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klspun chapter 32 . 7/20/2015
really enjoyed your last chapter! hope you do continue with this :D
lol'Elt chapter 32 . 6/12/2015
Love your work as usual. I look forward to your next update, especially since you stated in your author's note that more will be revealed about Kimiko! God she's my favorite character. So bubbly, cute, and yet extremely skilled! I'd definently love to read more about her (and yes, I'm totally rooting for the KaidouXKimiko paring lol)
Guest chapter 32 . 6/9/2015
Please update? Pretty please?
Luna Rivera528 chapter 32 . 6/4/2015
God this is amazing. Amazing. I can't believe I almost skipped this because, normally, I hate OC stories because most authors have (no offense) really boring, annoying, or stupid OCs. And that's just a waste of my time. But your character development of everyone is so good! Although it's interesting that it takes place in Jr, High instead of High School, it's still believable enough that it could actually have happened instead of the canon storyline. Yes, it's THAT good. I probably got little confused because I read coffeelatte's stories before yours, and hers take place on high school. Nonetheless, I love this story's plot and characters, and every time you mention the lives of the characters from other schools, it's really exciting for me because let's get real, the actual manga doesn't really focus on anything but seigaku. But hearing about these characters in your stories makes the plot more complete, as the characters become more than just opponents: they become actual people. Hearing about Niou/Sayaka, the love triangle, Tezuka/Chiharu, and of course, Ryoma and Sakuno, is both funny and deep. You have lots of great insights and funny gems. I really liked how you focused on a few couples in this chapter instead of talking about all of the couples and spreading the chapter to thinly to really develop anything.
Also, you are the most incredible tennis match writer ever. I cannot believe you can write so well, so vividly. Never have I come across writing that could allow me to picture a tennis match in my head, to bring to life tennis the way it's seen on a video or in pictures. But you somehow have a writing style that allows the reader to picture the match and create the images of the match in their minds. I'm able to see all the special moves and the expressions on the players' faces, the sweat running from exhaustion, the brilliant determination in the players' eyes. Truly, you have a gift. Normally, I just skim through the tennis matches because I can't stand to read them. But you've really done justice to this fandom and the anime itself. Even your titles could be professional titles of a chapter or episode! Miracle in the Court, Chess Master, A Blooming Flower, etc.
Therefore, at the end of my review, I ask that you PLEASE continue this story. Update it, it's written to amazingly to end here! And you've come so far already! Might as well continue and even finish it! Plus, it's summer, so there's more time to update it then during the school months, so you'll also likely have less to balance with this story when trying to update it! On a side note, I know in your A/Ns you've been saying how you tried to make the chapter shorter but couldn't and you apologized for that. DON'T APOLOGIZE. Almost everyone loves longer chapters, because that means we have more to read and fall in love with while waiting for the next update! I actually prefer longer chapters, so don't feel the need to cut anything short! The lengths you have now are good, and you seem to finish each chapter at good pause points. So keep writing chapters with lengths you feel fit with the story the best!
Another thing (a request actually). There was one A/N that said the PoT fanfic shave really gone down, and I kind of agree. I'm always having trouble with finding new authors and stories to read, since I'm picky in the type of writing that I like to read. Stories written in your style? Yes. Neon Genesis? Yes. Feyren? Yes. But often when I'm browsing, I'll come across some stories that are just... not exactly readable (no offense anyone who didn't make this list, these are just a few of my many favorites!). Could you PM me some authors that you recommend me trying? Often, I'll try to discover new authors by reading the favorite stories of authors who themselves write wonderful stories (see abbreviated list above). That's actually how I discovered you. I found you through coffeelatte, who I discovered through another author, who I discovered through another author, who I discovered through Feyren! So please hit me up with some suggestions if you get the chance, and update this incredible story as soon as you can!
smac3993 chapter 32 . 5/3/2015
This is the best PoT fix I have read. Omfg. Everything just comes to life and everyone ha their own unique personalities, strengths and weaknesses and ahhhhhh. Also, the joke chiharu made about the wind blowing hard when tezuka's Apple fell from the tree made me laugh so hard my fiancé thought I was going to fall off the bed. So good. Please please get another chapter up. I think I'm going to have to re read it al over again.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/4/2015
Niou and Sayaka are getting close but I prefer Eiji and Sakaya you could make them have a love triangle but make sure eiji wins
Guest chapter 32 . 4/3/2015
Please continue
Guest chapter 21 . 4/3/2015
Hey ! I like this fic! :) Especially Sakuno. And akane is sooooo Cool! and... Suzume , she's like Erza of fairytale. i like her. suzume, i mean. I wish more Ryoma and Sakuno scenes please? *puppy eyes* And, i like how Sakuno improves here. Uhm... doesn't she have a special technique? And the other girls as well... and also... I think Izumi is not good for fuji... uhm, she's so.. full of angst? but, all in all... i like it! really! I can't help making a 'pft!' sound to restrain my laughter but couldn't hold it in the end and burst out laughing especially when ryoma and momo do stupid things in front of sakuno and suzume. yay! Congrats for making a good story of them *wink*
Guest chapter 10 . 4/2/2015
I'm not a fan of OC's... but... you did a great job here . I like your detailed matches. Though, I think this story lack of something?. uhm... I'm looking for more RyoSaku scenes but it seem that Sakuno is neglected here. So as Ryoma. I didn't finished this story though coz I lack on having interest here anymore because of the super slow Ryosaku progress. Well, I like chiharu and akane and izumi. But, don't you think that the girls seigaku team has a lot of angst? like aiko,izumi and suzume for examples... I hope they are like The boys team that no matter what differences in their attitudes... I can still see and FEEL their bond and care for each other... that's the friendship that seigaku tennis have. but the girls... they care for a particular one or two persons only, it's as if each one of them has their own world not minding the others. I hope they will be close to each other that when you read it... all you could do is smile from their wittiness.
Justapasserby chapter 32 . 3/4/2015
I support niou x Sayaka. Wooooo. To be honest actually my main focus of reading this story is to find out of Sayaka will actually have any problems. Like you know family and problems. Ya. But anyways. I still love the other characters. You're awesome.
sairalinde vardamir chapter 32 . 2/25/2015
I remember reading this story a long time ago (then life got in the way and I forgot about ). I always liked that your OCs are actually three dimensional characters and not just thrown in for romantic interests (not saying I don't like the romance, but y'know). Anyway, finding this story again (on a nostalgic whim) has really brought me back. I'm hooked all over again. I really hope you keep the story going. I'd love to see where you take it. 3
Prena chapter 1 . 2/18/2015
Can you please continue to catch a falling star. I really love it and I would like tosee it to the end. Please update if you can. Thanx!
aryaputra chapter 31 . 2/16/2015
I really like the Reina x Inui pairing.

Reading them brings the sweetest ache. A feeling I want to forget and yet, hold on to.

masses of contradictions.
skyisthelimit chapter 1 . 2/11/2015
Hi! Here I am leaving a review on . Sorry about my almost incoherent tumblr messages. Like I said, I was on my phone - I prefer to do FF reviews on my laptop because the mobile review composition page annoys the crap out of me. It's easier to mobile-type on tumblr (with the app at least). But, like I said, again, that tends to make me ramble-y, so here's to hoping that turns out to be a more coherent review:

Okay let's make this more structured. First off, once more, hats off to you for managing to make me like and dare I say attached to a whole TEAM of OC's. Doesn't happen often, let me tell you. I really like everyone on the Seigaku team. The other team girls are a little hard to keep track of (especially with some characters flip flopping between being addressed by their first or last names), but I have grown a fondness for Shigohara (if only because her interactions with Oshitari are awesome), and Sakimoto (though I'm disappointed she joined Rikkai. Rikkai is the one "sympathetic" team I was the least, well I'm feel sympathy for them because of Yukimura's illness and all, but I think I respect them the least because by the time we got to their part of PoT, the tennis had grown pretty fantastical, not in a good way, especially for the National Finals. Like, I really like Fudomine and Rokkaku because the tennis they played was at least *plausible* - especially Fudomine - I even liked St. Rudolph and Hyotei because of that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that every other team had earned my...respect? I suppose...because the tennis seemed realistic. Their's really...didn't. I also never really grew to like Kirihara. Okay, wow I said I wasn't going to ramble. Sorry).

I'm loving every pairing, potential, romantic, friendship, or otherwise. I really like that not only did you develop your OCs' as individuals, and not only did you develop your OCs' relationships with their potential significant others, but you also developed ALL their relationships with EACH OTHER. It really is impressive. I'm amazed you can juggle so many characters so well (although I do like that that means nice long chapters :) ) - my story has like 3-5 currently and I still struggle with giving everyone proper screen time. I could rant and rave about every pairing - Ryoma and Aiko's awesome kohai-sempai relationship, Suzume and Sayaka's odd but compatible friendship, Izumi and Tezuka's suprising but natural comraderie, and of course, all the romantic pairings - but...even my finger's would get tired, haha.

I do have to say- and I'll throw the low points here in the middle so we can end on a high note again - I'm still not quite the fan of Sakuno. You've done a very admirable job trying to build up her character but...I'm sorry, I just didn't like her in the original PoT and it's hard to change my mind about her. Especially since I didn't think she deserved a regular spot. I would have rather had another OC. I mean, I know in your story she shows great potential and amazing determination and perseverance... but Momo and Kaidoh showed the same as first years too, and they had to patiently wait until they actually got good. So...yeah. I don't mind her too much now...but I still tend to skim her and Ryoma's interactions, not going to lie (I know I'm in the overwhelming minority with this - yes I'll say it, I am NOT a RyoSaku fan. Le gasp), but at least your Sakuno is more...tolerable. The only other point I don't quite like about this story is the weird timeline. they're officially in high school? I know your A/N for the first chapter said that you were writing them like they were in high school, which is understandable because even in canon they do not look or act like middle schoolers, but the sudden official switch threw me off a bit. Also, the weird it sounds like this had the boys play the Metropolitan and District tournaments, because Akutsu is no longer on the team, but since they never played Hyotei before...what, did they have to redo the Metro and District because of the girl thing? That could make sense I suppose...but if you ever do revise your first few chapters, I suggest making it a little more clear. I know this is fanfiction, but having the reader scratch their head with trying to compromise canon and the story is a little distracting. Better to stretch the premise, because that's more easily acceptable since, like you said, this is fanfiction, and at least it's laid out for you from the get-go.

Okay, back to positive stuff! Again, you have great pacing and a range of narrative techniques. The flow is easy to keep up with, and never feels like it's too slow. I'll never be able to say enough how awed I am you can write tennis (not twins, haha, sorry just noticed that tumblr typo) matches so well and vividly. I really do see everything playing out in my head, down to their dialogue! And I bow to your creativity with creating so many original, plausible tennis styles. I really do. One of the reasons I got into PoT so much in the beginning was because how realistic they at least made everything seem. You fic keeps the essence of that (unlike the end of PoT and, dare I say it, New PoT). I'm also liking that, just like PoT, you're slowly expanding their world to include the characters from other schools (I LOVE Niou and Sayaka by the way).

Okay finally, more less serious stuff - awwww so Tezuka is going to Germany. I kind of suspected, after the foreshadowing the German doctors and rehab specialists and all that, but...I hoped :( Nooo my Kunimitsu...don't go... I hope that he does come back earlier - I was disappointed in canon that he missed so many matches, and we barely got to see him play in the first place. I mean, he's supposed to be an almost untouchable tennis player, but one time we saw in play in the matches he lost because of his arm :( and then the few times we saw him play in Nationals (not that I can take Nationals very serious), he lost to Sanada, which I was very upset about. So anyway, coming back from that tangent (so is my adoration for Tezuka obvious? Probably more obvious than my adoration for Ryoma, but Ryoma-kun gets plenty of opportunities to show off) , I do hope we keep in touch with him and that he comes back soon :)

Wow, how's that for long? Anyway keep up the amazing work! I hope this review fills your TCAFS motivation bucket at least a little ;)
Tigergirlie chapter 1 . 2/11/2015
This is simply too amazing! Your OCs are all brilliant and you portray the canon characters perfectly too! Thank you so so much for this. please update soon!
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