Reviews for Revolutions
DriedStarDono chapter 1 . 7/2/2008
XD Oh, alright-you know, after you get into the habit of not leaving reviews, it's rather difficult to break! In short, I adored your story. It caught me by surprise since I had a series of tabs open and had lost track of the summaries, but it was in no was jarring or unpleasant-quite the opposite in fact. You managed to make it so that everything flowed together, gave the impression that there was really nothing else that COULD happen-HousexCameron? For brainless romantics. WilsonxCB? For brainless sadists. CuddyxAnyone Else? For the brainless in general. I didn't expect you to bother to bring in any difficult, twisty-turny relationships-notably, House's parents-but I'm glad you did; it lent a certain realism and a definite sense of closure. To sum everything up, THANK-YOU for writing this wickedly bitching story! _ And now you know why it's favorited.