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Alyssa921 chapter 30 . 6/28/2014
Also, I think I need to refresh myself on the Rikkaidais. I guess that's just another excuse to binge re-read this story. :)
Alyssa921 chapter 31 . 6/28/2014
OMG. You updated! I was just checking up on this story the day before you updated it; then, you did! I love you so much for this. I love this story so much. I've basically read it 50000 times.

I love Izumi's character development. She's changed so much! Now she has friends! :) Yay! OMG, Kabaji. Ahhhh! That was - amazing. I could not believe it! And Atobe... only, Atobe. Haha! Sakuno and Tomoka - that was so real. So understandable. I love that about your writing! Ahhhhh Niou and Sayaka are so sassy! I love their relationship! I SHIP IT. I feel like Niou's kind of using her for information, though...? I felt so bad for Reina, aww. Everyone keeps leaving her. And Inui! "Did I do this to you?" MY HEART. STOP IT. But then Ryoma, that cheeky boy, saved the day. Hah! That was perfect. I love how natural and simple Oishi and Akane's relationship is. 3 I can't wait to see more of Reina, after Rikkaidai's reaction to her. She's so badass. XD I also can't wait to see Kimiko, wow. I didn't realize that we know, like, NOTHING about her. Woahhh.

I hope you'll add more FujiIzumi and TezukaChiharu. I really miss them and I SHIP THEM SO HARD. Thank you for this chapter! It made me laugh, smile, and hurt. Your writing skills are just brilliant. Keep on updating!
AznMistress chapter 31 . 6/28/2014
Hehe, refamiliarzation done (ive missed you, TCAFS, and and you, fye-chan!)
AND OH MY GOSH A COMPANION FIC :D. yaaasssssssssss

during my re-reading of the whole series (it's so fun. binge-reading. XDDDD), i continued to be in awe and enamored by the amount of detail and crafting that it must've taken to make this.

i think impressive is an understatement, since i've encountered too many extremely well written fanfics (coffeelatte's, your's, neon genesis's, aesha, and far too many other people who i cant name off the top of my head but are on this list)

I've read chp 31 twice, once for an initial gauge and then a second time for the full effect of binge-reading.
my initial reaction...i wasn't quite as moved this time. perhaps it was because of the break between posting the last chapter and this one as well as the mentioning of characters that were not concrete in my head.
however, it proved worthy to read everything at once (so many words, so much yum. it's liek eating a really great yummy meal when you are just like AJFWEIOF JALF JAEKLW JFAWLE J food this is delish)

I really am curious about Reina's past...with her need to have pillars (and the results of her falling), and specifically Yuki-chan. also mentioned by your edit, she's brought up so many times and critical to the character development and reina's personality. i eagerly await to see the unfolding of this history. I thought you mentioned in a previous chappy that she left for boarding school? (is rikkai a boarding school o.O) i’m eagerly awaiting to see how her past and present affects Reina and Rikkaidai. i just hope she has a happy ending (with inui. or someone that wont hurt her)...but the ryoma provoking reina scene was just too amusing. xD

also. in need of a fuji x izumi dinner date ;D. since i SHIP THEM SO HARD LIKE NO OTHER. ( imean, sure yukimura's cool..but. FUJIZUMI FOREVAAAA). also, im so glad that izumi’s finally matured past the scores thing and is able to be more open-minded. :D. i love the contrast between izumi’s present reaction and fuuma’s reaction. with a tyrant mother like that, it only makes sense that she’s able to lock her emotions away on the court.

speaking of ships, i'm a bit weary of niou and sayaka. niou’s one of the characters i often look forward to the most in a series since each author seems to portray him differently. I’m really apprehensive and cautious of his relationship with sayaka, even though their little talks at the cafe are just TOO FREAKING ADORABLE 333. it’s as if he’s using her for info about reina, but as always, he’s doesnt like to give too much information about himself.

i really like how you had sakuno try to understand kimiko, since it makes the readers realize how little we actually know about her. sure, shes a volleyist like bunta and she’s bubbly and likes strawberry lollipops...but where does the computer-savviness come into play? mostly happy, but she supposedly gets frusterated, and angry...but i think depression and sadness is often what strikes me the most about your oc’s and makes them come to life.

and then there’s sakunos friendship problems and aiko AND tezukas injuries that are making me nervous :/. i want everyone to remain able to be playyingggg

fye-chan, i'm always left with so many questions (and i want answers. want want want want WANTTTTT). without a doubt thou, i’ll hafta refresh myself with the rikkai ocs. i’ve realized that they seem to stick to me a lot more if they’ve have a larger section dedicated to them (oftentimes about tennis xD). 10 pages already in? dangggg- im waiting for my more frequent updates (2-3 times a year makes me forget to breathe. xD). here’s the end of my (always) too-long reviews (aka fangirling to the maxxx. tcafs ftw 3)
Lilyice chapter 31 . 6/28/2014
Update yaaaay!

I love Izumi coming to terms with herself. Such a sweet yet powerful opening. (: And omg I suddenly have an image of Tezuka tutoring Suzume... CAN WE HAVE THAT PLS.

I feel like there's an overwhelming amount of things to comment on (probably because this is so friggin long) (which I love you for) so I'd just like to say I love Ryoma. The end.

No but really I like how you're exploring Kimiko more and adding scenes of other schools (but that means I have to go back and refresh my memories on all those other girls lol). Mysterious white long pigtail girl at Rikkai ought to be interesting. I have a feeling she's someone we know? :P (I may have a guess I think.)

Niou! Why so cocky and adorable and mysterious? xD I wonder how he really feels about Sayaka. Is he actually interested in her or just using her to get info on Seigaku? I guess we'll see.

OMG baby unicorn Izumi I would love it if someone can draw that LOL.

Love you as always, update soon!
coletzq chapter 31 . 6/27/2014
Wow! As ive thought, it's worth the wait. Looking forward for your next chappie and that OshitariOC fic. I also read coffeelatte's work and both of your works are great, awesome, and totally wicked! Btw, i was just sad that there is no ryosaku moments in this chappie but SayakaxNiou was more than enough to make me forget the young lovers. Their shipping was so out of the blue and just wanna make me imagine how Momo would react. Probably jump on a cliff. Lol. All in . Please please pleaaaaaase update soon. :)))
DaniKato chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
Finally i am able to read your story again! This chapter is awesome as well.
I am happy that Izumi is finally happy with herself!
Its good to know that Sakuno has her friend support and she now knows a little bit of Kimiko.
Reina I am glad that you are getting over your problems
Oh boy Seigaku boys will have problems with Hyotei, but nothing that they cant do rigth?
Waiting for the next one
HypRRNeRd chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
This update made my day! Thank you so much! I am totally on board with SayakaXNiou now! Never thought I would just onto that ship, but I love the banter. Also, my jaw nearly dropped to the ground at Ryoma's taunting. That little brat (I say that word lovingly) has effective if unorthodox methods. I can't wait to find out more about the Hyotei girls :) Also, I read through and absolutely love It's All Greek after you mentioned it on this fic, so thanks for that _ I can't wait for the companion fic. Good luck writing the next chapter, and thank you!
ClearMortality chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
I will honestly say I'm a little bit disappointed that there wasn't much coverage on Izumi in this chapter. Still, it was amazing. It's nice to see how the other regulars are faring. When I first opened the page, my eyes went huge when I saw how long the chapter was. I swear, one day, I will reread everything from the beginning.

I'm hoping the next chapter will be just as great :) And maybe it'll have a bit more of Izumi? Just maybe? ;)
DreamUnicorn247 chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
One word: yay! Finally, you updated! Nice chapter as usual. Keep it up and I hope you'll update ASAP! :-)
Icestorm711 chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
Loved this chapter as usual! I really enjoyed the bits of humor you put in (made me laugh so hard my mom stared at me weirdly) and SAYAKA X NIOU IS THE BEST 3 I ship i ship.
Please give Reina a happy ending. pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease
thesadisttensaifuji chapter 31 . 6/26/2014

That was a nice one, what Echizen did for Reina. Intimidating Reina is very, very, very, likeable for me nyahahaha. Good to see Izumi performing better, too. I guess we have a very different set of problems for the team to overcome this time around (injuries, croo croo). That bit on Kimiko is interesting too, and it just had to be Sakuno to accurately notice all those things. Niou's acting like a Rikkai spy, but he and Sayaka seems like a good pair.

I can sense Reina and Izumi will do something interesting in the Rikkai match. They're both very underrated players, both in the sense that they haven't played to their full potentials. Looking forward to their tennis matches soon!
Xxdreamergirl95xX chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
YESSS!Niou and Sayaka moments!Love that!Sayaka is my favourite and I totally love Niou so this chapter was AMAZING!Great job!
Darkfarieprincess21 chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
Soo Good! This was a very plot-oriented chapter. As opposed to some of the last few which have been more fluffy. Its nice to see a balance of the two! The parallel between Aiko and Tezuka's body experiencing pain worries me a little bit, but I'm sure you have a good story planned out.

Need more Tezuka/Chiharu fluffiness. This is just a personal preference. You could write PAGES about them and it wouldnt be enough. But like some of the other reviewers said, if you're keeping with plot, they could have a moment at the Tezuka v Atobe game. Then there's Tezuka's inevitable trip to Germany, which Im super curious about.

Liking the Sakaya and Niou bits.

If I HAVE to be honest, my one critique is the amount of OC characters that have now been developed. Aside from the Seigaku girls, and some of the other major girls (like Shigohara), I cant keep track of who is who. A guide may be helpful? Or an infographic? Or maybe I have bad memory, and need to reread again. Its just been so long since I last read, its easy to forget.
me chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
OMG OMG OMG I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! I feel so sorry for Reina ;1 But something tells me Inui had a good reason for rejecting her and soon everything will be ok. Please tell me i'm right! Also put more Fuji x Izumi into this, they're so cute together :D Is there gonna be a love triangle between Fuji, Izumi and Rikkaidai's captain? o.O Can't wait for the next chapter! PS YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! I wish there could be more OC fics actually worth reading. I have to admit that when I first saw this I was scared it was gonna be boring, weird, OOC and full of Mary Sues, but IT WAS PERFECT!
Lilting Glamour chapter 31 . 6/25/2014
This chapter is amazing! You are an amazing writer- I don't know how you manage to develop so many different characters as well as you do. Please develop Fuji and Izumi's relationship further- I really like the pairing! Also Chiharu and Tezuka, and Inui and Reina. Please update soon! I'm already dying to read the next chapter! :)
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