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Drace chapter 1 . 7/10
What happened to requiem for a dying heart and the final lullaby?
Guest chapter 34 . 7/5
Such a lovely and unique story...
Guest chapter 29 . 5/28
Make the lemon hard and hot and super lustful
2plygal chapter 34 . 4/20
I've finally read all the chapters. If I could, I would have read them all in one day but real life gets in the way. I just want to say that I love this story. It's hard to find a really good ItaHina story and I'm so glad to find this one. I love your style of writing and how you set the story up. It took some getting used to the other pairings but it didn't bother me. Neji got on my nerves though. At times I want to strangle him or smack him. If he was my guardian, I think I would runaway with a demon too. I understand the role he plays in moving the story along. I enjoyed reading about Gaara and Sasuke too. At the end of this chapter, I wanted more. Will Itachi's 'friends' come to love Hinata the way her Temple family loved her. How would Madara react when they meet? what was the deal he and Itachi made? Will Madara turn on Itachi? What happened to the barrier that's supposed to be protecting Konoha? What is up with Yukio? So many questions. I know it's been awhile since this story was last updated but I hope that you'll come back and finish it. Please! Anyway Thank you for having this amazing talent and writing this story!
Myreally chapter 34 . 3/12
October 14 2012 was the last update for this story...why...why didn't I read that! was because this was such a bomb ass story. So now we know that Hinata's decision gave an excuse for the elected leader to go to war for revenge. How will Hinata win the war? I know in my heart she will find a way To stop all this. Madara the first of demons, must be killed! It's been a while come back!
Thank you chapter 34 . 2/16
I really had thought I had found my most loved Fan fiction a while ago, but here i come across one that blew my breath away, Divinity is beautifully written so much so my attention was never swayed. I finished what you allowed me to read in the span of two days, taking even class time to read - something my teachers weren't fond of but I couldn't help it, simply it was too intriguing. In my Ap history class we are learning about the resistance to interracial couples in U.S history and though I know it doesn't have much to do with the story but I couldn't help tie the two as two people loving each other even if it caused great repercussions, one being a war and one being public abuse and that connection made me love the story more, as once again it felt like love did succeed. I wholeheartedly Thank you for writing 34 chapter and entertaining me quite a bit, and though I wish the story to be finished, I know that can be difficult so Thank you for writing this much.
Mezuri chapter 34 . 12/27/2016
This story is so good, I can't really find the words to describe the epic experience that was reading your story. It is well written (not just your grammar is good but the plot also makes sense which is awesome) and the characters are well portrayed too. I really like the interactions between Hinata and Itachi and between Gaara and Hinata as well. To be honest I'm interested in Hinata's future interactions with demons. Since she's now on the other side of the war and seeing other opinions.
I am also interested if Itachi will change his opinion of humans.
It is quite sad that you haven't continued this story but I'm not giving up hope. Other authors have updated after six years too. There is still hope. I think.
To be super honest I find Neji to be a bit disturbing. I mean he always tells Hinata (and himself) that he loves her but he doesn't actually respect her opinions/choices and he doesn't seem to trust her decisions. I actually want to hit him. But his actions are well explained and so even if he is a pain in the behind at least he is driving the story forward. And he was a cute child.
I also really like "your" Gaara. He's like Hinata's fairy godmother. Hmm, I do wonder if Hinata is ever going to see her parents and her sister again.
I'm not sure if I have something to add. Well except : thank you so much for writing this wonderful amazing exceptional epic super rad story. It was a joy to read and even if you never update again I will definitely reread it again and again and still enjoy it. I laughed and cried at some parts and I admire you for giving life to characters that are often portrayed as one dimensional. Thank you very much.
elsac2 chapter 2 . 10/27/2016
I really didn't ship this pairing but the teaser was amazing. it convinced me to read more and I am not disappointed
Guest chapter 34 . 10/22/2016
Oh my goddess... I read all thoses chapters one after another and the whole story is just amazing.
I would love to describe, what was exactly so gorgeous and wonderful, but I'm afraid that I'm not able to put it in the words i would like to use, as I'm German and although I'm able to read English texts I have problems with formulating my thoughts, considering grammar and vocabulary.

I can only tell you that this definitly was one of the best, when not THE best fanfiction I came along so far. You really aroused in me the desire to read more stories with Hinata and Itachi and I would truly love to read how this whole thing would end... I don't know if you will see this some day, but I just had to say it... although I would like to say so much more. (damn I'm already repeating myself)

But what I can say is:
This is the third fanfiction I read that was written by you and before that I never thought I could like stories with Hinata and any ohter guy... but you showed me that it only depends on the skills of the writer and I consider you as very high skilled. 3 Cause I enjoyed seeing her beeing in love with Sasuke and Itachi at least just as much as seeing her beeing love with Neji.
If you would write a book and published it I would defenitly read it in its original language.

Ok now I just said more than I thought I would say... good night now. 3
Bevelyn734 chapter 1 . 10/8/2016
The story is just so good and full of surprises can't wait for the end . itahina ,that couple is just a match made in heaven
A-kun chapter 29 . 9/25/2016
Ah~ I pitied Neji who won't get Hinata's love back!

Will the ending be ItachixHinataxNeji or only ItachixHinata?
San chapter 34 . 9/25/2016
"I am your husband if you will marry me.
If not, I'll die your guardian. To be your fellow
You may deny me, but I'll be your guardian Whether you will or no."
shikara chapter 34 . 9/9/2016
Ur very talented and story is amazing
Update asap
Emivel chapter 1 . 8/30/2016
This is great am loving dis pls finish d story already am eager:)
Emyvel chapter 34 . 8/22/2016
Great i love the ending of this chapter. I've come to love this story please continue
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