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ChefJayla chapter 74 . 12/21/2011
It's been a fun ride. This isn't the type of story I usually read, but I enjoyed the twists & turns. Thank you for completing it.

Have a very happy holiday & wonderful new year.
ardana chapter 74 . 12/21/2011
A great big thank you for sticking with the story to a very satisfying ending, no loose ends left and everyone with their intended mates. I was drawn in to your story from the very beginning and have appreciated your richness of character and setting.
Noble Korhedron chapter 74 . 12/21/2011
I never really find myself able to write huge reviews. :-( Good ending. Any chance of posting some outtakes - if any - and/or future takes?
espaniola112 chapter 73 . 12/7/2011
I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to read this, my mum made me 'have a brake' because apparentlyI'm becoming 'a recluse to my own family.' So I've had to have 3 whole days without fanfiction. God I sound like one of them spoilt brats. I'm not. But ff is adictive just like twilight was. Actually this is more addictive and twilight. Your story especially. And I am most annoyed that during my 'time out' you have updated. We'll I am more apreciatie of what I have now and I'm not going to blow it or waste my time without it. I think this is one of my favourited chapters. (I have a couple for this story) It was soo fluffy and sweet with lemony hints ;) I LOVED it! Please write more like this chapter. I'm sad that the next chapter is an epiloge. Will we get any outtakes? Please? Pritty please with a cherry on top? And extra sugar? And dribelling chocolate? With... ok I think you get the picture. Hehe. :)
Hyvanna chapter 73 . 12/6/2011
Got a bit of the wobble-eye for Aleksey willing to wait. But now that she has been changed out of choice and not life threating reason it feel as tho Joanne knows Aleksey's feelings toward her even if she never let on.

Perfect ending even if Bella's change wasn't as easy but know we know why it took longer and Carlisle got to learn knowing things before hand helps if the person keeps repeating things as they burn :).

Poor Alice still doesn't get a Barbi doll to dress up *snicker*

I loved watching her be playfull thro Edward's eyes and Hey they could have have their 'wedding night' in the tree, it would just be a 'pre-bed' and scense it'll get destroyed they can widdle the peaces into a really cool looking bed snicker... oh right they need like iron or reinforced steel beds *snicker*

Well Bella took the news of her mom being changed rather well I'd say, cause she could have ripped him to peaces and burned him before the others could have even reacted proubly before Alice would get out of a vision of it *giggles*. Awesome Job Two Thumbs-N-Two Big Toes Up!

All cleared up for me, bring on the epilogue so I can pout and complain that the journy is over, and that you're not lisoning to your man and his ideas :( he might turn from Cuddly Grizzly to just woke hungry Momma Griz hehe :)
petmom1213 chapter 73 . 12/4/2011
As always it is wonderful. I hate for it to end. So we have one more chapter and an epilogue? Is there any way that I can get this story to save on a flashdrive? I really do love it.

Siriusmunchkin chapter 73 . 12/3/2011
Maybe I was mistaken in thinking you and Bella had talked about changing her if her life was threatened? Joanna had made Aleksey promise to change her if she were dying, so maybe I confused the conversations. One thing I remember from the first of your journal entries(Vampirism 101B) was that the change itself only took twelve to twenty-four hours. Or was that short a time only under certain circumstances? You also mentioned that your eye color doesn't change, that there is just a ring around them showing whether you drink from humans, animals, or both. You said hers were burgundy when she first opened them as a vampire. Are they like that for a short time before they go back to their orginal color with the ring around the iris that shows how you feed? I'm almost surprised Bella subconsciously fought the change. I'd have thought she might have made it speed up so she could be with you sooner, lol. Can't wait to find out if either of you tell us how Richard took the news of his wife and daughter being among the missing. Or maybe because Bella seemed to have such strong control at the beginning, she would be able to talk and visit with her father without a problem. If she wanted to that is. Wouldn't surprise me if she had no interest in seeing him for quite some time, if ever. Though I'm sure someone had to come up with a very plausible story to feed him. Bella's quick adaptation to being a vampire doesn't surprise me in the least. She already knew what she wanted, and knew, more or less, what to expect from talking with you and the rest of the family. She has always been strong willed and would be more so now that she's been changed. I am glad you were smart enough to understand that you did hold her back when she was a human. That you were a little overprotective. Then again so were most of the people in her life. And also that she doesn't hold that overprotectiveness against anyone. Except maybe her father. So did Bella finish high school the next year? She was almost to the end of her junior year when you changed her. If she could be around humans so easily she could have finished out in Forks, saying she and her mother had moved back from Montana for whatever reason. You two have now started on your happily ever after. Do we get to find out what Joanna's decision was about staying with her husband or going with Aleksey? Wouldn't she have had an adjustment period before she could be around humans? I'm sure the family got all their questions ansered in due time. Hopefully they let the two of you have a few days honeymoon before anything else was done. Thanks, Edward, for sharing Bella's and your story with us. And thanks to the rest of the family for their contributions. By the way, did you ever find out which member of the family first posted your journal entries on line? I'm almost torn between Esme and Alice. I can see Esme doing it because of the romance of your relationship, and Alice seeing that you would both accet it being done and not want to extract vengence on the perpetrater. At least not a lot of vengence. Maybe a few pranks on the guilty party, lol.
lolvampirebookworm2000 chapter 73 . 12/3/2011
I am sad that the story is ending but at least it,s ending on a good note. This chapter was sooooooo good though. I never really liked CHarlie thought, I felt as if he was always smothering her but, thats how fathers are. I can't wait til the next chapter even thought it will be the last :(
Noble Korhedron chapter 73 . 12/3/2011
W.T.F? Since when can shields take away pain? :-S
Gabi107book chapter 73 . 12/3/2011
I think they should explain the hunting trip to Jasper I want to see his reaction! Love ya 3!
Gabi107book chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
Anhui she's going to change and so is joeanna (sp?)! Is it almost over? What's going to happen to Charlie? Are Peter and joeanna going to get together? So excited for the next chapter! UPDATE SOON PLEASE! *vv*
espaniola112 chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
Wow. Just. Wow. A sad bit of fluf. Kinda sad. I'm actually speachless. It was...words can't decribe how it makes you feel. Ow, only one more chapter? what about all the years of their as newly-weds? Is there to be a sequel? of out takes? Just asking. I'd love to know more of this story it's actually more intense to find out what happens then SM's twilight. Please some more chapters I don't want this story to end :'( please, please?
petmom1213 chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
Great chapter, I love how her mother is involved and will one day be turned also. How many more chapters can I look forward to? I love this story.
Hyvanna chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
Awe fighting tears here. Awesome Job! Everything you discribed about going thro with the double pneumonia is what we went thro with our son, the night he died his temp shot from steady 104 to 108, more to story but that's my own personl hell, god where is doctors like Carlise when ya need them :(.


Comformation... hum momma gonna be Changed... and Soon!, *Squeal*, Oh yikes poor Charlie. Well daggummit! agian you have me on the edge of my seat waiting for more. Two Thumbs-N-Two Big Toes Up!
lolvampirebookworm2000 chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
The ending made me almost cry... It was so sweet! Emmet is the best brother a person can have, I can't wait til they change her to a vampire. How will her dad react to finding that Bells is no longer in his life... I can't wait til the next chapter!
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