Reviews for The Teachers' Notebook
Ndasuunye chapter 2 . 4/19
So what's the deal with Dumbledore (I clearly read the "Professor's Notebook first), he's very animated. Much more so than he should be as headmaster. Though it's fun the way he likes fun at Minerva McG. Ah filius you failed hour duties as his right hand man.
SoccerSammy08 chapter 12 . 3/31
Is it weird that I've read this so many times that I've memorized EVERYTHING?! I love it!
Guest chapter 73 . 3/1
Why the Star Wars reference ?
Guest chapter 6 . 2/18
Tonight is the night of the full moon right?
A chapter 19 . 1/17
I have review ed. Now give me money.
A chapter 18 . 1/17
How can McGonagall write in her notebook if it is at Remus's house
A chapter 17 . 1/17
I have review, due to your incessant begging.
Girlygirlyay chapter 1 . 12/30/2016
Zigostia chapter 1 . 12/23/2016
This is amazing! I love your other story, The Professors' Point of View too! Keep on writing, love it!
Guest chapter 68 . 11/13/2016
Girlygirlyay chapter 5 . 11/8/2016
im re reading this story...

Guest chapter 102 . 10/2/2016
How could you kill DENNIS?! You are undeniably cruel!
Guest chapter 41 . 8/10/2016
I tried to read this at two in the morning but I had to put it down because I was laughing too hard and I might wake someone.
Guest chapter 18 . 8/8/2016
i actually love this fanfic so much
A.R. Templar chapter 1 . 7/14/2016
Well done, I laughed the whole way through! Truly admire the originality of the majority of the story's format, and the ending is gut-wrenching. Excellent work on this one. I'm reading your sequel and thoroughly enjoying it as well. Keep up the good work.

A.R. Templar.
P.S. The ending reminds me slightly of a story of mine titled "All-Hallows' Eve, 31st October, 1982 Anno Domini". I would truly appreciate your particular review of that one.
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