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punkiemonkie chapter 1 . 2/21
Very difficult to read, but I mean that in the best way. Can't wait to see where you go with this. :)
ScarletRose1010 chapter 35 . 2/9
Can I just say this the best story I've ever read thus far! AMAZING to say the least. i have no idea but you should consider being a writer. also, as I keep reading I get more exited but at the same time sad. Only because i know it is ending. Ugh, this is so well done. Thank you for gracing us with this beautiful story!
ultracrystal chapter 41 . 10/5/2014
Ahh this was so nice to read, i loved it very much you brought together two of my favorite characters. I wish there were more fanfics like this. Thanks for what you've done so far, and i hope you'll finish this one day.
GlisteningSnow chapter 41 . 9/1/2014
Please come back to this story. You promised it won't be months between updates and it's been three years :(
GlisteningSnow chapter 41 . 8/21/2014
Please finish this wonderful story. You made me a ZackxTifa shipper with this awesome fanfic.
Laci chapter 41 . 7/11/2014
It's with mixed emotions that I picked up this story again. Joy to be found in its portrayal of classic characters and the wonderful elements you both added and changed. Laughter in their antics. Fear for their safety and sorrow for their misfortunes. And above all melencoly prevading over me like a fog. That I will never see it finished. I understand you might have lost inspiration to complete it. Taking on such a big story makes it easy to lose your words. But just as I am making a return to the fandom with my flagship story I hope to see you do the same some day. If not my imagination will take it where it must go, like the missing fifth act of Loveless
Brilliant story chapter 41 . 5/4/2014
I really wish you would continue this. It's beautifully written and you have the characters down to a T (although a slight angsty Tifa)
Please please please find time to finish this!
Lushard chapter 41 . 4/5/2014
I really do hope you'll update this awesome story. You've got the whole pack: the writing skills, the caracterization, and the plot! Your Zack is logical, and your Tifa is both sweet and strong and melancholic it's really fun to see those two interact.

Now It'll be too sad to let an awesome story such as this uncontinued... :(
roxicodone chapter 41 . 3/30/2014
I'm years late in reading this tale and also in leaving a review but it simply must be said: one the best fanfics I've ever read (even though it's not a Cloti and I'm nearly die-hard). It's almost masochistic how many times I've reread and cried and laughed and gasped and insert many other verbs X infinity when revisiting this story.

From what I've gathered, it seems that Shattered Illusions will be the follow up. And though I know life takes us all in directions unforeseen, I hope Tifa won't always walking out of Nibelheim, taking chosen memories and will someday be making new ones.
Niko Nightwind chapter 41 . 3/23/2014
You've caught me up for the past few days with this, and I have to say that I think it's really well done. I'd love to see more, though I understand how much real life can just take over. The litter divergences are really making a difference, I think... I'm rather hoping that Aerith will make it out in this version of events... and possibly move on to be with Tseng, as odd a thought as that is.

Good luck to your muse.
Susan Drakian chapter 41 . 2/18/2014
took me two days, but I enjoyed reading this story. I hope you continue.
rEckLeSsLy.cOnFIneD chapter 41 . 2/10/2014
Of all the FFVII fanfiction that I have read over the years, none have resonated so deeply as this one has. I have read it, by now, at least 4 seperate times all the way through, and for many reasons. To say that the writing quality is excellent would be an understatement - you have a way of embodying each of the characters in ways so uniquely them, and I truly feel as though I'm transversing through the game right alongside them. Particularly, the way you incorporate Zack in Cloud's place is phenomenally beautiful. The "what if" of this scenario does leave Zack and Tifa particularly broken, and I so enjoy how their brokenness is able to come together because of it. The homage you pay to Cloud throughout this is heartwrenching, to say the least. I cannot say enough that this story, more than any other, gives me more goosebumps and evokes more emotions than any other I've read (and only deepens my never-ending love for Cloud that much more - you describe him so perfectly). Within the FFVII universe it is the stories of Cloud, Tifa, Zack, and Aerith that have captivated me most, and this explores all of their relationships so wonderfully.

That being said, and as many before me have stated as well, it is obvious that you haven't updated in awhile. It's funny, to me - I have been a fan of FFVII since the day it came out (and since then Cloud has been my number 1 pixelated love for all eternity hahaha) but it comes in waves. There are months when I become re-consumed in the entire universe, I get lost in the wonderful characters, and then I'll pull out of it again for a long, long time. But in the end, I always seem to come back to it. So in my hope of all hopes, I do hope that you are well and I do hope, unashamedly, that these characters will one day draw you back in again so you can be reinspired to finish this beautiful story that you've started.

And if you don't? Thank you endlessly for giving us what you have :) All the best, and many thanks!

love, a fan :)
Satsuki Bun chapter 41 . 1/22/2014
I think this and the previous chapter are by far my favorites because of both Tifa and Zack's emotions and sufferings. You've written them really well. That last part in this chapter with Tifa drowning in tears for Cloud made me want to cry along with her. Poor Tifa and Cloud.

Love the flow of the story. I hope you'll really update soon!
Saruha chapter 41 . 10/30/2013
Thank you so much for all of the time, effort and commitment you have given to reach this point in your story.
I can honestly say that Splintered Dreams is one of the best Final Fantasy VII stories I have EVER read!
You should feel so proud of yourself because you've hit the nail right on the head! You've got everything absolutely right!

The story is well paced and your characterizations are spot on! I could honestly gush about every single character you've introduced so far! And I love how you have developed the bonds between them! So realistic and so heart-warming! Your attention to detail is second to none, and I really appreciate that because detail is what makes or breaks a story for me. You have seamlessly incorporated your own little twists into the main plot - and you have truly made it your own.

There is just the right amount of light-hearted humour to counter what is actually a very dark story. I'm not even ashamed to admit that this story has made me sob like a small child. But it has also made me giggle with glee! And that, I think, is a wonderful achievement! After all, isn't the whole point of stories to make us feel? It's a long time since any story has made me feel this way: exhilarated, energized and eagerly anticipating the next chapter!

I know you haven't updated for a while, and from the message on your profile page I gather that this may be due to health issues. I am truly sorry about that. But I'm not giving up hope! I can see that you've updated 'The Wedding' fairly recently. And despite the fact that it is for a completely different fandom, it doesn't matter to me! What matters is that you're still actively writing! And as long as you're still actively writing, there's a chance that your interest might return to Final Fantasy VII at some point! (I can only hope!) I'm prepared to favourite / follow this story and wait for as long as it takes! (Because let's face it - a gem like this is far to good be forgotten!)

I would love to go into some aspects of this story in more depth, but I think this review is probably long enough as it is! Maybe I'll go back and do it a chapter at a time.

Anyway, thanks again for such an amazing story! You now have one more devoted fan!

I'll be waiting! :D
easilyobsessedctc chapter 41 . 10/23/2013
This is literally so phenomenal. I discovered it only a few days ago, a week at the most. And I literally read it non-stop whenever I had the chance every day until I reached the latest chapter (chapter 41/40). I realized that this story wasn't completed yet and so as I continued to read and I was slowly reaching toward Chapter 40, it was disheartening because I'm not sure if you plan to finish. Your last update was in the year 2011 and it makes me so sad because this story is literally SO GOOD. More than good. 'Great' doesn't even do it justice.

I've never actually played Final Fantasy 7, but I am familiar with the characters and the background and the gist of what the general plot was. However, since I never played it I don't know all of the details. For example, the scene about Nanaki and Seto in Cosmo Canyon. So the point of my rambling is is that it feels like I'm enjoying the game for the first time. But in a reading form. You have a fantastic way of getting into the characters' head and portraying their emotions. You describe scenes so well, and the dialogue is so great; funny, angst-y, heart-clenching and sophisticated when need be.

You are fantastic for creating this amazing piece of literary work and it has to be one of my most favorite reads at the moment. You've made me a Zack/Tifa fan when before all I had was tunnel vision for Cloud/Tifa. I also love the fact that you put enough Cloud into the story which makes it that much more realistic rather than having Tifa shed a few tears over him and jumping into Zack's arms.

Do you ever plan on continuing and completing this? I sure hope so.
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