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redbaron297 chapter 9 . 10/1
Innocent eleven year olds? I clearly remember crushing on girls before I was 10, and I wasn't the only one. Not to mention some of my year mates were already very much interested in sex by eleven or twelve.
insane devill chapter 11 . 12/4/2017
your story telling style is very familiar to me. it reminds me of classics but at the same time it has a personal flare to it if i had to guess id say one of you best day dreams is to be the wondering mage who tells stories and start the journey often disappearing and reappearing at most crucial moments like gandalf the gray .
this was a very good story i definitely want u to continue.
KrisB-71854 chapter 11 . 10/15/2017
I was just re-reading through some of my old favorites when I came across this one. I could quite recall it. So I re-read it.

Damn, this is a rather well-written fic. I've loved the Susan/Harry friendship. It looks like you've got a solid foundation for more later on if you want to go that way.

I've actually enjoyed the Harry/Daphne bits more. Susan seems Harry's best friend. Daphne seems like she could be his girlfriend.

I'm curious on what Daphne's dream/goal is. Ron's dreams were sort of achievable. Difficult but possible. Harry's dreams are usually impossible to full fill.

If you ever get back into this story, I'd like to see Daphne and Susan introduced and just see the friendship evolve.

As you've said, they are 11. Other than hang out, eat secret meals with the elves, and maybe cuddle. They wouldn't really do much. I could actually easily see why folks would think that one or both of the girls were dating him. Even if they weren't really quite that far along in things.

One part about this fic that I love. Harry isn't really in the foreground. Susan, Daphne, and Harry are students that fade into the background. Well, Susan and Harry might not while they play their games, but it seems like they have gone unnoticed.

I'd almost like a staff meeting or POV from The Twins or something.

I guess that's another bit that I'm rather happy about. We aren't seeing Ron/Draco fueding and dragging Harry and co into things.

Looked at logically, Harry and Daphne would make a decent enough match to Draco's eye. Heck, if he were really thinking properly, he'd understand that Harry/Susan would be an excellent match and to not really rock the boat on that one.

It seems like everything from Susan's defense of Harry at the start of the year has blown over by now. If the Puffs really knew that Susan was befriended by Harry in DA the one time that they were there together, that entire thing would have made much more sense.

I was disappointed that they all jumped to think of crush rather than somehow Susan and Harry were secret friends. Heck, its stunning that contracted didn't make the rumor list.

I don't think that I've really seen the Harry/Susan/Daphne pairing before. Its rather rare. You are on the right track of basically being a rather fun set of friends as well.

I'm actually curious on what the Staff thinks of the entire Susan/Harry friendship. It'll be rather fun when Daphne joins in as well.

So will The Twins keep on attempting to prank the three of them? I'm more surprised that they were trying to stand up for Ron like that. Ron basically insulted someone that they didn't really know of and a girl stood up for him. That was a good thing.

Oh I was thrilled about Harry accidentally getting the life debt of Mrs Norris. That just being a background thing was rather amusing. It is the first time that I've seen it done.

One minor question. How will you handle Hermione and her accidental life debt? There is a part of me that thinks that the debt should mainly fall on Susan, but its all in how you want to play things. I'd be happy if you actually some how split the debt as a form of karma or something. Hermione actually is magically compelled to pay back a debt of equal services or such. It should be weighted far more towards Susan than Harry, but you could go with her owing both of them the debt.

What's really fun is that the kids and Staff wouldn't have a clue about it.
ElementalMaster16 chapter 11 . 8/14/2017
a really awesome story so far!

WhiteEagle1985 chapter 11 . 12/31/2016
Interesting story here so far! Looking forward to reading more!
JR Burned chapter 4 . 6/6/2016
Heads up, Susan Bones' eyes are brown, if someone hasn't notified you yet :P
A Fan chapter 11 . 4/29/2016
I know it may be entirely doubtful to see you updating this story but I ask that you do anyway. I would truly hate to see this story go unfinished. I realm love how this story is and I hope you see how it goes.
kyoshi711 chapter 11 . 4/4/2016
Let's make this a Daphne and Susan love triangle with Harry. They are always the most enjoyable. Not just because he'll become heir of two lordships but just because he can.
Traveler301 chapter 2 . 2/28/2016
Absolutely great. I love it .Wonderful idea. Can't wait for more.

Thank you,
Ron Pate
Larenars chapter 7 . 2/27/2016
I have to say I really love the life debt idea, it's a great and original idea.
PaC chapter 11 . 11/17/2015
Irony, five, especially eight to twelve years ago, seemed the kiss of death guaranteed foreshadowing a story would BE abandoned, whenever an author raved and raved how they never would abandon it but finish the story. Because nearly any story where I read that sort of "promise" the story would have not been updated for years and years. Somewhat similar with "I'm adopting this and finishing this "great story", by authors that basically copied with tiny changes, but once UP to where the original hit the loss of muse wall, or RL interfered in the story being continued, well the adopted version hit the skids about the same place, same chapter.

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If NO regular comments in the reviews, saying, "It's me, lost my account, go HERE, to my new profile here, for the rest of this story, then I'm assuming this is DOA, 7 years in another 7 be a LONG hiatus.
Well, hope author just quite, not one of those who died.

Writing was good enough, to read, despite TOO much canon road-map for my tastes. Then maybe less canon, Harry having the stone, at least for now.

Possible ice or water elemental?
Kind of wondered if Harry would be invited for the Winter Holidays to spend them at Bone's Manor.

Interesting enough, would have read more if there was more.
I am NOT a fan of canon, should one believe Dumbledore wasn't lying about the nearing on 700 year Flamels, needing HIS help to protect the stone from Voldy. Then just about putting up billboards for Voldy to find it. How about just keeping it under a fidelius somewhere, or in Flemels fidelius hidden home?
The Flamel "suicide" via happy for, and ready to destroy the stone to keep it from Voldy irks me a LOT. But who is to say, in fanfics, that much of that canon stuff were lies told by Dumbledore?

:This fic like many, with an actual more realistic Harry than canon, resenting the hell if not hating Dumbledore for putting him in #4. It tends to beg the question, why or when, would Harry be trying to attend a school NOT run by Dumbledore. Add to that, Binns and Snape and DADA professors that are usually worthless and thought Lupin wasn't premeditated, every DADA professor tried to kill him, most at Hogwarts, Umbitch before school began, over summer.

Writing was good, though if it follows along canon rails, Harry having adventures with different "friends", just swapping out canon Ron and Hermione, or much of his "adventures" solo, but very canon following, I'd perhaps have gotten bored. Or maybe still read, but wished it was less canon if the story had continued.
Without some of the changes from canon, that were made, it would have been rather boring.

The NOT Gryffindor Harry, I was thinking would not get involved with the stone. Kind of clever to have SUCKED Harry into the book one "adventure" via Daphne's obsession with the mirror.

Harry loaning her long term, his family heirloom cloak, was a bit of a stretch, over the top generous. Also you'd think he'd CLING to something, the only thing he has of his parents. Unless there are Potter vaults full of stuff. But planned or not, the cloak got Harry into the book one adventure quest task. Glad you didn't do like most fics at this point would do, have Voldy fly through Harry, knock him out, copy canon, wakes up in infirmary, Dumbles saying Flamel decided and they destroyed the stone and the Flamels are eager to die and go onto the next great adventure.
hogwartsfan1 chapter 11 . 10/6/2015
continue continue continue
hogwartsfan1 chapter 9 . 10/6/2015
shades of greyer than black, IVE ENJOYED IT AND HOPE YOULL RETURN TO IT WITH RENEWED ..Not screaming just really seeing some great possibilities for the story and would hate for you to drop it
hogwartsfan1 chapter 4 . 10/6/2015
I really enjoy this Harry. Trying to guess who this red head girl is.
hogwartsfan1 chapter 2 . 10/6/2015
Has December replaced her wand, outgrown it or no longer need it since she does wandless magic?
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