Reviews for A Flash of Lights
Guest chapter 13 . 6/5/2013
Omg his brother being there just makes it all the better keep writing you are very good
MeghanLeggyLeaf chapter 13 . 6/5/2013
Woah so mokuba didn't know?
TheBeginingsEnd chapter 12 . 3/30/2011
...shit hit the fan...
Shiningheart of ThunderClan chapter 12 . 3/27/2011
*sigh* Don't you hate it when men don't know when to give up? Still, though, at least Seto cares. Even if he didn't want the kid at first, he cares now, right? Update soon!
Shiningheart of ThunderClan chapter 11 . 3/25/2011
*grin* Seto, you naughty boy, you never told us you liked it rough! *laugh* Love it! Update soon!
Ultimate Ending chapter 11 . 3/24/2011
This is the first time reading this and oh my gosh, this is really good for having an OC. Usually they make me a little nervous, but you did a great job at developing her. I can see something like this actually happening because Kaiba is in character in your story as well. the plot is also very apealing, like i dont feel the need to skim over anything. which has been pretty rare for me lately on ff. So yea, keep up the great work, i cant wait to see more from you :)
TheBeginingsEnd chapter 11 . 3/24/2011
It's a good story
The Quoi chapter 11 . 3/23/2011
I'm enjoying this. : ) Your OC has a lot more depth than other OC's that I've seen, so that's really refreshing. She can be moody, selfish and maybe even a little bitchy sometimes... But she's human too. : ) She's not fake, is what I'm trying to say. I find Kaiba sliiiiightly ooc, but then again, from how much he cares for his little brother, I'm sure he'd be able to rustle up some sympathy for another human if he were the cause of their plight. He's egotistical, yet honourable in that way, I suppose. Update soon. : )
mangafn chapter 10 . 3/15/2011
i've read many stories on the pairing seto/anzu but i've never notice this one. its the first time i'm reading ur story. i'm sad n angry with myself how cud i hvnt notice such a wonderfull story Your story is absolutely grate . amazing... fantastic job. I hpe u'll update soon. love it n keep it up.
The Duelist's Heiress chapter 9 . 3/9/2011
Oi,...this'll be interesting.

I think "muzak" should be "music"?
The Duelist's Heiress chapter 8 . 3/9/2011
Yay you're back.

It's been forever!

Hmm this should be interesting.

HopelessRomantic183 chapter 6 . 6/26/2010
Hey sorry to review twice in a row, but I think I should mention that I do know that this story is not a Seto and Kisara one, but my mind listed Kaede under the Kisara reincarnation category, which is why I listed into it in my review. I hope you don't mind too much, because I really am in love with this story regardless of if Kaede does or does not fall into the mentioned category! I just figured I should clear that up and, once again, great work with this!
HopelessRomantic183 chapter 7 . 6/26/2010
This is a great story and I really hope that you will end up finishing it! The first chapter, along with the teasers in it were definitely enough to capture my interest hook, line, and sinker! Without even reading your story "The Book of Apophis" I can already tell that you are one of the best writers for this pairing that i have ever seen. I am now in love with three out of your four works and I'm sure that by the end of the day it will be upgraded to four out of four! I'm not a writer so I don't really know what would cause someone to get past writers block; however, maybe you just need to do something like: read the Yu-Gi-Oh manga, watch the shows online and/or read the fanfictions (which admittedly can be hard to find, but I have favored over a hundred Seto/Kisara ones). I hope that you don't think that I am being impatient and trying to rush you to update any of your stories because these are so good that the last thing I would want to see you do would be to rush through them! I am just trying to throw out ideas in order to help you overcome your writers block, especially since it would be a shame if you either didn't finish your stories or just gave them any old ending to get them finished. The two stories and one one-shot that I have read so far are absolutely superb and I would rather wait years for you to finish them than see them never get done at all. Fa-nominal job, and I look forward to any and all of your future updates!
AKA.Girl chapter 7 . 9/28/2008
I like it... you wrote it well...

ihope you update soon!
Autumn-Angel-31 chapter 7 . 8/14/2008
Yay! Update! Update ASAP! _
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