Reviews for Pokemon: 100 Ways To Destroy Team Rocket Remastered (2016 Edition)
guest chapter 49 . 7/12
you gonna trie Deedpool soon
Rebelblade71 chapter 49 . 7/8
Sounds good to me. Lol referring TR as our 'heroes'
Darkdragon chapter 49 . 7/7
death by Indominus Rex
blukmage19r2 chapter 3 . 7/6
Gee... That's just sad... Both ways, even.
blukmage19r2 chapter 1 . 7/6
Sheesh! What a mess...
Let's say in this chapter: "It's been good to know them."
Jostanos chapter 49 . 7/5
Cool! :)

If I may... I would like to suggest a few humiliations/pwns..

Speed Racer (either the original series, the movie, or the 'sequel series'):
1) TR gets run over/jumped over by the racers/Speed Racer while they (TR) are crossing a seemingly deserted highway as they are traveling from realm to realm.

2) Sailor Moon series: Luna confronts Meowth about a 'one-night-stand' that they 'may have had', and shows him 'their children' who look like a cross between the two talking felines.

3) Kingdom Hearts series: Due to their many misadventures, TR now have Heartless and Nobody versions of themselves.. The odd thing about that is that they (the Heartless and Nobodies) seem to have the opposite type of luck of their Somebodies (the original TR), and.. *smirks* Take a guess or three.
ultima-owner chapter 49 . 7/5
Death by Piranha Plants
Rebelblade71 chapter 48 . 7/5
Haha this is forever fresh.
Here is some suggestions:
Ownage by Battlefield 1 trailer: Run over by a British tank, strafed by bi/triplanes and have an airship crash upon them to finish.
Ownage by Overwatch: Have them get rekt by Tracer, Dva, Reaper and that dwarf with the turret that everyone hates...
Ownage by Ludwig from Bloodborne.
Ownage by Pewdewpie.
Rebelblade71 chapter 47 . 7/5
How about killed by Hermione Granger (sorcerers' stone/ chamber of secrets version) where team rocket mocks her and calls her a nerdy kid, which pisses her off and she retaliates by using all her knowledge on magic to punish the three.
Or Death by Battlefield fans for supporting Call of Duty Infinite warfare than battlefield.
Or Killed by Lionel Messi fans because they didn't care when they heard about his retirement.
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 48 . 7/4
First off: thank you again for using my suggestion!
Review: Ah, I love Sensei Wu! Nice idea using the original 4. Loved Cole and Meowth's scene.

While I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, I'm guessing none of you are familiar with the show, right? Or I could be wrong.

Next chapter -maybe-: death by Code Lyoko.

...if that's even possible.

Groundon65 chapter 1 . 7/4
inflated by helium
ultima-owner chapter 48 . 7/3
Blast off by All Might's Ultra Plus
Fluffy Little Raikou chapter 33 . 7/3

Death by Wreck-it-Ralph


Humiliation by Vanellope von Schweetz

That pokedex entry for Sonic just took the cake for this chapter xD I cracked up!
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 47 . 7/2

We haven't had a humiliation chapter since chapter 31. How about humiliation by Ninjago ninja?
Jostanos chapter 47 . 7/2
TR's Death/Humiliation by:

1) Orihime's unique culinary concoctions?
2) Atem's 'Mind Crush'
3) Street Fighting (getting hit with one, or several, of Ryu, Ken, etc's special attacks)
4) SSB Round 2
5) Jiggly Puff
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