Reviews for The Start of A New Beginning: Gilmore Style!
Banana Flavored Lemonade chapter 1 . 10/22/2011
this is legitimately in my top five favorite fics of ALL TIME and that's saying something when you take into account that i have read and saved over a thousand now.
xxxxx456 chapter 11 . 11/9/2008
omg love your story!1

can you please have more rory and logan soon ?[ and mabey a rory/logan baby ?]

please update asap !
anonymous-who chapter 11 . 10/11/2008
It's really well written! sequel?
StanaTorv chapter 11 . 8/19/2008
that was absolutely awesome. i loved it.

cant wait for the sequel

:D sam
noddingheadgirl chapter 11 . 7/13/2008
hey great story, ur a great writer:)
Jeremy Shane chapter 11 . 5/22/2008
good chapter & more please
Alexandra Dawn chapter 11 . 5/22/2008
Thanks for the soutout, first of all. Then, MAKE A SEQUAL! (Sorry went a little crazy there.) And last, I knew she was pregnant. I just saw that coming! That was a great story!
LastWhiteRose chapter 11 . 5/22/2008
aww yay happy ending! A sequel sounds amazing and I hope you do write 1!
Curley-Q chapter 11 . 5/22/2008
I love it, please do continue with a sequel!
PuppiesRCute chapter 11 . 5/22/2008
I'm sad to see it end. I liked that Rory and Logan wanted Clara to be the maid of honor and that they get along so well. I would love to read a sequel. Maybe about Lorelai's pregnancy and showing Rory and Logan's wedding. If you do write one I look forward to reading it. I loved the last scene with the whole family together and James saying "'s the atart of a perfect new beginning. Graet way to have it end.
Ahodyuinsentaim chapter 11 . 5/22/2008
that was really great. the sequel could be about how clara adjusts to having a baby in the house and not being the youngest in her new family and rory and logan's marriage and how they weather all the changes mitchum ends of making in their agreement to let logan stay state side and close to rory. Hope you write a sequel. great job with this one I really like clara. :)
Noele chapter 10 . 5/21/2008
I stumbled across your story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I never get enough good news stories about Luke and Lorelai, but this is a novel concept, with Clara. You had me holding my breath at the end with Clara's mother showing up, but I loved the judge. You had me again with the garage, I thought Elise had sent someone to avenge the decision, but it was only T.J. what was Luke thinking. T.J. is T.J. and his name does not rhyme with quality work.

I love how you portrayed Emily. Her first reaction was typical but you made her come around. I always knew that Emily had this potential to mellow and be more accepting. Her first fears were grounded in concern, maybe for her social status but also for Lorelai and Luke. Well, when faced with the inevitable she chose to join rather than fight. Very smart. This decision is bringing her and Richard much joy rather than leaving them ending up alone and bitter.

You seem to have brought your story to a happy conclusion as far as that little family is concerned. Sure, maybe Luke and Lorelai could add a child of they own to complete the picture. The girls are growing up and Rory has accepted Logan proposal, while Clara seems to have a solid guy with James. April seems set to follow in Rory's track. So whatever you decide should be along the cycle of life with the younger generation.
LastWhiteRose chapter 10 . 5/18/2008
o TJ he's soo incomptent
Like2CUHappy chapter 10 . 5/18/2008
i love it update asap
Tina1993 chapter 10 . 5/17/2008
I Would like to see rory get pregant or somthing and something like Clara stays with James and stuff like that
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