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Icestorm711 chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
Loved this chapter as usual! I really enjoyed the bits of humor you put in (made me laugh so hard my mom stared at me weirdly) and SAYAKA X NIOU IS THE BEST 3 I ship i ship.
Please give Reina a happy ending. pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease
thesadisttensaifuji chapter 31 . 6/26/2014

That was a nice one, what Echizen did for Reina. Intimidating Reina is very, very, very, likeable for me nyahahaha. Good to see Izumi performing better, too. I guess we have a very different set of problems for the team to overcome this time around (injuries, croo croo). That bit on Kimiko is interesting too, and it just had to be Sakuno to accurately notice all those things. Niou's acting like a Rikkai spy, but he and Sayaka seems like a good pair.

I can sense Reina and Izumi will do something interesting in the Rikkai match. They're both very underrated players, both in the sense that they haven't played to their full potentials. Looking forward to their tennis matches soon!
Xxdreamergirl95xX chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
YESSS!Niou and Sayaka moments!Love that!Sayaka is my favourite and I totally love Niou so this chapter was AMAZING!Great job!
Darkfarieprincess21 chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
Soo Good! This was a very plot-oriented chapter. As opposed to some of the last few which have been more fluffy. Its nice to see a balance of the two! The parallel between Aiko and Tezuka's body experiencing pain worries me a little bit, but I'm sure you have a good story planned out.

Need more Tezuka/Chiharu fluffiness. This is just a personal preference. You could write PAGES about them and it wouldnt be enough. But like some of the other reviewers said, if you're keeping with plot, they could have a moment at the Tezuka v Atobe game. Then there's Tezuka's inevitable trip to Germany, which Im super curious about.

Liking the Sakaya and Niou bits.

If I HAVE to be honest, my one critique is the amount of OC characters that have now been developed. Aside from the Seigaku girls, and some of the other major girls (like Shigohara), I cant keep track of who is who. A guide may be helpful? Or an infographic? Or maybe I have bad memory, and need to reread again. Its just been so long since I last read, its easy to forget.
me chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
OMG OMG OMG I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! I feel so sorry for Reina ;1 But something tells me Inui had a good reason for rejecting her and soon everything will be ok. Please tell me i'm right! Also put more Fuji x Izumi into this, they're so cute together :D Is there gonna be a love triangle between Fuji, Izumi and Rikkaidai's captain? o.O Can't wait for the next chapter! PS YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! I wish there could be more OC fics actually worth reading. I have to admit that when I first saw this I was scared it was gonna be boring, weird, OOC and full of Mary Sues, but IT WAS PERFECT!
Lilting Glamour chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
This chapter is amazing! You are an amazing writer- I don't know how you manage to develop so many different characters as well as you do. Please develop Fuji and Izumi's relationship further- I really like the pairing! Also Chiharu and Tezuka, and Inui and Reina. Please update soon! I'm already dying to read the next chapter! :)
YunaBrown chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
Holy Macaroons YOU UPDATED! You just made my day- no, scratch that- my WHOLE, EFFING Month! Holy crap. I literally glowed and grin like the cat that finally got the non-fat cream! XXD
First off- Hyotei. And Fuuma. And Kabaji. And Atobe. Cripes. You know how to make readers feel for your characters, don't you? That was- undoubtedly- one of my favorite scenes here in this chapter- and this chapter is just awesome, I tell you.
Second- Sayaka. And Niou. I am building a humongous ship for them. Especially for them.
Third- Aww...Sakuno and Tomoka. Besties should be like that! Also, Kimiko. I do agree with Sakuno there. I hope to know more about our bubbly regular.
Fourth- Gosh, Izumi. Am I glad to see her smile despite the fact her expectations of herself were not met (academically speaking). I think she is improving, by a lot, which is really good to see. I hope she won't return to being an emotionally-volatile person again. It does hurt reading about her when she's like that.
Fifth- and one of the scenes that brought a silly grin to my face- Oishi and Akane. Sweet and funny at the same time. I can't help but think Akane does Oishi well for being the confident and manipulative person that she is. And Oishi shall remain eternally cute in his dense and naive way.
Sixth- and the one that brought out that sad little twinge in me- Reina. And Inui. Sigh. Can't they just be a couple and make me (and a lot of other readers) happy? I know that would sound such a high demand but hey! I love their ship so much I've been agonizing each little conversation they're having after that confession! Ugh. I literally want to rip Inui's head open and see what he really thinks of her.
Seventh- Geez. That Ryoma. But at least his being his usual cocky self had some great results! I'm happy Reina didn't lose that match. And the guys' reaction after knowing about Inui's rejection of Reina...priceless! I wanna see that in real life...or maybe just in anime. Any will do.
Eighth- Shigohara. And Reina. -grins- I loooove that scene! Go Reina! Don't let those Hyotei girls intimidate you! Even Akane approves! XXD
Ninth- Rikkai being wary of Reina. And Niou asking Sayaka about our dear Reina. I can't wait for the matches.
Well- that concludes my officially longest review ever. Just goes to show how much I lived this chapter. Will patiently wait for the next one...and for that OshitariXOC you're talking about.
I love Neon Genesis...but I think the two of you have slightly different style of writing. I don't know. Maybe that's just me.
Anyways. Continue being awesome! :D
Guest chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
Yay! Update! Happy Dance! This is amazing as always! I've always wondered what the pairings for Sayaka and Eiji would be. Before I thought you would pair them together but...I think I might ship Sayaka and Niou even more. Then again...I ship almost every good not-OOC or flattened-Niou (what I call pairings where half of his replies are puri and pupina and piyo) pairing...that sentence got away from me I think. But hopefully you know what I mean. Anyway! I hope you update soon. Really, absurdly excited for the next chapter. Every time read one of your chapters I want to write!
PearlSnorlax chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
Hey! :D You wouldnt imagine how deseperated i was for a new update xD Seriously, im getting obsessed with this fic xD

Nice chapter 3 Though i missed Tezuka x Chiharu c (haha sorry i know there's a lot of them but, aw they're just so perfect )
I liked the Inou x Reina moment in the roof, im still mad at Inou though.
And each chapter i like Reina even more, i love Chiharu, but i think Reina's definetly the strongest of Seigaku's girls.
"And then im going to take my hot girlfirend out for dinner" Hahaha That Oishi x Akane moment was really funny B

I do have a question, well, no sure if its a question, but is a thought...
As you're making this in the same story line as actual POT, and Seigaku is going against Hyotei, and Tezuka is going against Atobe... I cant help but imagine a perfect Tezuka x Chiharu moment on that match. Remember when Tezuka's arm ache just there and the whole team went to his rescue? Well, there e.e hehe i think im anticipating a lot. Just needed to say it (?)

Hope you'll update the next one soon **
Im working on some new fanarts of all the couples... (Yeah like i said, im getting obsessed) I'll put them on deviantart when i finish them xD

As you know, love your fic 3 Congratulations!
See yaa :D
Monkeyheart chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
OMG. I got off work, skipped my usual routine and went straight to your update! Holy crap... so many new characters... I LOVED how you added in that Atobe knows Suzuki 3 I do kinda like the NiouxSayaka pairing, but c'mon... TezukaxChiharu forever! And it is sweet how Akane and Oishi are meant to be. And FujixIzumi... tho I know they won't get together... T.T
WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN? IMMA SO ANXIOUS! I wanna know why everyone became intense when they heard Reina was on the tennis team... Will she get over the data specialist? Oh man... Oh man...
I can't wait to read your next update! Update at least one more time this summer? Before my school starts (which is end of August)? And your new story! :D
laughsandgiggles chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
Really weird, I was just reading this like a day ago thinking like "I wonder when this will be updated." Weeirrddd...Anyway, great chapter! I really enjoyed the cute little scenes with Akane and Oishi. I feel like the Kimiko keeping people at a distance thing really fits her character! Also Izumi being okay with the fifth place thing was great! I'm really happy about her character development. And Reina's reaction with dealing with rejection felt really appropriate, and then she got badass and it was amazing! I also really enjoy reading about the other schools, Hanae is probably my favorite. Good luck with the next chapter!
Flying Kingfisher chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
Yay! Another amazing chapter!

I think it doesn't really matter how often you update as long as you keep producing good quality chapters. (Actually, I'm not really qualified to talk to you about that - my stuff is crappy.) I like the way you're ramping up the Niou x Sayaka romance and how Rikkaidai's girls team is appearing.

Aww... can you just stop torturing Reina? poor girl *attempts to strangle Inui*

Once again, thanks for giving us another dose of awesomeness!
tAnGeRiNe-jUjUbE08 chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
Holy craaaaap. Tha is one amazing chapter! And Im flattered that you used my suggested title 3 Teehhee. Anyways, where do I start?

I looove Izumi's character development 3 I love how she accepted the fifth place! :) She didn't seem bothered it it makes me happy that she has this "glow" in the story that seems she's enjoying life more and not closing off to the world.
And let me fangirl over Akane Oishi first 3 Hihi. I totally predicted that pairing and damn, they're sooooo cute 3 The litte things that Reina saw (though it breaks her heart) and the way Akane calmed Oishi down 3 Awwww. Its so freaking adorable 3
Kimiko? I guess its logical for her to not have an angsty back story. I mean, she's the "feel good" character! More like Kikumaru for the guys, of that makes sense. And I just love the oneshot you made with her and Bunta as a part of her past and why does she play (But it'll be awesome though to retell the story with Kimiko's POV rather than Bunta *nudgenudge* *wink* ;) )
Ryoma, ryoma, ryoma. My god. That kiddo could rile you up! Haha. Its so Ryoma to play mind games on people. I am teetering on the edge for Reina then Ryoma suddenly shows up, insulting her feminist aura, and BOOM! She's baaack! Thank God for Ryoma and his uncanny ability to insult people that lets their true power show. Haha
And Sakuno, hihi. I just love how she and Tomoka made up 3 So fitting. Its just right :)))
Inuiiiii Ugh, I cant hate youuu, but what you did to Reina : . Huhu. (still cant get over how the last chapter ended :( /3) Its just satisfying (for me, at least) to see him interrogated by the team to get the entire story out and how he seems regretful for it. The rooftop scene killed me. My God Inui, snap out of it! RED STRING REMEMBER?! RED STRING OF FATE!
And Reina, my God for the first half, I wouldn't lie, I feel sorry for her. Poor broken doll Reina :( (Damn you, Inui! But I can't hate Inui though. Ugh. He and his smexy voice XD) But after Ryoma said some things, she seems shaken and wake her senses as to not lose her position. But damn girl, this scenario:

"I'm sorry to disappoint," Reina spoke up, a razor blade in her tone.

Shigohara's eyes leveled onto hers once more. "Not at all," she said slowly. "Though it is a pity we didn't get to see you play in the girls' team match, Watanabe-san."

"Pity?" Reina laughed musically. "Consider it luck. If I'd been in the team lineup, there's no telling who would be the number one seed from Tokyo now." She tossed her hair over her shoulder imperiously. "Or have you forgotten our mixed doubles match already?"

"How could I ever forget…" Shigohara murmured, her smile turning a sub-zero temperature at the mention of the mixed doubles match. "Well, I suppose we'll be seeing you in the finals, then."

"If you make it that far." With that, Reina turned smartly on her heel and went to greet some other familiar faces.

Well hot damn, Reina is so sassy and pretentious (And against Hyotei, too. Bonus points! XD) and effin awesome! 3 I want to bottle that scene and damn cherish it with love! I had to reread that part over and over again! Haha. And still makes me feel all giddy. Hihi. And Rikkai sees her as a tough competition (well, hello! number 2 seed in Seigaku roster) I love how they see her as this mysterious being XD

All in all, its one AH-MAZING chapter 3 My feels are all over the place. 3 Of you'd look in my timeline, you'll see. HAHAHA. Will wait fr your next update! 3 Have a greaaaaat day! :))

PS. I totally predicted that Sakiko will be in Rikkai and not Seigaku. Hihi and Im right 3
Music4Life1791 chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
Damn, every time you put up a new chapter, I want to scream with both delight and frustration-the new chapter is up, but here comes the LONG time we have to wait to read the next one...

I actually really liked this chapter. I was kinda scared to read it at first because of what would happen with the ranking matches, but you made it not TOO dramatic. But the best part was definitely Reina's recovery...nice job!

Thank you for providing us readers with this gem of a story!
Snarky Sonnet chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
You're baaaack! YAY.

I really love how you're exploring the characters much more deeply, not just the Seigaku team but everyone from Hyotei to Rikkai. It's really, really awesome. I can't wait to see how you'll further delve into Kimiko because there's so much of her we haven't seen each other. There's so much untapped potential in her, and I love how your writing draws out her inner self from the happy, go lucky facade she always puts on. Because c'mon there has to be more to her than smiles and laughter.

Kudos for drawing attention to the tension interwoven in the Seigaku team. I'm really glad you showed the fight between Sakuno and Tomoka. What person after all, wouldn't feel at least a little bitter that their friend was ditching them for tennis practice? It's always difficult to balance one's academics with their social life and extracurricular activities. It makes this story much more realistic.

I also love how Izumi has begun to realize how much of her worth lays outside her academic ranking. You're depicting that transition from the withdrawn and always stressed-out girl to the much more confident and stronger one readers see today.

It's lovely watching each of the characters blossom and come into their own. They've come so far since Chapter 1.

And OMG Sayaka and Niou. OK, so it was only one scene but DAMN was that a effing amazing one. And yes, you have totally raised the expectations for us SayakaNiou fans because coffee and conversation is like the ground zero for romance. Loved the (one-sided) chats, loved how Niou coerced Sayaka into meeting up with him (because his texts are just so NIOU), and cannot wait for more. Seriously, cannot.

Kabaji's a sweetie, he really is. I just love how he stood up to Fuuma's mother like that. And I totally caught the Suzuki Nanao cameo from coffeelattee's It's All Greek. Because of course I did.

I did cringe at Reina's complete meltdown after Inui rejected her advances. It was a bit too melodramatic for my taste. I can see why she would react so badly. She's clearly has abandonment issues that she still hasn't resolved yet, but did it have to be that...soap opera? I've always seen her as the type to bottle it in instead of just letting it consume her like it did in this chapter.

Reina's feminism FTW though. Always and forever. And LOL at the barbs Ryoma tossed Reina's way during the ranking matches. Ryoma's a sharp kid. (I just wish he applied the same amount of insight to his romantic-ish part of life).

And RIKKAI RIKKAI RIKKAI. WHY NO YukimuraIzumi? *sob* I need my fix. Seriously addicted to that pairing. (Am I the only one in the TCAFS fandom?) But I do honestly love the scene from Yuzuru's point of view. I honestly love, love, love scenes that feature Rikkai and you didn't disappoint with the ones featured in this chapter. I just love the silent power struggles that occur each time the Rikkai players communicate with each other. Seriously, you do their awesomeness justice.

Seriously though Hanae and Yuzuru rock my world. Hanae, Yuzuru, Yukimura, Sanada, Yanagi, AND Marui together in one place though? *brain explodes* Behold the awesomeness of Rikkai. And the Yuzuru and Sanada rivalry thing? You're killing me fyeri. Pure gold.

I can't wait to see how Reina will change the dynamics for Rikkai. After all her sister Mizuki is a regular on the Rikkai team, is she not? And Sugimoto's addition to the Rikkai regulars? Can't wait.

(Can I have a YukimuraIzumi scene(s) in this next chapter?!)

So 42 pages of awesome. You've worked so hard and thank you thank you thank you so very much fyeri you are pure awesome and let me shower you with all the chocolate in the world. Yay 10 pages of the next chapter already written. YAYYYYAYYAYAYAY

I prefer shorter chapters and faster updates. I love TCAFS and I love real life takes priority but you're updates take 6 months fyeri. 6 months of rereading chapters and wondering what's going to happen next.

But love you muchos. And just in case you couldn't figure it out another amazing, lovely, fantastical chapter from you.
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