Reviews for A Dog's Fox
Guest chapter 17 . 4/13
when it home Naruto had themob money hindng in th bottles of his home own big size bages he had buy out and ueds to keep it in th bottmes too, when tenten and Naruto had sex was good gor him he had her down on the bed and his hands on her bodds and then she say my Naruto you big hands are good to having too and then it was on too ,,
Guest chapter 16 . 4/13
when back it his home Naruto and tayuya had to woking on the mencave barok for Naruto and it was over the old home of it was when he handing the mob boss morney too and gold too when Naruto and tenten had sheelp in bed with eath other he had har on the bed and sex was on too,when Naruto had time think of his own ounyhuther inc codrename it fox hounther inc a inc in the red light arnd of the vaillge and he put in a office in a libly and some time a bed room too as will a men cave too in the botams of his offices to going to and reading the boing books and thn he was sheeping in the room too.
Guest chapter 12 . 4/10
when in time Naruto temari had move to the whipool as will ion tenten and some others Naruto kown of like the fox own frilmy meberd Naruto had let her hving a job as a scholl truand too and him temari and ion do for some time ,when it was over ion own gorew to chinn jon and others abub ,and same with Naruto temari own calss rooms ,when hilted do her micnd job ,Naruto is the 5 morjerlord of the whipool and spymather too.
Guest chapter 17 . 4/7
susik own mother had buy out her a town house in the green mary lee arnd of the villge to live in she had har things into it and it the Naruto get back he took the job of moving her to her new townhouse and Naruto and tenten ion and trmiled get pay for it and she say Naruto I having hear you dad had buit a new home in the old frilmy of my and her son now living in a 2 bedroom apled in the vaillge and had not see his mom or talk to her ,Naruto had help tenten with a wheopsshop in the home home of it and when back home Naruto and his own bounyhuther inc kown as fox houned inc took over he red light aeund of the viallge ,
Guest chapter 3 . 4/5
when Naruto had woking his way of ninja school and his own home is good too when in it e had hing the mob money form the vaillge and he and his woman had time to think of his and her own calne t live on .
Guest chapter 17 . 2/26
when in the vaillge suiske own mother had buy out a town house 4 srtoe home to live in with a bathrooms in it and some time she had live her new home and her son lives in a apmle homein town now and both had not take to each other and see each other , when Naruto and his dad get the home of his over it now ,Naruto and ion had time to see each other it the old coffie house for it Naruto and her see his new inc foxhouthers inc a gound lave inc in the red light ared of the town and it offices are on the bothlmess and his men cave in the top of it as Naruto put his bar in and some books he ueds it is the boing books and some woman books too .
Guest chapter 12 . 2/26
when in the time temari and Naruto had move to the whipool couny to be it is morijr lord and Queen Naruto had buit the new home out of a big size bolw home with 6 bed rooms in it Naruto had his bedroom and with temari now living in it Naruto and temari had swords on the wall of it and some art scolls too and when in it as 2 men and woman caves in the home too . he had a big size office in the bootms of it some books he had buy out when living on the run and some art too ,some hot big bodds woman in some of it and the others of starfox and wife too .
Guest chapter 17 . 2/25
when suiske own mother had sloe the frilmy home out and now living in a 4 floor townhounse and he had a sallmer apimert to live in ,when Naruto and ion get the gold out of the mad lub and put to ueds too Naruto had buy out the old red light ampler to be hi new bouny hather inc offices and bar too and men cave too ,when ion had her flourty shop open up and shoen Naruto finder and tema meber had a bugs to find and keep to . when in the offices Naruto had put in is acub office with art he keep and some time with his woman too ,
Guest chapter 14 . 2/25
when it the new job Naruto had help his dad sesshonaru buit and moveinto his new home with 12 bed rooms and 4 bathrooms too ,and his old men had find out his son had put in a men cave for him and some office too , and he say thinkyou sesshornaru for be my dad , when it his own home naruo put in the cub bedroom in for him and tenten to sheep in and trime and others too .
Guest chapter 6 . 2/23
when in the war with the doman bothers Naruto sand both to a bonyhather shop he know about form his dadsay about it and Naruto get the monly form it of 100.10098 to8099,009 he gaving halfe of it too his tema mebers shon and his woman too some of it and he some too , when he took out the mob boss own army of thugs out too Naruto do some more woking too and find the mob boss money too and then the men too ,he took it home in the old home Naruto had handing it too ,
Guest chapter 18 . 2/21
when both Naruto and kined own sister had do some woking in the redlight rne of the vaillge and put in Naruto own bounyhauther icn in and a men cave bar too ,when in the home he and her had sex too .
Guest chapter 11 . 2/20
when in the rice couny Naruto had sarting to took over the rice couny when it the cat eyes casino he find the ower a filthy rich men name big bad danny in his power and he is gaur of big thgus he took out and then it night time he had them up to the wall and saying you fools are now lose you soles to me now and the boys did lose it now and Naruto muslces gowerup bigs then most thouth and then the powers of them too was in him now and the the owern sit in his old bed room think why harring to his army now and it the nihgt time Naruto had his lovers in bed now each hot gril gaving him a good time 4 hot balcke hair grils had It 1 and then the smp pissle he find in bed now Naruto on her now say my you look like it time for it now sp gril and she say my lord Naruto doit .
Guest chapter 18 . 2/20
when kiba own sister had move in Naruto home and sex was good too whn she had time to see the jobs Naruto had ask his clan mebers to do tenten Naruto 2 in commerd she woking on gound wather and had a whepons shop in the nekand home the nther home nartuo and her had buit into a shop for her , the others had one thing going into it like a book shop a colther shop and some time a bouny hatur inc ,Naruto and the 2 tids had open up with temla saiving as a libond officeen too . he and hana had a vet inc too when Naruto get a fox simmers form the foxs he need the skills of hater foxs .
Guest chapter 12 . 2/20
when Naruto and temari had took over the whipool couny and he sit in his thore chir and he had temari in his lap and his big size hands on her boods and hi his dick into her too and seeing hisarmy of doom guop foxs took over the villge and when it was over he had saruka ion tenten in his bed room and n bed saruka had sheep in bed with him and then ion too ,
Carol542 chapter 19 . 2/8
please update soon
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