Reviews for A New Chance Continued
Reborn A Phoenix chapter 13 . 9/29
It was a good story overall so far, but you need to get your facts checked, every few paragraphs there are so called facts and mentions of stuff that happened that contradict something that was said in earlier chapters, like Hermione alwats stopping by to check up on him to her being so focused on research she forgot Harry and even that now she was dead even before she left.
BrewstrMcl chapter 15 . 8/26
Fairly typical for this site. The author claims that he/she will be putting out more chapters in the near future and then 10 years go by? I guess real life gets in the way of a hobby but it still amazes me that so many authors swear up and down the they will continue their stories and then just up and disappear.

Oh well, what is here is well written and probably worth an idle Saturday afternoon read.
Witchy Jessikah chapter 1 . 8/21
I really tried to. Give it a chance i read the first 10 chapers posted and by that i mean i ppushed next ten times and its still awful one of the worst potter going back storylines ive read
bramscan92 chapter 16 . 7/31
I don't know what to say, it's great story but hard to connect with harry since he is sound pretty op with everything.. Well he come back from future so it's make sense..
csheila chapter 15 . 7/24
What a fantastic idea about someone else messing with Harry’s life. Umbitch and Malfoy would kill him. Snape might get a kick out of bullying Harry but he always seem surprised. Maybe another Marauders bully victim or someone who wanted to marry James
csheila chapter 13 . 7/24
That person harassing you was a stalker. I hope you blocked them
csheila chapter 11 . 7/24
This was an exceptionally good chapter. You know and understand these characters.

I am sorry things got so tough. That was a terrible recession
JeanPaulVS chapter 16 . 5/9
Lastima que termino...

Con esperanza que terminen de escribir esta historia.

Fue lenta y algo aburrida al inicio pero luego me gusto.

Mando-Vet chapter 16 . 5/7
A very entertaining story.
csheila chapter 16 . 4/22
Such a wonderful story.

I wish you could have taken it further but what you gave us was great.

I hope you didn’t give up on your writing. You have a gift for voices, by this I mean characters
csheila chapter 15 . 4/22
Never apologize for delays in printing. You are gifting it to us.

You write so well
csheila chapter 14 . 4/22
I refuse to feel sympathy for petunia
csheila chapter 13 . 4/22
Great “explanation” for Vernon (never an excuse). I always favor the ones that link him to Umbridge

I lived the scene with Harry and To
csheila chapter 12 . 4/22
Ignore the whiny guts who complain. I enjoy stories about Runes because they are the great equalizer.
csheila chapter 11 . 4/22
Insightful looks. Thanks
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