Reviews for Entrance Exam
JxJ chapter 15 . 1/10/2013
OMG ! I loved this ! Well done man ! Hwoarang x Asuka are adorable !

But Jin x Julia SMEXI HOTNESS ! Lol !

Loved it ! But I would've liked to see Jin and Julia's marriage scene. Lol

Nevertheless, this was an awesome read ! Thank you for writing one of the best stories move ever read ! :)
G chapter 15 . 7/31/2012
Aw, I so wanted to see Julia and Jin's wedding (and wedding nights) :( So romantic that they had a traditional Japanese one too, given how a lot of Japanese are really conservative and unwelcoming when it comes to foreigners being part of their traditional customs...

So Julia's pregnant with Jin's child, then...kind of odd, seeing how he's planning to end his Devil bloodline by killing himself childless in the original. Maybe he's found a way to control the Devil that he can pass down to his kids?

It's so sweet how hopelessly in love (and lust) Jin is with his wife, even as she is large and pregnant. I'll bet they'll be having more than two kids :P
G chapter 14 . 7/31/2012
Kazuya is such a cruel bastard. So was he trying to bring Jun to life via Asuka? Well, looks like he got more than he bargained for :) Sounds like Jun gave him the peace he sorely needed.
Weird, I'd thought Kazuya and Jin would be the one having an epic stand off. And wasn't the angel part of Kazuya, and not Jun? Though it was pretty cool to have a female take the biggest baddie down, for once. Too bad Hwoarang, you had to sit and watch your girl save herself :)

At least Jin got to see his mother one more time. Ah, I can't help feel sorry for Ganryu, however messed up he turned out to be. He was always doing so much to gain Michelle/Julia's affections, and they were totally oblivious to it (though his mother-daughter infatuation was kind of icky). I wish he could've been granted a quick, easy death.
G chapter 13 . 7/31/2012
Some confusing bits:

How did Julia find out Haku was Ganryu? Only Asuka was present at the time, and Julia was knocked out. And I'd think Haku/Ganryu would have imposed more physical pain upon Julia for hitting him, given how violent he's become. Looks like his new looks gave him a bad case of narcissism, too.
G chapter 13 . 7/31/2012
Poor Jin, having to relive the happier memories of his childhood :( Well, at least he has Julia now :)

Lol, Hwoarang's cocky POV cracks me up again. All the guards at a base going for a bathrom break at the same time? He's pretty smart though, fully anticipating Devil Jin to bail them out of their fix. And I love how Julia assumed that the gunshots were from some crazy guy that Kazuya ticked off and going on a rampage XD

Ick, the thought of 25 plastic surgeries Ganryu had to go through makes me queasy; his brutal, tantrum-throwing temper would turn the horniest straight woman off, even if he WAS Adonis incarnated. Jin's gonna skin Ganryu alive for touching Julia and changing her clothes :P

Eh, I can't help feel Asuka's yelling tactic is pretty dumb. Sure, she has good reason to believe that Jin's smart and resourceful enough to find her (and drag Hwoarang along), but she really ought to have the sense to save her energy and think of a plan, in case they don't get to her in time. And she really believes Hwoarang's strong enough to rescue her from Kazuya (especially in her uncle's Devil form)?

Good thing Julia is a quick thinker. I'll bet she totally would have been able to escape, had her ankle not been seriously injured. And aww, Jin finally admits just how much he loves and needs her, as opposed to seeing her as a toy to be possessed. Especially sweet how he hates the world unless she's with him.

Oh no, what's happening with Asuka? Seriously Julia, your best friend's in trouble! You can't be in the mood for lovin'-dovin'!

Some confusing bits:
G chapter 12 . 7/31/2012
Wow, how the hell did an unconscious Jin end up from Australia to Korea? It's some plane rides away from the two countries. Was he just carried by ocean tides for days and days?

The two kidnappers are such brainless brutes. And Hwoarang is hilarious, telling them how stupid they are for answering Asuka's phone XD I loved Hwoarang's POV here, he's just golden.

Ooh, Jin Kazama is a creepy stalker. I'll bet Julia is gonna be mad when she finds out the lovely gift was actually some sort of dog collar for him to keep tabs on her...or maybe she'll find it romantic that he's so concerned of her safety, dunno.

So Haku is actually Ganryu with apparently drastic plastic surgery? Wow, what a twist...then again, it ties in with his infatuation with Julia perfectly. Kind of stupid for him to keep on going after Julia though, when now he can have any woman (and as many women) who prettier than Julia as he wants.

BTW, I think you made a minor mistake with Hwoarang addressing Kazuya by surname; it's supposed to be "Mishima", and there's no reason Kazuya would be addressed as "Kazama", as that is his lover Jun's surname and his son's mother maiden name. Nothing to do with Kazuya.
G chapter 11 . 7/31/2012
Erm Asuka, a lot of East Asians (and some Southeast Asians as well) tend to look similar, not just Japanese and Koreans.

Oh incredibly sexy, cool and wealthy man with good taste, who genuinely loves only you and wants to spoil you rotten. You'd be one of the luckiest straight women alive :P

I think the chance of getting HIV via blood in mouth by biting is relatively small, unless Julia bit off fingers or chunks of the hand off.
So someone wants Julia enough to murder Jin...I'll bet Jin's heart stopped for several seconds when he heard Julia's screams. And come on, Julia. You can't possibly believe that Devil Jin - of all beings - will die from gunshot wounds and falling now, would you? ;P At least she should keep her spirits up to take revenge upon the guy who shot Jin...

Hm. Don't they have some kind of universal men/women symbol on public bathrooms in South Korea? I'm pretty sure S. Korea is quite modernized...or maybe the theater they're at is very traditional. I'd risk going to the wrong bathroom if I were Asuka :P
Well, I personally wouldn't find traditional Asian fan dances (whether Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc) particularly amazing. The costumes and fans themselves are pretty, but the dance itself is kind of slow and dull, in my opinion. I guess I just prefer more fast-paced, strenuous or acrobatic entertainment that involve a lot of skill (juggling, etc).

Hm. Both Julia and Asuka kidnapped? What's going on? And yeah, poor Kazuya seems to have lost it. Though I don't find Kazuya's "incestual" infatuation with Asuka that disturbing because she's technically not related to him by blood (he and Jun weren't even married, were they?); still somewhat pedophillic though, given that Asuka is younger than his son.
G chapter 10 . 7/30/2012
Lol, Jin is so possessive he can't allow Julia to take even compliments from other men ;) And come on, knocking a guy out over a mere compliment is just mindless violence, unless the guy said something lewd. It's really cute how Jin is kind of acting how jealous moody girlfriends are usually portrayed (except they tend to hit their boyfriends instead of the other party) :)

Eh? I can't believe Jin would just dump Julia at the Grocery, out of his sight. What if she gets lost, or someone tries to hit on her again? Stupid Jin.

Aw, Jin's indirect compliment on Julia's cooking, and his gift are so sweet :) I guess he considers Julia being with him his best gift ever.
I wish I could cook fish like Julia does. Does Jin really think her cooking taste that good, or is it the love talking? Cooking for a guy who was catered by a really skilled butler must've been so intimidating, poor Julia.

Hm. I personally wouldn't be too impressed with turquoises (as they're considered semi-precious), but I guess it might have been a rare expensive type. Or Julia personally loves turquoises, and Jin managed to glean that fact from Asuka or Hwoarang.
G chapter 9 . 7/30/2012
Wow, Jin's Dojo in Australia is that luxurious? I'll bet he re-furnished it at some point. Silly Julia is just being too bubbly, but why wouldn't he want two Julias for himself? Too much to keep an eye on? ;)

Jin would be very emotionally self-aware if he's already thinking of buying Julia an engagement ring. He's apparently smitten with her already, but marriage is really a big thing. It'd be very amusing if Julia got cold feet and tried to break away from Jin...I'd love to see the lengths he'd go to secure her right back into his grasp ;)
G chapter 8 . 7/30/2012
Yeah, Hwoarang definitely copied Asuka's test paper! IMO, Julia should've gotten a 100, and I'll bet she didn't need a tutor at all, just a few Jin harassment-free days XD

Heh, so the boys were plotting something extra special together behind their girlfriends' back! How sweet :)

Eh, ten minute limit for packing to go overseas? Come on, Jin. You're being unreasonable and horribly impatient :)

Aw, Jin finally gets his very own special toy (and some of his lost childhood back, lol). Loved the description of him wanting to "unwrap and re-wrap" Julia again and again ;) Almost sounds like Jin wants to instill a stockholm syndrome into Julia by isolating her with everyone else, though I guess just Christmas isn't unreasonable...

Weird that Hwoarang is the only one in the group addressed by his nationality (Jin and sometimes Julia addresses him as the "Korean", but we don't see anyone addressing Julia as the "American" or "Native American"). Maybe he's the only person who doesn't doesn't mind...
G chapter 7 . 7/30/2012
Oh, and about the shower thing...I found it pretty odd and disappointing Julia & Jin kept their undies on in the shower. They're past their teens already, aren't they? Or do they both have some kind of "no nudity before marriage" thing?
G chapter 7 . 7/30/2012
Huh. I'll bet Jin was to blame for poor Julia's bad grade :P
To be honest though, the whole "women are so vulnerable to their emotions, while men are in control" cliche is a bit annoying, especially given how Julia is a well-accomplished scientist.

Lucky Jin finally finds the opportunity to get Julia to live with him XD But what was Jin's "tutoring fee" exactly? I thought he wanted to protect Julia from getting ravaged by Devil? I hope someone stops Devil Jin in time...
G chapter 6 . 7/30/2012
Ha ha, thanks to Haku, we know Jin sees Julia more than a mere toy. Too bad he stole Julia's kiss, though. Why is he so focused on Julia alone, though?

Jin's POV and his possessiveness are so sexy. I love the part where he mentally chides Julia for being stupid with guys, despite being a good scientist (usually it's the other way around with men & women).

I'm still confused why Jin didn't seek Haku out at all, and instead take his anger out on Julia over something he knows isn't her fault. Why would beating Haku up "make things worse"? Also, with the money and power Jin has, couldn't he have just threatened Haku into staying the hell away from Julia?
G chapter 5 . 7/30/2012
I like Jin/Julia a lot more, too! Hwoarang is probably quite fun and amusing as an individual, but I personally find him kind of dull as a lover. You did make Hwoarang & Asuka a cute and interesting enough couple, though.

I wonder why Hwoarang calls the butler "Alfred". Is he a Batman fan or something? And do butlers really address their employers/guests as "Master/Mistress" in Japan? I'd think that would be more of a western/European thing.

Lol, go Julia! Play hard to get! Too bad Jin is too cool and calculating to feel frustrated by the chase. Looks like Julia has a lot more hold on Jin too, not that he'll ever admit it...and he made up for the lost time with Julia :)

Kind of nitpicking again, but I'd say change Julia's description of Jin's room as "every Japanese woman's dream" to "every woman's dream", because his room sounds quite general and western; moreover, Julia herself isn't Japanese, and you'd kind of be stereotyping what Japanese (or other Asian) women want :P
G chapter 4 . 7/30/2012
Lol, Hwoarang's so funny, trying to detach himself from reality of having to go to a bizzare class.

Aw, everyone is so mean to Xiao Yu :( Sure she's over-talkative, but she hasn't done anything bad, has she?

Heh, Jin is such a jerk for claiming poor Julia as merely his toy. I'll bet he's flattered that she's always blushing around him, too. Julia should have slapped him for undoing her braid and teasing her with kisses, but him kissing her hair was really sweet :)

Hm, so what could Haku possibly see in Julia? Also, it's odd that you'd have Julia describe him as looking really Asian/Japanese if he had non-brown eyes (half-Asian maybe, but really Japanese? Nah).
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