbotsFans messageboard has been activated, so start posting! (I'm the owner of the board, under the name, OrbotCommander.) Even if you are the only other one that posts, at least there are some posting going on.

See you there, I hope!

(Favors both story and author.)