Reviews for The Morning After
SplendentGoddess chapter 3 . 7/30/2014
Realistic...for 16th century England. It was a good read for what it is. I won't bash the OOC-ness of Sango and Miroku (the latter of which is no virgin himself according to canon), but I do feel I should point out that, at least for the peasant villages, sexual purity wasn't really that big of a deal in Feudal Japan. Hell there's this little thing called Yobai that dates back to at least that early, where men would creep into houses at night and bed with the single women if the women were permitting. They had the option to refuse their suitor. It was often used between young couples in love and pseudo-engaged and the parents would let them get away with it for a while until eventually 'catching' the young man when it was time to seriously think about marriage, but not for the sake of honor, for the sake of marriage. That wasn't its only purpose and there were (and in remote places of Japan still are) Yobai one-night-stands. Sometimes the men wear bags over their heads so they are anonymous. There's even an expression in Japan that goes something like do not attack a naked intruder in your house for he may not be a burglar but engaged in Yobai, or whatever. Only in the higher class did purity before marriage matter, and that's when you're dealing with arranged marriages and you need to guarantee the lineage of any babies. Yes, the villagers of Shiori's village treated her mother poorly, and the villagers of Jinenji's village feared him a monster, but I don't recall Rumiko illustrating Sango and Miroku thinking of Shiori's mother as a whore, or Jinenji's mother, when she went off romanticizing on her one-night-stand with the horse youkai. Nobody thought ill of her in the slightest, and Inuyasha only sympathized with Jinenji's plight. Like I said, it was a good read for what it was, you're a good author, and I can hardly place blame for OOCness because people do that to other characters like Kikyou ALL the time and nobody seems to care, so I figure you're allowed some creative license, but I just felt I should clarify its unrealistic aspect as far as Japanese history is concerned, in case there's any misconception that this fictional story for the purposes of entertainment had any baring on historical accuracy.
InuLuna19 chapter 3 . 12/9/2013
I like it. It was not all fluff and fairytales. You kept it very realistic and truthful. If that had happened what you wrote would probably not be far from the truth. Good fanfic! :D
BashiYami chapter 3 . 11/30/2010
It's decided. AUs are more your forte.

Kagome would never not want kids. Especially if their InuYasha's. No. Just no. Fail.

Sango's a warrior, out for vengeance against the orchestrator of her family's death and unconcerned with trivialities like meaningless prattle. Seriously? Sango's never been the boycrazy type; she's been propositioned by the person she loved, and even a few lords of high ranking, and turned them all down. Well, technically, she eventually accepted Miroku (though she still turns him down an awful lot AFTER she accepted his proposal), but even you have to admit that it took too damn long for that to happen.

There is no way in the seven hells that Sango would forsake her best friend and confidant just to save her image as a lady. She doesn't even consider herself a lady, demonstrated in all the times she pushed aside finery for grit work. She's a no-nonsense kind of girl who stands by her friends even if the whole world should turn against them.

Besides, she considers her honor gone until she can either reclaim Kohaku or lay him to rest. That and killing Naraku, so it wouldn't make sense to her to start protecting her 'honor' now.

Two whole paragraphs venting about Sango's OOCness. Damn. I had a lot more to say about this one, but y'know what? Life's too short. Live long, prosper, get over whatever insecurity's got you in a choke hold, and lets watch NCIS together. Because it's safe to say that I speak for the entire female portion (and probably a good chunk of the male portion as well) of Earth's population when I say Mark Harmon's the hottest guy on TV, even though he's probably old enough to be my grandpa.

Love, always,

- DoP - ~
BashiYami chapter 2 . 11/30/2010
If I may; I completely disagree. There isn't much difference for her because of the people, not the circumstance. Ah well.

- DoP - ~
Sesshoumaru'sPriestess chapter 3 . 4/27/2010
outside the box and great
Miss Saigon11 chapter 3 . 12/19/2009
When I got to the end of this fic, I felt a bit of a baka myself. I completley forgot that doing...that before marriage is like, the worst thing you can do in that time. And here I am, a complete fan of the Gemma Doyle series which takes place in 1895 and often talks about reputation and being alone with a man while unmarried...

And even though this fic was sad and a bit dark I couldn't help but like it. I think it's because you played around with the after affects and considered how people during that time would actually think. You did something new that I haven't seen and I liked it.

Kudos for stepping out of the box and writting a story that could've actually happened!


Miss Saigon11
Lord Vukodlak chapter 1 . 11/22/2009
Damn I've been trying to track down this fic to read again, for hours but I finally did it. Anyway you've got a great story here and you do something few authors do. You actually deal with the cultural differences between feudal and modern japan.

That Inuyasha now expects he is honor bound to marry Kagome. That Sango and Miroku are shocked and horrified by Kagomes behavior. A really excellent job
lurkerlaine chapter 3 . 7/2/2009
I don't think it's dark at all. It's very real and kind of sweet. Especially how worried Inuyasha is for Kagome.
Deathmvp chapter 3 . 12/22/2008
Nice story. I liked how you mention that Sango could be looked bad apone becouse of this.
Lord Vukodlak chapter 3 . 4/26/2008
I thought that was rather interesting fic. No one really deals with basic view of sex in that era.

I think a bit more dialog from Sango about her views on it would have been better. I'd think she'd speak up and urge her friend to marry for her honor would have fit.
wildmage89 chapter 3 . 4/25/2008
I like how you post the whole story at one time. Your a good writer. You should definately keep it up. :)
Avelyn Lauren chapter 3 . 4/25/2008
he should have made what he was asking clear. Not just ask if it was Miroku or Kaede. There's also the youkai side of things to consider as well. I'll talk to you later. Arigato and ja ne!