Reviews for Aw nuts!
DoodleMeNow chapter 1 . 2/4
Huh? Beast boys intelligence comes out as poetry
Lord Sicarius chapter 1 . 8/2/2017
Sweet goodness. That was amazingly poetic. Really, really poetic.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/16/2017
Very original and beautiful! I like how beast boy thought he kinda figured out Raven with the whole peanut comparison, but ended up not knowing her as well as he thought when she explained why she's not a peanut. It was very in depth and personal, and very creative. I really wish I can turn out to be a good writer like you.
Rayfe chapter 1 . 12/17/2015
That is too sweet.
BBRae BELIEVA chapter 1 . 11/11/2015
Shikamaru's babygirl chapter 1 . 8/20/2015
AWWWW my GOOOD! That ending was just so perfectly cuute!

Beast Boy is a bit of a philosopher here, huh? I actually really liked his description of peanuts.

Well, your description of peanuts. How DID you come up with that?
bluepblip chapter 1 . 8/13/2015
loverfanficsgirl1 chapter 1 . 6/23/2015
Wow just wow... I feel like a nuthead. But the story is great tho, how you use everyday objects and compare it to reality.I like that.
RavenSerendipity chapter 1 . 1/1/2015
I really thought he was going to tell her she was a hard nut to crack. That last bit with the cloak made me awwwww so loud my sister got scared. You are really good. Hope you finish tower. Btw: I'm in college too, so annoying, the lack of either free time or just the lack of plain old energy. :)
MagiJay chapter 1 . 12/31/2014
He's stupid but clever dose that make sence?!
calicoToones chapter 1 . 12/10/2014
Awww, what a sweet story!
surf.sft chapter 1 . 8/7/2014
That was really good-made me feel all warm and bubbly inside. (No I'm not a mug of hot chocolate)
Kifo Sotri chapter 1 . 8/6/2014
Okay, that was pretty cute.
ItWasYourTest chapter 1 . 6/22/2014
Prepare yourselves...peanut puns abound
Aronim chapter 1 . 6/11/2014

Good little shot. I really like the ending point, that BB is not wholly correct and the affirmation that Raven needs the shell, for herself and others, but that she can let people in. I've always thought that Raven needs control and that she will never be completely free, because she needs the tight hold on emotions and such, but that she can be happy in her life anyway.
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