Reviews for Hero
OH SNAP chapter 1 . 1/13/2009
I really liked this. I remember seeing a show of hands of Shepard backstories and I was surprised how few times the Skyllian Blitz backstory was selected. I was curious why that was and how people would see a War Hero Shep and how they would portray him or her. I liked reading this. I haven't seen a lot of action scenes written, or -well- written, but I liked the tone and feel of this, very cinematic. I like how you used what info is 'canon' but put your own touches in there. I was actually reminded of the Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven sort of thing where villagers/farmers/commoners/etc are rallied and defended by a warrior. Very cool. I also liked that he was a biotic and how he fought like that, since I'm very interested in how they work and what they do. Your Shep came off heroic without being cliche or invincible, which usually puts me off of fiction sometimes if there's no real risk, danger, or unpleasantness.

I liked the part where the batarian emerges (the part that starts with "a lone figure detached itself") and shoots him. Menacing without being "AND NOW YOU DIE MR BOND". Cool. And also the cavalry arriving with the Alliance ships coming down. Very good description, I know just what it looks like. Except in my head there is a wailing power metal anthem, but don't judge me. :-)

Also Nathan Reynolds, bwahaha, and don't think I didn't see what you did there too with the 'leaf on the wind' thing from Joker in your other one. I approve.

I hope you get back into a ME mood and continue with your characters.
ZeBubba chapter 1 . 6/5/2008
That was awesome. Write some more!
impsy chapter 1 . 4/22/2008
Yay! Getting the story upload alert in my email was such a lovely surprise today! :)

That was so good! I haven't read too many pre-game fics, but this was definitely the best. :) Can't wait for more from you!