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lolvampirebookworm2000 chapter 71 . 11/15/2011
I hope that they find Bella before she freezes to death! I wonder how she knew which way to go? I hope she knows how to read a map because then who knows where she could be? Breaking Dawn Part 1 is coming out can't wait... Maybe she was on her way to Edward's and stopped into a movie theater to watch it lol that would be funny. I hope they are able to find her and then her and Edward can be able to reunite :)
Hyvanna chapter 71 . 11/15/2011
Oh jeezy, Bella's gone missing!

I'm glad Edward set down and talked to Aleksey and we got some more of his story *pucker* poor Aleksey but I gotta give him credit that he hasn't told her his feeling toward her pushing for her to make a choice. Tho at the same time I too wonder like Edward if she feels that way toward him even if she brushes it off as like a fantisy she thinks about but would never dip into. JEEZY I'M SO I TERRIBLE this is posta be Bella/Edward's story and I'm now more drawn to Joanna/Aleksey grrr. Two Thumbs-N-Two Big Toes Up!
alicefan32 chapter 71 . 11/15/2011
great chapter
Siriusmunchkin chapter 71 . 11/14/2011
Edward this is so not a good thing. Yes, we know you are together and happy. But having her missing less than a month after you two were married must have put your whole family into a panic. Can vampires panic? I remember asking if it was possible that the physical seperation would be impossible to maintain. Guess I got my answer. Why didn't she try and call you as soon as she was away from home? You would have gone to get her immediately. Joanna is as perceptive as her daughter. And why does her father have to be such an idiot? He knew how close the two of you were. He had to have known how depressed and stressed she was about the move. That she would have been much better off if he had let her stay with your family. Or even let her mother stay with her somewhere close until the end of school. For a man who is supposed to be very smart, he certainly doesn't act it. Though maybe I'm being to harsh on him? He is a father and believes he needs to be able to take care of his daughter. But as a father he should also want what is best for his daughter. And the best for her is to be with you. Even knowing that you two are still very happy together I'm terrified of what's happening to her alone in the cold and snow. If she is even alone. Bella has very good judgement where people are concerned, but she wouldn't be able to fight off someone bigger if they just stopped and grabbed her.
Gabi107book chapter 71 . 11/14/2011
Hmmmm I wonder were she is! Is who gave her a ride important was it a bad person can't wait to find out update QUICKLY!
lolvampirebookworm2000 chapter 70 . 11/7/2011
Just caught up with the last chapter and this one and I have a few words to say

OMG! That was epicness! There wedding was so cute! I liked that Edward couldn't wait to wed Bella it makes my blush with excitement. I am practically buzzing with it! This chapter was awesome it was well written and everything I loved the detail. I also like that Bella's mom knows that they got married and everything. That the whole marriage and stuff wasn't illegal or anything. I can't wait to read the next chapter ! XD
espaniola112 chapter 70 . 11/7/2011
Ok I got the hint. I understand if Bella doesn't want to share ;) and I'm not going to let myself sound like a pedophile (though I think that is when an older person with a younger get what i mean though)...Ok so are your mind games over? Seeing as at the begining AN you claimed non of the charactors to be real and the story along with that :( ... At least I have peace of mind. i wasn't joking when I said you had twised my mind. I couldn't rap my head around it and that bothered me to no end. And I expect you wont want to read/hear my ramblings of the possibilty of your story being true...or are you just trying to get us off your tail? darn I have an over imaginative mind agh!

Realy good chapter Realy enjoyed it and I will continue to read with a mind that feels a little clearers now. :)
Hyvanna chapter 70 . 11/7/2011
lol okay I'll be good and let them have their touchy-feely-exstream petting-alone-time.

I liked, If it was Alice dicribing... hehe :)

YAH! Momma knows for reals and she realy did get permission, gotta love Tricksy Little Alice.

Hummm the seamline up the back of the legg I can see it being sexxy for a guy, think it's cause it's like what would be considered a "goodie trail" (and YES I do know what the "goodie trail" is *Smile Big Blush*)

Two Thumbs-N-Two Big Toes Up!
petmom1213 chapter 70 . 11/7/2011
Great chapter and I want Bella's side to the wedding night, please. I love this story and will miss it when it ends.


Gabi107book chapter 70 . 11/7/2011
I wanna know all the details pleas *gives puppy dog eyes*

pretty please! Update soon
Noble Korhedron chapter 70 . 11/7/2011
FINALLY! :-D I'll be waiting for more - I wanna see the confrontation when 'Daddy dearest' finds out about this! *evil grin*
ardana chapter 70 . 11/7/2011
I love Alice! Not only did she plan the perfect wedding for Bella and Edward, but she even helped make sure that it was legal!
Siriusmunchkin chapter 70 . 11/6/2011
Well Edward, looks like your siblings were looking out for you and Bella at all times. I did say I thought Joanna would probably agree to giving permission for Bella to marry you. She has never wanted anything but happiness for her daughter, and you obviously made Bella very happy. And still do no doubt. Will admit I wasn't sure Bella would agree to the marriage without having her mother there. Though I'm pretty sure there will be another wedding for the whole family and friends benefit when she's eighteen. Whether or not her father walks her down the aisle is another story. She'd be just as happy to have her big brother Emmett do it again I bet. It does sound like you had the perfect wedding. Small and simple. No doubt Bella really appreciated that part as she does seem to hate being the center of attention. Hopefully one of your siblings took pictures of the event? Or is there a photographer at the chapel that takes care of that? Can't imagine either of you not wanting to have a picture of your first wedding. Though I'm thinking you'd have to keep them until you and Bella have your own place. Joanna might want to see them, but can't quite imagine Richard would be very happy. Congratulations on your wedding by the way. What day in December was the actual day? Or aren't you telling? As to your wedding night. That is private and I can't imagine why you would want to share it with anyone. It's no one's business but yours and Bella's. Some things just need to stay between the happy couple. I'm still crossing my fingers that you and Bella aren't going to be seperated for six months. Really can't imagine how hard that would be on both of you. I know what it's like to lose a spouse to death. But being seperated because her father doesn't have a clue about what's good for his daugher? Just doesn't sound like fun at all.
Hyvanna chapter 69 . 10/31/2011
Welp he has 200 years to either cool off or stew, tho I'd just love being in Ireland to care about revenge lol.

Glad they altered her memory and could keep it from her dad who is a very good recruter I hope all of them think that way I don't know I never talked to one even tho every male on my side of the family has atleast gone thro basic training.

YAH! They talking getting hitched now! *Alice Clap* I can see her dad popping a vein tho her mom would be over joyed... speaking of her mom NOPE NOT GOING TO THINK ABOUT THAT LITTLE COMMIT! *Narrow Eyes at MidnightWalking* I know yoooou *Smile Big* and it's those little tidbits you throw in that makes me groan, growl and whimper cause I NEED MORE DAGGUMMIT! Your Killing Me your just... wait I just got a flash of Tom Hanks saying that to a female baseball player and her stinky soaks, which brings me to TWO THUMBS-N-TWO BIG TOES UP!
espaniola112 chapter 69 . 10/31/2011
I finally cought up with you! I've been wanting to comment since the begining but kept quiet as I don't review until I've read up to the last update. I have to say this is a very cleaver story, at some stage you realy had me on the whole 'we are real but steph got it wrong and I'm setting it straight' idea and it kept turning over in my head...It would be awsome if it was real! Don't worry if you are real I'm not ganna hunt you down, or reveal your secret but I think your stories are starting to ware off on me...I can be so random at times (see I'm writing you a review and one for the cullens too for if they're reading over your sholder) Hey wait I'm confuzzled is it Edward who posts this up or do you write and post up on behalf of Edward and in that do you know the cullens?...see I'm the leader loony at my school, We're all psyco! hehe...Don't worry I'm not on any drugs, if I was you wouldn't see any difference anyway, or maybe I'd start acting 'normal' aaaa that's scary! *hide under table to get away from the needle*...hehe, Oh yeah! This is meant to be a review. Ok so um...I think what I've wrote shows what I feel about this story. Very cleaver if you came up with it your self and I want to know who you are and your connections to the cullens if you're helping them out. Keep the chapters coming and I realy love it, It's like a history lesson but romantic and funny and charming; it's interresting and I realy love it. So thank you for posting it up and as for Edward and Bella and all the Cullen pairs... You all deserve each over and I wish them all the best (thought they don't need it seeing as their love is forever, the lucky bunch) :) bye I have to get a fitting for my straight jacket...Whoa, Whoa I was joking! Jesus I'd think that you think I'm crazy or something *rolls eyes* jeez *sighes and shakes head, while walking off*
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