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petmom1213 chapter 73 . 12/4/2011
As always it is wonderful. I hate for it to end. So we have one more chapter and an epilogue? Is there any way that I can get this story to save on a flashdrive? I really do love it.

Siriusmunchkin chapter 73 . 12/3/2011
Maybe I was mistaken in thinking you and Bella had talked about changing her if her life was threatened? Joanna had made Aleksey promise to change her if she were dying, so maybe I confused the conversations. One thing I remember from the first of your journal entries(Vampirism 101B) was that the change itself only took twelve to twenty-four hours. Or was that short a time only under certain circumstances? You also mentioned that your eye color doesn't change, that there is just a ring around them showing whether you drink from humans, animals, or both. You said hers were burgundy when she first opened them as a vampire. Are they like that for a short time before they go back to their orginal color with the ring around the iris that shows how you feed? I'm almost surprised Bella subconsciously fought the change. I'd have thought she might have made it speed up so she could be with you sooner, lol. Can't wait to find out if either of you tell us how Richard took the news of his wife and daughter being among the missing. Or maybe because Bella seemed to have such strong control at the beginning, she would be able to talk and visit with her father without a problem. If she wanted to that is. Wouldn't surprise me if she had no interest in seeing him for quite some time, if ever. Though I'm sure someone had to come up with a very plausible story to feed him. Bella's quick adaptation to being a vampire doesn't surprise me in the least. She already knew what she wanted, and knew, more or less, what to expect from talking with you and the rest of the family. She has always been strong willed and would be more so now that she's been changed. I am glad you were smart enough to understand that you did hold her back when she was a human. That you were a little overprotective. Then again so were most of the people in her life. And also that she doesn't hold that overprotectiveness against anyone. Except maybe her father. So did Bella finish high school the next year? She was almost to the end of her junior year when you changed her. If she could be around humans so easily she could have finished out in Forks, saying she and her mother had moved back from Montana for whatever reason. You two have now started on your happily ever after. Do we get to find out what Joanna's decision was about staying with her husband or going with Aleksey? Wouldn't she have had an adjustment period before she could be around humans? I'm sure the family got all their questions ansered in due time. Hopefully they let the two of you have a few days honeymoon before anything else was done. Thanks, Edward, for sharing Bella's and your story with us. And thanks to the rest of the family for their contributions. By the way, did you ever find out which member of the family first posted your journal entries on line? I'm almost torn between Esme and Alice. I can see Esme doing it because of the romance of your relationship, and Alice seeing that you would both accet it being done and not want to extract vengence on the perpetrater. At least not a lot of vengence. Maybe a few pranks on the guilty party, lol.
lolvampirebookworm2000 chapter 73 . 12/3/2011
I am sad that the story is ending but at least it,s ending on a good note. This chapter was sooooooo good though. I never really liked CHarlie thought, I felt as if he was always smothering her but, thats how fathers are. I can't wait til the next chapter even thought it will be the last :(
Noble Korhedron chapter 73 . 12/3/2011
W.T.F? Since when can shields take away pain? :-S
Gabi107book chapter 73 . 12/3/2011
I think they should explain the hunting trip to Jasper I want to see his reaction! Love ya 3!
Gabi107book chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
Anhui she's going to change and so is joeanna (sp?)! Is it almost over? What's going to happen to Charlie? Are Peter and joeanna going to get together? So excited for the next chapter! UPDATE SOON PLEASE! *vv*
espaniola112 chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
Wow. Just. Wow. A sad bit of fluf. Kinda sad. I'm actually speachless. It was...words can't decribe how it makes you feel. Ow, only one more chapter? what about all the years of their as newly-weds? Is there to be a sequel? of out takes? Just asking. I'd love to know more of this story it's actually more intense to find out what happens then SM's twilight. Please some more chapters I don't want this story to end :'( please, please?
petmom1213 chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
Great chapter, I love how her mother is involved and will one day be turned also. How many more chapters can I look forward to? I love this story.
Hyvanna chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
Awe fighting tears here. Awesome Job! Everything you discribed about going thro with the double pneumonia is what we went thro with our son, the night he died his temp shot from steady 104 to 108, more to story but that's my own personl hell, god where is doctors like Carlise when ya need them :(.


Comformation... hum momma gonna be Changed... and Soon!, *Squeal*, Oh yikes poor Charlie. Well daggummit! agian you have me on the edge of my seat waiting for more. Two Thumbs-N-Two Big Toes Up!
lolvampirebookworm2000 chapter 72 . 11/25/2011
The ending made me almost cry... It was so sweet! Emmet is the best brother a person can have, I can't wait til they change her to a vampire. How will her dad react to finding that Bells is no longer in his life... I can't wait til the next chapter!
Siriusmunchkin chapter 72 . 11/24/2011
There's no doubt in my mind Edward that your family had a few choice words for you after reading this entry. Betting Bella had more than a few, lol. I can understand and sympathize with your thinking though. Glad the werewolves were around to find her. They are good people. And I'm sure you gave them a proper thank you after the crisis was over and Bella was changed. Which brings up a question about Joanna's conversation with Aleksey. If I remember correctly, Bella had already made the decision to become a vampire just after you started dating. Or when you got engaged. Hadn't she already asked that you change her if something happened that threatened her life? And you two are now married, so that gives you the right to make decisions for her, though I know you'd never have taken advantage of that. Guess I'm confused as to why Joanna would think it was her decision as to whether Bella was changed. She was the one who signed the paper so you could be married. I can understand as her mother that Joanna would be more than concerned about Bella, but would also think she would have trusted you to do what you and Bella had discussed. Or maybe Joanna didn't know you and Bella had already talked about this? Then again it was a very stressful time and Joanna wasn't thinking about the fact you two were already married, just that her daughter was dying and wanted to make sure that didn't happen. She is a very loving mother and her daughter is everything to her. Or maybe I'm just overthinking everything.
Noble Korhedron chapter 72 . 11/24/2011
Ugh - poor Bella! Stupid decision, but she couldn't know what was happening elsewhere... :-( More please? :-)
lolvampirebookworm2000 chapter 71 . 11/15/2011
I hope that they find Bella before she freezes to death! I wonder how she knew which way to go? I hope she knows how to read a map because then who knows where she could be? Breaking Dawn Part 1 is coming out can't wait... Maybe she was on her way to Edward's and stopped into a movie theater to watch it lol that would be funny. I hope they are able to find her and then her and Edward can be able to reunite :)
Hyvanna chapter 71 . 11/15/2011
Oh jeezy, Bella's gone missing!

I'm glad Edward set down and talked to Aleksey and we got some more of his story *pucker* poor Aleksey but I gotta give him credit that he hasn't told her his feeling toward her pushing for her to make a choice. Tho at the same time I too wonder like Edward if she feels that way toward him even if she brushes it off as like a fantisy she thinks about but would never dip into. JEEZY I'M SO I TERRIBLE this is posta be Bella/Edward's story and I'm now more drawn to Joanna/Aleksey grrr. Two Thumbs-N-Two Big Toes Up!
alicefan32 chapter 71 . 11/15/2011
great chapter
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