Reviews for The Teachers' Notebook
Gryfinndorgirl chapter 107 . 11/25
I loved this so much and read every chapter! this last chapter was so great but made we so sad as well
Puff20 chapter 64 . 10/1
I love the clock tower bit! It's just really fun to imagine. One question, how on EARTH are they writing and walking on thin planks of wood. They must be phenomenal multitaskers.
Puff20 chapter 52 . 9/13
Thank you! I did my hair last night, so I hope it looks okay. I have an important question; where did they get a giant vase? I'm a little worried. The scone thing
Puff20 chapter 25 . 7/20
I just noticed, I believe there is an error in your description of the story. Peter didn't do anything. He was quite literally a RAT. UGH. GROSS. (to Peter, not to rats)
Puff20 chapter 99 . 7/5
This chapter makes me laugh so hard.
Puff20 chapter 97 . 7/5
Th train of thought thing makes me laugh every time I read it (yes, I mightve read this fanfic three times. Well, seventh year actually).
Puff20 chapter 96 . 7/5
I love seeing Lily here, her sarcasm and dry humor brings me joy.
Puff20 chapter 106 . 5/5
Oh no oh no...the next chapter is so sad. Fun little story: First time I read the last chapter I was on a call with my friends, and I was sobbing my little eyes out. I can't imagine how confused my friends were.
Puff20 chapter 105 . 5/5
Awww, cute chapter before their lives get wrecked by leaving the best place ever. I never did understand why James proposed twice though.
Puff20 chapter 102 . 5/5
This chapter is so romantic and so sad. The first time I read this I cried. Just wondering, is Dennis kinda based off Colin Creevey? Obviously Dennis isn't as annoying, but both die in the main character(s)'s seventh year. Just things I think!
Puff20 chapter 100 . 5/5
Fun fact: On my device, the review button is not green.
Puff20 chapter 98 . 4/5
I love that you put Idiots with a capital i.
Puff20 chapter 97 . 4/5
Lily is gorgeous. The train of thought thing was so funny I screenshotted it.
Puff20 chapter 96 . 4/5
I love Sirius's relationship with Bellatrix and all, and, of course, Lily.
Puff20 chapter 95 . 4/5
Sadness and drama and...wait? Why's he running, what does Voldy know? Huh?
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