Reviews for Pokemon: 100 Ways To Destroy Team Rocket Remastered (2016 Edition)
Luna chapter 9 . 6/20
Oh God, the Batman part killed me XD
Messenger777 chapter 1 . 6/9
For those who do not already know, we're living in the last days; the times Jesus Christ warned about.

All the issues going on is on a worldwide scale and its one of many proofs that these are the end times.

If you know deep down in your heart this is true & you feel something is not right in the world... I highly encourage you to seek our father in heaven while he may be found and to come out of this world while there is still time. Like 1 John 2:17 indicates in the written word aka the bible:

"The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever."

Many people are too caught up and is focused on the wrong things in life thanks to all the distractions going on when they need to realize destruction & judgment is not too far away. Fleeing to other countries or protesting on the streets is not going to make things better or save you; it's the love of Christ and your faith.

As long as your seeking Jesus Christ, you're gonna be okay. But if you're loving this life or is just so attached to this world... you're going to lose it. That is why I encourage you all to draw close to the father in heaven. You draw close to him and he will draw close to you. Do what you can to repent (turn away or stop doing it) of your sins. We all say & do things and stumble since we're imperfect creatures but if you sincerely go to the father in prayer and ask for forgiveness, he will forgive you; you just gotta mean what you say and repent.

Nobody comes to the father but through the son. You deny the son and you deny the father. But if you accept the son then you have the father. It's by Jesus' blood we're redeemed back to the father in heaven so you want to seek him in all your ways.

The father in heaven knows the hearts & minds of all of us so he knows who you are deep down and what you've been through. He cares about you. When you open up your heart and allow the father & son in your life, they're gonna take you where you need to go but you gotta be willing to seek them for yourself. Nobody can build your relationship with Jesus Christ. It's up to you to read the bible for yourself & seek the truth; reading the word of god feeds the spirit, gives you knowledge and helps clears up the lies & deceptions of the world.

Time is so very, very short since things are just escalating day-to-day. Don't allow the spirit of fear to overcome you. Just draw close to the father in prayer, let go of this dying world, repent and follow Jesus. Following Jesus Christ keeps one out of sin but it also separates you from this world and that's the direction you want to go; toward the son of the most high, our savior and redeemer.

Take care and remember it's the love of Christ and your faith. Don't allow anyone or anything to hinder you. Forgive and let go since we all fall short.
Storygirl000 chapter 50 . 5/31
ultima-owner chapter 50 . 5/29
that was so amusing
Jostanos chapter 50 . 5/28

"So they formed an 'alliance'. How quaint. How unpredictable. How revolting." the mysterious force muttered to itself (and he audience) with increasing irritation. ("Actually.. I was holding in a major fart... but *shrugs* ce le'gare." and everyone chimes: "Le'gare.")
guest chapter 49 . 7/12/2016
you gonna trie Deedpool soon
Rebelblade71 chapter 49 . 7/8/2016
Sounds good to me. Lol referring TR as our 'heroes'
Darkdragon chapter 49 . 7/7/2016
death by Indominus Rex
blukmage19r2 chapter 3 . 7/6/2016
Gee... That's just sad... Both ways, even.
blukmage19r2 chapter 1 . 7/6/2016
Sheesh! What a mess...
Let's say in this chapter: "It's been good to know them."
Jostanos chapter 49 . 7/5/2016
Cool! :)

If I may... I would like to suggest a few humiliations/pwns..

Speed Racer (either the original series, the movie, or the 'sequel series'):
1) TR gets run over/jumped over by the racers/Speed Racer while they (TR) are crossing a seemingly deserted highway as they are traveling from realm to realm.

2) Sailor Moon series: Luna confronts Meowth about a 'one-night-stand' that they 'may have had', and shows him 'their children' who look like a cross between the two talking felines.

3) Kingdom Hearts series: Due to their many misadventures, TR now have Heartless and Nobody versions of themselves.. The odd thing about that is that they (the Heartless and Nobodies) seem to have the opposite type of luck of their Somebodies (the original TR), and.. *smirks* Take a guess or three.
ultima-owner chapter 49 . 7/5/2016
Death by Piranha Plants
Rebelblade71 chapter 48 . 7/5/2016
Haha this is forever fresh.
Here is some suggestions:
Ownage by Battlefield 1 trailer: Run over by a British tank, strafed by bi/triplanes and have an airship crash upon them to finish.
Ownage by Overwatch: Have them get rekt by Tracer, Dva, Reaper and that dwarf with the turret that everyone hates...
Ownage by Ludwig from Bloodborne.
Ownage by Pewdewpie.
Rebelblade71 chapter 47 . 7/5/2016
How about killed by Hermione Granger (sorcerers' stone/ chamber of secrets version) where team rocket mocks her and calls her a nerdy kid, which pisses her off and she retaliates by using all her knowledge on magic to punish the three.
Or Death by Battlefield fans for supporting Call of Duty Infinite warfare than battlefield.
Or Killed by Lionel Messi fans because they didn't care when they heard about his retirement.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 48 . 7/4/2016
First off: thank you again for using my suggestion!
Review: Ah, I love Sensei Wu! Nice idea using the original 4. Loved Cole and Meowth's scene.

While I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, I'm guessing none of you are familiar with the show, right? Or I could be wrong.

Next chapter -maybe-: death by Code Lyoko.

...if that's even possible.

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