Reviews for Splintered Dreams
BrownEyesAngel chapter 42 . 5/10
Yay! Tifa finally told him! Man, you gotta love Barret. Love this chapter so much and I really hope you will update soon.
BrownEyesAngel chapter 41 . 5/10
So glad Tifa is aiming to move forward, I'm sure that the past will continue to rear it's head, but hopefully she will stay resolved. And she'll have Zack on her side just as he would have her
BrownEyesAngel chapter 40 . 5/10
Cait is such a perv. It's funny though. Still no Vincent
BrownEyesAngel chapter 39 . 5/10
OK, so no Vincent yet. But still a very necessary chapter for plot and character development. Like I said before, a continuous roller coaster ride of emotions for Zack and Tifa.

Heh, cloakies. Gotta love Yuffie
BrownEyesAngel chapter 38 . 5/10
Poor Tifa seems to always be on a roller coaster of emotions (Zack too). Next enter Vincent stage right?
BrownEyesAngel chapter 37 . 5/10
Great job on this chapter, I think you made it very meaningful to the characters involved
BrownEyesAngel chapter 36 . 5/10
I know you said you were not happy with this chapter, but I think it was great. I really like Bugenhagen, I thought he was really fun. And a bit of a romantic.
BrownEyesAngel chapter 35 . 5/10

Loved kiss ass Tifa
BrownEyesAngel chapter 34 . 5/10
Again, mama fair is awesome. Curious, did Tifa hear the Turks conversation or was it just Zack, because you know, SOLDIER Boy?
BrownEyesAngel chapter 33 . 5/10
Mrs. Fair is awesome, loved the chapter
BrownEyesAngel chapter 32 . 5/10
I'm sure that Sephiroth only spoke to Dio to get the message to Zack, with the general it's usually fire and death. Great chapter!
BrownEyesAngel chapter 31 . 5/10
Goodness, I forgot what a perv Cait/Reeve was, poor Tifa. Liked the territorial Zack
BrownEyesAngel chapter 30 . 5/10
And enter the cloaks...sorta. Oh and Reece
BrownEyesAngel chapter 29 . 5/10
Good for Tifa, she's been burying everything, so it's good for her to get it off her chest. It's nice to see Zack emotionally supporting her during her breakdown
BrownEyesAngel chapter 28 . 5/10
Poor Zack, can't catch a break. At least there's progress with their relationship
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