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ZenRose chapter 34 . 4/8
I think it's very doubtful that you'll finish Divinity (it's been three years after all...), which is a shame because it sounded like you were close to the ending; however, I'm not here to complain about that. I hope one day you'll come back to this, but that might be hard given that you probably haven't touched it in so long, so I just hope that you'll never delete it. Even if it's not finished, I love making up my own scenarios in my mind and simply rereading the story.

I imagine that somehow Hinata becomes immortal (or could possibly live as long as a demon in your universe, or becomes a reincarnation of the first goddess!) and becomes even more of a badass and has two cute babies with Itachi, though not at the same time. I imagine them as two and a half years apart, the first a girl and the second a boy, both with a fair combination of Itachi's and Hinata's appearances, having light red eyes rather than crimson (because of Hinata's white eyes), black hair with indigoish highlights in the right lighting, and light skin, but not as fair as Hinata's and a shade lighter than Itachi's. The girl, Hisana as I call her, resembles Itachi more in regards to the structure of her face and build, and the boy, Yousuke, resembles Hinata more in those regards. Wouldn't they be so cute! I also imagine Itachi kicking Neji's sorry butt! Kukuku, I'd love to read that. v

I hope you're doing well!
Oh My Glob chapter 1 . 4/5
I need you to update ma'am. I've waited patiently lol.
sasuhinaneji chapter 34 . 4/5
I vaguely remember reading this when I was in middle school and now at 18, I'm glad I came back to reading this! Your story fills me with so much anticipation and interest that I can't wait to read this every time I would come home. I truly, truly admire the amount of detail and devotion you put into every chapter and character. I cringed at some of the old fanfic I favorited as a kid but this story stayed amazing thoughout the years! I stopped reading fanfic for 6 years but I can say that this story has got me right back into it. I can easily imagine this being an original book and it's sheer genius that you have created such a believable world; I love that you keep the characters as true to canon as you can but still let them show emotions that move the story along. I believe in you and this story so much, I kindly hope that you continue and finish it! I'll be patiently waiting :)
Hinatta chapter 34 . 3/15
Another great Hinata fic :3 !
I'll add this story to my Hinata Community
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Diannenga chapter 34 . 2/5
Wow oh wow you are an awesome writer nice long chapters and no mistakes.I Really do hope you carry on with this as I am so sick of reading stories and they don't finish do people start something good and then leave it,but hey your story needs to carry on its so so bloody good.
A Lost Cause chapter 34 . 2/4
Honestly, as much as I love this fic (it's my favorite ItaHina story), I can't believe you won't just officially cancel this. I mean, it's officially unofficially canceled already. After nearly three years of no updates, a story doesn't spring up with a new chapter. That's wishful thinking. You've obviously lost touch with this story. I doubt you even use this account anymore. I doubt you even check the email for your account to see all these messages, not to sound like a pompous jerk. Maybe you don't even read the (finished) manga or watch the anime anymore.

I wish I knew what happened that took you away from this story. Maybe you didn't plot far enough, got lost, took a break, and never thought about it again. I don't know, but it's kind of frustrating to believe you just up and left this.

Please announce a cancel. I know I'll be forever left wondering what would actually happen, but at least I have my good imagination.
dustlover4 chapter 34 . 2/1
When is the new chapter being added? So excited
Sephiroth Cresent-Valentine chapter 34 . 1/14
I read this story when it was only twenty chapters and didn't have an account here yet, or even knew what tumblr was. I have been with this story for a long time and it truly my favorite out of all the stories I have read on any site I have been to. I have waited and will continue to wait patiently like all your other fans out there and am not going to rush you with the next chapter. I know that you have a life outside of writing this and understand. I only ask you this one thing.
Please don't abandon this story or put it up for adoption.
I wouldn't read Divinity if it was by another author because they wouldn't put the same amount of detail and passion into their work like you do.
I just don't want you to be done writing Divinity.
LG176 chapter 34 . 12/18/2014
I'm quite sad right now, because I've just spent all day reading this magnificent story and it seems it's a dead fic. I have loved every moment of this story, and if I ever get that email saying here's been an update, it will be a great day. Thank you for writing such a fantastic story, even if I never know how it ends.
hinatalovet0076 chapter 34 . 12/14/2014
when will u update i lovr ur fanfic
Guest chapter 34 . 11/29/2014
Please please update this story is amazing need to read more
ILoveHinata chapter 34 . 11/8/2014
I have read over this story more times than I can count and everytime I check to see if you have updated I am disappointed.
You portrayed my two most favorite characters of all time(Hinata & Itachi, which are also my favorite couple) so well and I just have to see this epic ending you have denied me for two years.
So please relieve of the never ending need to find out the ending of your fantastic story, please.
mimimimi chapter 34 . 10/26/2014
Hey Tranquilwriter, when will you publish the next chapter?
Megingjoro chapter 34 . 10/18/2014
I want to see the look on Neji's face when he realizes the truth.

Hinata loves Itachi and vice versa. They are mated. Bonded for life.

And though Neji can claim to 'love' Hinata, he would have kept her secret to himself instead of allowing selfish jealousies to rule him.

And THAT will be his downfall.

(also regarding the aging thing, that means Hinata will age like a normal human no? I thought it'd be something like Inuyasha when the human mates a demon, they age like a demon? *fingerscrossed* I hope that happens instead. Wouldn't wanna deprive Itachi of the only happiness in his life.)

Best of luck,
(my official fanfic account: aryaputra. Please PM me if you'd like.;) )
Guest chapter 34 . 10/12/2014
Please continue!
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