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Miramel chapter 21 . 6/11/2011
I want planning on reviewing till the end but this chapter was just too funny. You had me rolling on the floor laughing. Good job, not much can make me so that.
Ereader chapter 4 . 5/28/2011
So. Funny.

You really have a gift for making cute and unbeliaveable funny scenes.
HopelessRomanticist chapter 29 . 5/6/2011
Greatest collection of oneshots for CG that I have encountered. Love the character interaction, and the last chapter...well, it was excellent, and I am rather sad to see the story has finished. Despite the 3 years. I guess quality doesn't care about time.

goddess-ish chapter 29 . 4/5/2011
I really love this story! :)

I hope you make another one!
Enigma infinite chapter 29 . 1/4/2011
silentmusic16 chapter 29 . 10/5/2010
very good chapter, very good story, and all in all, very good characterization. i really enjoyed it all!
silentmusic16 chapter 28 . 10/5/2010

the cuteness in this chapter was almost beyond anything i've ever read. it was so cute it was almost evil. great job though.

favorite line: "Shall I be the little sister then? Aa, but if I am, Lelouch would develop a sister complex..." she looked at him with a completely serious and straight face, "not that you don't have one already."
silentmusic16 chapter 17 . 10/5/2010
this was a really good chapter, both in humor, presentation, and the idea!
silentmusic16 chapter 2 . 10/4/2010
ok, while i'm still reading these stories ('cause they're hilarious!) i just had to comment on this chapter (my previous idea was to review them all as a collection at the end).

the implied future rape of lulu by c.c. is just really funny to picture, and that last line was really funny too/

favorite line:

"You know, I've always thought that it would be me who will rape you one day and not the other way round." She said simply and Lelouch froze, slowly digest her words, did a double-take on their very compromising position and finally yelped and jumped off her like she had a disease that was contagious.
Geck09 chapter 17 . 9/6/2010
lol I love this story, I guess my favourite part of this is when Sayoko said 'Now if only I could get rid of the other girls on the list...' hahahaha that sound ominous
Guest chapter 1 . 8/20/2010
Its official I am labelled as insane beyond saving because of this. Whats with me laughing like a madman (in my case woman) all of a sudden and started squealing like crazy. I can't blame them though.I say your fault! For making a d*mn good amount of fluff and a witty humor that tickles my code geass fantasy into overdrive. *claps like the insane I am*-
Heise chapter 29 . 7/18/2010
I feel really selfish for well, giving you only one review after 29 chapters of awesome. But there's some dubious compliment in this that I was so captivated by your story I couldn't bear to pause it and make a review ...

So first off, I love how happy this made me feel ... it's like a chapter of cat-chasing times one hundred cause this is a C.C. chapter and you make her so awesome and lovable. I especially like that one chapter with her and Suzaku chained together and she stops him when she hears someone crying. So above a cool, mysterious, pretty character (which are all big bonuses) I love that you made her a nice one. Which I think she is. Though in a clumsy, cold kind of way.

And I really missed Shirley and Euphie-I mean I'm all for Lelouch's grand plans but they were fun and nice characters that believed in Lelouch to the very end and so it sucked that they were disposed. So this story was really nice.

I love Lelouch and C.C.'s relationship! It's like he takes care of her cause he has no other choice but he does a good job.

Erm. I probably should have reviewed after my favorite chapters ... eek. Well, I'm going to hop onto your profile and hunt through your other stories.

Good job! :) I reeaally loved this! _ I found this story through TVTropes on the list of the best Code Geass fanfictions :D
SSK 'Blackjack chapter 21 . 6/26/2010
Hahahaha, I can't believe that C.C wanted Pizza that badly. I couldn't stop laughing, and I loved this chapter.
km lowe chapter 8 . 4/4/2010
O i like this casino chappie :D lotsa ccxlulu luvin' 3
km lowe chapter 3 . 4/4/2010
It just gets better and better. double kudos for chap3! XD Looking forward to more :D
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