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Guest chapter 1 . 6/18/2017
I almost squealed with excitement when I reached the end of this first chapter. Fairytales hold a special place on my heart and Beauty and the Beast is a favourite of mine. Though the why is perhaps a bit odd, as my fondness is not due to the story itself, but the amazing AU's it inspires. And this I believe will be one of them.

But you know the best part? You're writing in true fairytale style. It's awesome.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/3/2017
Good writing
FigsVsNewton chapter 25 . 9/12/2016
That was one of the most fluidly written and professional takes on beauty and the beast i have ever read... And yes i have read alot of books on this subject... That was beautiful and you have no end to the overwhelmig talents displayed in this work of nothing less than art, all the words in all the world wouldnt be able to contain my joy and love for this peice and i am glad that is true... You, my dear are a rare breed and deserve to share such a captivating story and such evident talents for the written word to the world... I wish you the best of luck and hope others will find this as delightful to read as i have... Truly, thank you.
IAMONLYME2885 chapter 25 . 5/29/2016
Bless you this was gorgeously written! I've been reading for a while now and added this story to my favs around chapter five. Just...the ending was everything I wanted and was looking for in the fairytale rendition. Especially were Beast stayed a beast. Thank you so much! 3
Autumn0909 chapter 25 . 1/4/2016
I...I just can't tell you how amazing this story is. I just read it all in one go because it was too good to stop. I love it; all the twists and the uniqueness of the story while still being true to the generic one. Wow, just wow. I feel like this will be one of those stories that I'll be looking to re-read multiple times while curled up in a blanket in the winter. I can't wait to buy it.
yuki chapter 25 . 3/4/2015
Cool! And eventhough I'm a bit disappointed with the end (like the appearance of Beast) but this bit of reality touch is nice. Keep going and thank you for your hard work.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/2/2015
Seems promising story ahead
Guest chapter 1 . 11/19/2014
This story was so amazing and creative and one of the best written fanfics I've found so far! Please write more stories!
Drarrypowa chapter 25 . 10/8/2014
Hello Kodora,

I already wrote you a review but I need to point out two small things out:

In French, you say:

"Va au diable" and not "Va à diable" for "Go to Hell"(don't try and find a logical eplanation: that's French lol)
"Et toi?" for "And you?" and not "Et tu?" because we too have different personal pronouns that are used depending on your sentence: je-moi (I-me)/ tu-toi (you-you) (/il-lui (he-him)/nous-nous (we-we)/vous-vous (you-you)/ils-eux (they-them).

Here are the only mistakes I remember In the hopes that this review did not bother but on the contrary helped you (Yes, I am French). Maybe you won't ever read it...

Thank you for writing this story, I loved it.
Guest chapter 25 . 9/13/2014
*Clap clap clap clap* So so so beautifulll!
drkmgic chapter 25 . 9/9/2014
Omg this is amazing. The journey was unreal. I can't even believe how long this is and yet it felt so short. The story just blended so we'll. I really love the pacing of the story and how well you developed each character. (P.s beauty as the academic headstrong woman so she ahead of her time is just adorable. ) i love how much they both have grown in the end of the story. I have such conflicted feelings about the ending though. For one part im disappointed that beast pulled a "Shrek" and stayed as an ogre, er beast, but on hand I find it fitting because if Brendan truly loves him, then he will love him no matter what shape beast turns out to be . I'm glad they worked it out in the end and that the family is starting to accept beast. That Brendan's career is taking off. Though I do wonder, what did happen to the invisibles. Did they just poof? Thanks for the story. This is honestly without a doubt the best adaptation of beauty and the beast. Ever!
MoonKent chapter 25 . 5/29/2014
That was a very interesting ending. I have to say, I didn't expect that. Not until the sorceress said that some things couldn't be undone. The Beast being able to cast illusions around himself to avoid suspicion seems a little bit far-fetched to me, but I'm glad that he is able to get and see the world. I feel sorry for the castle though. And what happened to all the servants? It would be nice to know if they just sort of...faded away, or if they were released to live again elsewhere.

Also, we never did find out what the fish really were. Were they in league with the sorceress, or did they have their own motives?

Sorry, I don't mean to ask so many questions! It's a sign of how much I enjoyed the work that I want to know more about it, and have all the details filled in.

I'm glad to hear that you are publishing this. I tried to look it up online, but didn't find any new information. Are you still trying working on that? What it be released under the same title?

Anyway, this has been a marvelous read, and you have done a wonderful job!
MoonKent chapter 24 . 5/29/2014
I'm glad that Beauty got Brendan to talk about everything. I'm glad that she actually has a good role in this story and that she's not trying to hold him back. And I while I'm not glad that the Beast is having so much pain right now, I am glad that he has finally verbalized his true feelings for Brendan.

Also, I suspect the fish of lying.
MoonKent chapter 23 . 5/29/2014
The family relationships are so well done here. There's just the right amount of focus on each one, and you can really see how they affect Brendan. My favorite moment was when Beauty dumped the bucket of ice water on his head while he was asleep! No shrinking damsel, that one!

I also liked that Brendan's time with the Beast made him stronger in himself, and he was able to talk down the produce provider with no trouble at all.
MoonKent chapter 22 . 5/29/2014
Ah! That was heartbreaking! (In the best possible way, of course, but still...) Ah!
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