Reviews for To All Things Forgotten and Abandoned
Nineteenth Souljah chapter 1 . 2/19/2009
I've always admired your style of writing. Although I've had this favourited for a long time now...procrastination seems to have taken over me and it bugs me knowing that I haven't left a review to tell you how much I adore this fic. For that, I do apologise for taking TOO long to leave a review.

I was captivated by how you've portrayed all three characters so realistically, it hurts. There are so many things I love about this fic of yours and one of my favourites would be the story behind Tang Shen's name. Also, I'm very satisfied with how you've written Yoshi and Mashimi. It's very convincing; I've actually felt sorry and sad for Mashimi...I could understand how Yoshi's optimism through life could be seen as annoying for a someone like Mashimi at times.

It was amazingly written; because of you, these characters now seem so well-developed, even if it will only exist in the world of fanfiction.

Best of luck in the Fanfiction Competition.


Nineteenth Souljah.
Mondhexe chapter 1 . 12/19/2008
I really loved this story. You did a great job with their cameo shots The knight in shining armor, the street ruined Mashimi and Tang Shen.

Another great story
Elsiah chapter 1 . 4/28/2008
That was AMAZING. I cannot believe how you were able to bring each of these characters to life. They are all so vividly real and no longer the flat cardboard cut-outs that single episode gave us. Excellent work.

We all know by now chapter 1 . 4/26/2008
You definitely deserve more reviews on this but, like it's already been decided, serious fics never do as well in this fandom as humor.

Very nice characterization though! I *did* end up liking the characters. I wasn't expecting to since they're some of the most flat characters in the show.
Winnychan chapter 1 . 4/26/2008
Beautiful...! So three dimensional compared to the portrayal in the cartoon. Yes, I had the same issues as you when I saw that episode. You have completely redeemed it though. I'm shocked to read a tale entirely about these guys and find I wasn't bored by them, not even once! Especially Mashimi, he was incredible! And even Tang Shen, you turned her into a whole person somehow instead of a stereotype... I think you accomplished everything you were trying to do with this piece.


Aubretia Lycania chapter 1 . 4/24/2008
Ivy... I was telling Tori that sometimes style is dictated by plot and necessity-but it's safe to say none of us have seen anything of this calibre from you before, and it is utterly marvelous. I will go from character to character as I go through this, as this retelling is foremost a vindication of all the characters in that episode, a chance to flesh them out, and make it all somehow more human and believable.

Mashimi: He is certainly your crowing achievement in this text, mostly because you have managed to take this construction born primarily for that one episode, and make him into something tangible and more understandable that the familiar TMNT chars of Yoshi, Tang Shen and the AO. His dreams and his connection to Yoshi are amazing, and take us so directly into his psyche that it makes me want to throttle the AO until you managed to somehow vindicate him as well-an utter shocker to me. Here, Mashimi is indeed "ruined" by the streets-he will never possess the childlike innocence and lofty ideals of Yoshi, but you're wonderful in bringing up the central question here: why is that a GOOD thing? Doesn't the world need (and indeed, MAKE) realistic people? Would Mashimi or even Yoshi have survived without Mashimi's practicality? You managed to show that people like Yoshi are allowed to be idealists as long as they ride on the shoulders of pragmatists, that what Yoshi has is a luxury. I also think that it's telling in Mashimi's character that he doesn't LIKE a weak girl, nor does he want one-he demands fire, and strength, and would probably like her a whole lot better if she sparred with them. He doesn't appreciate delicacy, yet Yoshi appears to-and yet Mashimi was the child who wanted Yoshi to need him. It's very interesting that he doesn't want Shen to need him, yet continues to want Yoshi to. Do I see a homoerotic leaning here? *eyebrow waggle*

Yoshi: GAH, this kid has sunshine beaming out of his ass and deserves a swift death! Nah, kidding... I think honestly that if he hadn't met Mashimi, he would have either ended up just like him, or flat-out lied down and died. There is a kind of sacrifice on Mashimi's part to keep Yoshi innocent and thus become the person who one-ups him when they move to a different world, and ultimately kills him. I also think that it makes Yoshi much more appealing to think of him as a momma's boy and not perfect, a result of a friend's sacrifice, and to wonder to myself if he ever grasped that, even after Mashimi's death. It certainly makes him rounder, and I appreciate that.

The Ancient One: Oh, you know how I love a gormet evil AO, but man, you really vindicated him nicely here. First with Mashimi, when you revealed that the AO intended to just give them the money and expected them not to give it back, and that Mashimi's shortcomings DO result from being ruined by the streets-that the AO understands that, but it doesn't make Mashimi anymore fit to sit and study what the AO wishes for him to learn. Then with Tang Shen-he attempted to teach her, and THAT made me happy to see-that he didn't want to leave her defenseless... she just wasn't receptive. That was wonderfully worked out.

Tang Shen: I was going to suggest making her from Yokohama, Tokyo's China Town, given she has a Chinese name-but your idea was so much better! XD Keep in mind for the future than in the Japanese dialect, her name would be pronounced (with the katakana) as "Tanshin," she second syllable of which sounds like "heart" to Japanese ears. Her wetting herself? AMAZING. XD I should not have enjoyed that as much as I did, but DUDE. I was so tired of her being a Kyoto flower. Make her a little girl! YAY. Other than that, her past was so amazingly fucked in the head that I just salivated. You have truly been taught well in the art of 3vil, m'dear. It helped to explain why she never learned to be a ninja-and as a group of orphans, it makes sense that all of them would have their own debilitations... and why Tang Shen would be more attracted to Yoshi than to Mashimi, especially the way you write them. XD

And may I say that I LOVED THE PIGEON DEATH! THANK YOU! The Aub is quite happ-ay. -