Reviews for And Then There Was One
An Author's Pen chapter 1 . 7/22/2016
There are some wonderfully insightful lines here. I'm not sure if the verse style totally works, but the fragmented feel certainly reflects the Master's mental state at the time. The first-person gives these lines a level of self-awareness that the Master never quite achieves in reality, giving the whole piece a slightly unreal feeling. The line "I feel his anger . . into hate", seems a bit too long and full of exposition to work in a poem that relies of shorter, punchy lines, and "I cry for . . planet" seems a little too maudlin for the Master. That said, I like how you build upon the motiffs of the Master as a star, and his need for the Doctor's validation. "I hope the Doctor is looking" just about sums up who the Master is and what he does. The ending line is interesting - scald is a word associated with liquid or gas, so I get a strange impression that the Master has already combusted, and the burning is the hot vapor of the fallout.
kiriandanna chapter 1 . 4/24/2008
whoa, thats cool