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BashiYami chapter 19 . 12/8/2013
It's too bad you never plan to finish this or any other IY stories, you're a decent author and the InuYasha universe has so many interesting themes and personas.
The Toonami block on Adult Swim airs reruns every week, and yesterday I ended up watching them. I don't usually rewatch movies or anime I've already finished, but every time I say 'I'll just watch the opening scene' or the like I end up watching the whole thing and rediscovering how awesome this universe is all over again.
It's sad to think that your inspiration for writing IY has petered out, so if you ever have the inclination to rewatch your favorite arc and consequently find yourself with the itch to finish either of your unfinished stories - as opposed to limiting yourself to the stigma of 'never again' - it would both overjoy those of us who couldn't believe our eyes at this notification, and serve as a modicum of self-fulfilment and personal satisfaction at being able to say you always finished what you started.
I may not be one to talk, since my attention splits and shifts sporadically between one story and another, but it's part of the reason I decided not to post anything until it's finished, because while I'll never truly abandon a story, it might take years for me to complete - which is horrifically unfair to those like me with so little waiting stamina to begin with XD
While I'll always remember you as having been one of my favorite authors, and at the risk of being redundant, I hope one day you'll remember what inspired and fascinated you so about our gruff Hanyou and the diverse assortment of characters (barely) contained in their Feudal Fairy Tale.

Sin cere,

- DoP -
katieykat chapter 19 . 12/6/2013
:D thank you for the closure. I just started reading inuyasha fanfiction after years of no fanfiction at all
kokoronagomu chapter 19 . 12/6/2013
i truly wish all authors would do this in lieu of completely abandoning their work. this brought closure to an exciting and intriguing story instead of being flung off of a cliff and left hanging. your consideration is totally appreciated!

i know many people in the final fantasy fandom but i had only played up to six(3?) and seven almost two decades ago so i would be totally lost trying to read in that fandom since i have forgotten all but a few of the characters. i'm so glad you're still writing even if it's not in a fandom i follow, you've got a a good deal of talent for it.

if you've never seen/read/heard of 'rurouni kenshin' i would like to recommend it. they've made a new live action movie that has been released internationally and it is really great (a live action adaptation of an anime series done right) and they've been filming two more live action sequel movies that follows the next arc of the manga... they've released a new OVA series and a brand new/different manga story that the movie is partially based on.

if you plug in the following codes in the youtube search engine you can see a few of the trailers :

90ubrsSxrKc -subbed trailer.

yaLOPVAuJs4 -raw character profile trailers.

PvmcNKM-jEo -subbed first episode.

8qRFhP5PhMk -live action depiction of the dojo fight scene in the above episode.

a pleasure,
Tierra87 chapter 18 . 6/20/2012
I am in LOVE with this story, please update the next chapter _.!
LadySparrow chapter 18 . 4/12/2011
I am completely in love with this story and have been waiting years and years for you to finish. You are such an amazing writer and I am HOOKED. Please please update if you can!
evolmonkey1096 chapter 1 . 1/21/2011
Hi! I just found your stuff on here and sort of loved it. I finished reading this one last night. Do you have a completed version lurking on the interwebs somewhere or is this like my stories and remains a mystery? You're a pretty awesome writer. I'll be looking into your other stuff as well.
Bleach fan25 chapter 18 . 9/26/2010
So what happens next?
shaneallix chapter 18 . 3/10/2009
Kagome, jealous? Just maybe... lol. She sure seems pretty upset that Inuyasha was partnered with another woman...

I love the story. You're doing some great things with it. I can't wait to read some more!
yesterdays tomorrow chapter 18 . 3/9/2009
WOOT WOOT...waitin' for the next chappie
CCSRonin chapter 17 . 3/8/2009
Sorry that this is such a LATE review, but I really wanted to comment on this chapter before the next one came out. I actually liked this chapter and thought that it was actually review relevent to the story. I mean we finally get the realization that Naraku is still just as big a jerk in this story as he is in Canon Inuyasha. I mean I always had a feeling that Naraku in this story was too good to be true but this chapter proved it for me.

Also I liked the parts with Sesshomaru and the council was very interesting. Its hard to see Sesshomaru bow down to anyone especially a group of people who he can't see, but he definately doesn't do it without a bit of ... malice in his thoughts lol. Are any of them going to be revelled to us? Some of them see kinda familar just from there actions, but they could just be people that you made up for this story. I don't know.

Yeah! I'm so excited that were finally gonna see some more Kagome and Inuyasha in either the next chapter or the following chapter. I've been going through Kagome/Inuyasha withdrawal. I also get the feeling that things are going to start revealing themselves about why Kagome and inuyasha are so important in this story (besides them being the main characters lol). I look forward to the next update as always and once again...sorry for the late review.
Kagome1314 chapter 17 . 2/18/2009
omg this is great. i luv how this is goin even though the chapter was short it was good. i can't wait for the next chapter. ") happy late v-day _
wbaker5286 chapter 17 . 2/18/2009
so, now that naraku has been found to be a traitor and has impersonated sesshoumaru, the fun can begin. setting inuyasha and kagome up to be ambushed was a perfectly naraku-esque machination. he can be so much fun to write.

i can't wait for more interaction between inuyasha and kagome. you seem to capture them so well. another great chapter for a wonderful story.
CCSRonin chapter 16 . 2/4/2009
Yeah, finally some back ground on kagome. This was a good chpater in that it gives you insight into how kagome feels about everything that is going on around her, and about the people she cares about. She is definately different in this story. The Kagome from Inuyasha would not have fought a war like this with such bitterness in her heart. of course her upbringing and the type of wrold she's living in helped to shape that. I like the idea of Kagome being brought up by her Dad instead of her mom and grampa, it adds a new inner conflict to the story. After all being raised by a male is much different from being raised by a another woman.

Also does Kikyo suspect that Tsubaki is a double agent, or does she just not really like her even though the two of them seem to share information alot, or am I just missing something all together? Anyway I look forward to the next chapter. Thanks for the update!
beautifulyreal chapter 16 . 1/31/2009
hmm i just wonder who's the roalty thats been lost for years. Update soon!
CCSRonin chapter 15 . 1/28/2009
Sorry it took so long to review this chapter, I was having computer troubles. I’m glad you updated the story and gave a small incite into the order of the three and what’s going on. Though I’m still a little clueless on what the three treasures and more importantly what the order of three is after. I mean from the content of this chapter its obvious that the order is looking for the three treasures and the heir to the throne in order to most likely kill them, but why? What is their motive? Did Magatsuhi betray the emperor because he wanted to be king, because he is just evil like in the manga, or a deeper motive? I’m sure you won’t say though because I’m sure it’ll come later in your story.

Its obvious through your hinting that Inuyasha and kagome play an important role in defeating or ‘interacting’ (I couldn’t think of a better word) with the order of three. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Also, its something I noticed in this chapter but when I think about it I’ve noticed in other chapters, Sesshomaru is a lot nicer to Inuyasha in this story than in the anime/manga even though if I remember right that Sesshomaru wasn’t always so nice. Does he feel guilty or something or is he just using Inuyasha to get what is needed for the youkai’s? Just something I was wondering about. Please update soon.
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