Reviews for Sometimes Life Hurts More Than Death
debcripps chapter 5 . 9/11/2008
I really like this story. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
JaspersRealAlice chapter 5 . 8/4/2008
Dr. Pepper's Peach chapter 5 . 7/15/2008
please please udpate soon. i cant wait for the next chapter.
Lord of the 13 hells chapter 5 . 7/14/2008
lol my head hurts i think i prefured not understanding life rather then understanding that if she told him he would loose and so would she but if he didnt chatch up she would loose and so would he so everything must go perfectally right or everyone looses OWY my head hurts again :S
XskyXdancerX chapter 5 . 6/29/2008
oh so good. please continue! i want to know what happens
SallyThePumpkinQueen chapter 1 . 6/26/2008
I like it pretty much.

but I have to add, that the few words you wrote in german are a bit wrong.

you wrote:Für hemme?" I asked.

"Nixe, für hemme und ethisch," she said.

but it is:

Für immer?" I asked

"Nein, für immer und ewig," she said

what you wrote sounds like dutch

But I rellay like your ff

do you learn german at school?
AmyBeee chapter 5 . 6/23/2008
yummy C:
iTsAsHii chapter 5 . 6/22/2008
me love
RockinWriter chapter 5 . 6/22/2008

And have some imagery, yeah? You have all dialogue.
RockinWriter chapter 4 . 6/22/2008

That did NOT make sense.

As far as I could make out. :/
RockinWriter chapter 3 . 6/22/2008
Frankenstitch chapter 3 . 6/22/2008
I wish I knew how to speak antoher language. I mean, I know the little Spanish we are taught in school but that is it. I WANT to speak Italian. (I'm Italian but my grandmother's grandparents or parents never taught her because they wanted to get use to English. So now thanks to my (great)greatgrandparents I have no way to learn Italian. Sorry for the minny rant.)
RockinWriter chapter 1 . 6/22/2008
That was fast.
the-universe-is-insane chapter 5 . 6/19/2008
That would actually be a good ending because even if you do want to know what happensright after that you know from Edwards destany that him and Bella will be happy together.
briandelight chapter 5 . 6/19/2008
I think most of us will agree to wait you out. it's a good story and it's not worth it to give away a story because you'll regret it later when you have ideas. just put it on hiatus till you can write more.
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